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A Growing Need for Capillaroscopy 100%

This was the first in a series of studies that contributed to the initial spread of the technique and highlighted the remarkable diagnostic potential of in vivo capillary microscopy in detecting scleroderma microangiopathy (1– 6).


Pathophysiology of microcirculatory dysfunction 2014 81%

09/13/2013 most of which are perfused, sepsis is associated with a decrease in capillary density in association with an increase in heterogeneity of perfusion because of the presence of intermittently or not perfused capillaries in close proximity to well perfused capillaries.7-10 Importantly, this is a dynamic process, as capillaries in which there is no flow at a given time may be perfused a few minutes later.


Huang 2004 68%

Since the first assay of a single neuron from Helix aspersa by capillary liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis (CE),1 CE combining detection techniques of electrochemistry, laser-induced fluorescence, mass spectrometry etc.2 has been widely employed for single-cell analysis.



Metabolism is maintained by continuous diffusion of nutrients and products through a thin capillary, connecting protein synthesis in the DNA compartment with the environment.


PIIS147149220200065X 60%

Babesia bovis-infected red blood cells (IRBC) can adhere to the capillary endothelium of blood vessels of various tissues, a behavior that could be abrogated by host antibodies recognizing parasite antigens on the IRBC surface.


ARDS 2013. Review Article 58%

alveolar capillary damage to lung resolution to a fibro-proliferative phase (3).


10.1080@02640414.2015.1064155 57%

For the enzymatic measurement of plasma CK concentration, 32 µL capillary blood samples were obtained from the fingertip of the index finger of the selected players.


Los Angeles Infrared Saunas 56%

Cleansing of the pores improves the capillary circulation and gives the skin a soft, beautiful appearance.


Derma Plantae en 56%

DERMA PLANTAE Derma Plantae HAIR ABSOLUTE® Capillary Lotion Made in France 1 DERMA PLANTAE Contents 1.


Mattoc 54%

Capillary seal lubrication maintains constant lubrication of the oil seal without reducing bushing surface area.


Cleanroom Gloves 52%

The structure of the yarn (30% Nylon / 70% Polyester) provides hydrophilic properties of nylon, loipophilic polyester properties, and the capillary effect of the dense construction provides a high level of water absorbency and superior wiping efficiency.


biblio covid19 4 52%

Dilated capillary vessels were observed in the glomeruli of these 6 cases - Immunohistochemistry showed that SARS-CoV-2 NP antigen was accumulated in kidney tubules.


CV 51%

Travaux réalisés à New York au sein de l’Université Rockefeller Octobre Dynamics of liquid plugs in prewetted capillary tubes:


Burns-guideline-2012 48%

Tachycardia Tachypnoea Reduced level of consciousness Prolonged central capillary refill time Cool peripheries Circumferential limb burns may cause distal vascular compromise.


Screening and management 46%

PAH is defined as a mean pulmonary arterial pressure of 525 mmHg at rest or 530 mmHg during exercise, with a normal pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (<15 mmHg) [12].


MV obese icu patients 44%

Pulmonary circulation – Post‐capillary pulmonary hypertension if associated cardiac dysfunction, pre‐capillary if use of toxins (anorectics) 5.


Petroleum Glassware 2017 42%

p 4 P e t r o l e u m g l a s s w a r e ASTM D 20 - D402 - AFNOR T66003 - IP 27 Reference Description 12613 Graduated cylinder with neck (100 ml) 19378 Distillation flask (500 ml) 19378 ASTM D 36 - NF EN 1427 - ISO 4625 Reference 17487 17490 Description Calibrated beaker ASTM D36—Total Volume 770 ml Volume under line 584 ml Calibrated beaker ISO 1427 —Total Volume 770 ml Volume under line 561 ml 17487 ASTM D 70 - NF EN ISO 3838 - IP 190 Reference Description 20847 Pycnometer A - 24/30 ml (Hubbard model) 24624 Pycnometer B - 24/30 ml (Bingham model) 23229 Pycnometer C - 24/30 ml (Warden model) 23230 Pycnometer D - 24/30 ml (Capillary-stopper) 20847 23230 ASTM D 86 - D 1078 - E 133 - IP 123 - IP 191 - DIN 51751 - NF EN ISO 3405 Reference 24624 2322 Description For Normalab NDI 450 19420 Distillation flask (100 ml) 24019 Distillation flask (125 ml) (minimum order of 5) 19426 Cylinder 200 ml 100 ml 12609EC Graduated cylinder economic (5 ml) Simax 26111 Graduated receiver glass with foot (100 ml) 19422 Distillation flask (200 ml) ( for ASTM D850, D1078 and IP 195) 40052 125 ml black bottom flask (D86) 40043 200 ml black bottom flask (D1078) 19420 100 ml distillation flask (ASTM D 86) 19422 200 ml distillation flask (ASTM D850, D1078, D86 groups 1&2) 24500 100 ml glass foot graduated receiver engraved 60516 100 ml glass foot graduated receiver with NORMALAB - nocondensation treatment 26111 For Normalab NDI Classic 19425 Graduated receiver (100 ml) 24019 Distillation flask (125 ml) (minimum order of 5) 12609EC 19422 Graduated cylinder economic (5 ml) Simax 200 ml distillation flask (ASTM D1078, ASTM D850) For Normalab NDI Basic 19425 Graduated receiver (100 ml) 24019 Distillation flask (125 ml) (minimum order of 5) 12609EC 19422 Graduated cylinder economic (5 ml) Simax 200 ml distillation flask (ASTM D1078, ASTM D850) 4 www.


forever-living-ingredients 41%

It is essential for the formation of intercellular collagen as well as the maintenance of tooth structures, matrix of bones and capillary walls.


Mostal (procyanidin B2 1st study) 40%

They have been used as skin-protective cosmetics (Wayne, 1996) and as a treatment for capillary stabilization (Brasseur, 1989;


Diagnosis and management of Raynaud's Sd 40%

Refer patients with suspected secondary disease for capillaroscopy if possible because ophthalmoscopy (20× magnification, dermatoscope 10× magnification) can miss capillary changes.


Peds0914 Hematuria 40%

and 2% to 2 • September 2014 5% with nephrolithiasis.1,13,14 In a study by Bergstein et al of 274 patients who presented in the outpatient setting, the most common cause of gross hematuria was hypercalciuria.14 A study by Feld et al found hypercalciuria in 9% of patients.15 the capillary wall.21 In most cases of glomerulopathies, proteinuria, dysmorphic RBCs, and RBC casts are seen in addition to hematuria.22 Glomerular bleeding is usually brown, cola-colored, or tea-colored due to hematin formation from hemoglobin in an acidic environment.