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100% - Vascular Access in Pediatric Patients

• Femoral lines have the highest risk of infection compared with internal jugular and subclavian catheters. 29/09/2017

83% - Peds 0617 Vascular Access

Critical Appraisal of the Literature The literature on vascular access was reviewed in PubMed using the search terms pediatric intravenous access, successful intravenous placement, intraosseous access, central venous catheters, intravenous catheter complications, difficult intravenous access, and related terms. 15/09/2017

43% - Medical & Health Products DEC13

muscle pain relief 20 Medical ventilators 20 Belt massagers 5 Multiparameter monitors 18 Catheters 9 Oral thermometers 4 Compression bandages 14 Oxygen concentrators 13 Dental chair units 9 Particulate respirators 17 Dental handpieces 21 Pharmaceutical packaging services 14 Digital wrist blood pressure monitors 1 Physical therapy equipment 9,18 Electric eye massagers C-3 Portable medication refrigerators 20 Electric foot massagers 25 Post-operative dressing 24 Electric handheld massagers 5,18 Pulse oximeters 7 Electric massage cushions 4 Reusable heat packs 21,C-4 Electric wheelchairs 7 Robotic massage chairs 7,17,20 Examination beds 24 Rollators 17 Fine chemicals 10 Spinal orthotic products 3 First-aid kits C-2,21,24 Stretchers 25 Hearing aids 3 Surgical laser systems 10 Infrared medical thermometers 13,14 Surgical masks 2,6,18 Infusion sets 14,25 Ultrasonic nebulizers 10 Manual hospital beds 25 Ultrasound machines 6 Manual wheelchairs 21 Walking frames 13 Page Pos Advertiser Eng Name Size Prev Page Key Product Page Gifts, Crafts & 08/12/2013

40% - tildren locoreg

Catheters were removed immediately following infusions and a temporary bandage of gauze and Hunter et al. 02/02/2019

33% - nejmra1206531

The risk is influenced by the type, number, and location of valvular prostheses, as well as by the presence or absence of associated heart failure, atrial fibrillation, history of thromboembolism, and intracardiac thrombi.19,20 In patients with venous thromboembolism, the risks of recurrent thrombosis, thrombus propagation, and embolization are elevated for 3 months after the diagnosis and initiation of anticoagulation therapy.21 The risk of recurrence differs depending on whether the venous thromboembolism was provoked (in which case the risk decreases with resolution of the underlying risk factor) or unprovoked (i.e., idiopathic) (Table 2).22 CANCER Patients with cancer have an increased risk of periprocedural thrombosis owing to cancer-specific prothrombotic activity, hormonal therapy, angiogenesis inhibitors, radiotherapy, and the presence of indwelling central venous catheters.23 Concurrently, there is an increased risk of bleeding24 because of the administration of prophylactic agents for the prevention of venous thromboembolism, chemotherapy-related hepatic and renal dysfunction and thrombocytopenia, and tumor friability. 05/07/2013

28% - jsc120003 2526 2533 (1)

Given the declining use of pulmonary artery catheters and because hydrostatic edema in the form of cardiac failure or fluid overload may coexist with ARDS,10,11 the pulmonary artery wedge pressure criterion was removed from the defini- ©2012 American Medical Association. 30/01/2013

27% - Peds0415 Septic Shock

This rise in bacteremia and sepsis is also related to the increased use of invasive devices, such as surgical prostheses, home mechanical ventilator equipment, and percutaneous intravenous catheters. 16/09/2017