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100% - Colloque LIA Programme préliminaire

Colloque LIA Programme préliminaire LIA CONFERENCE - PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME “Environments and Societies in the Southern Caucasus during the Holocene” Lyon, Maison de l'Orient, 28-29 November 2013 Thursday, november 28 8h30 Welcome Introduction 9h00 9h10 9h20 P. 11/11/2013

76% - Pierre Hemon Poster Master Project Gedabek 2013

Pierre Hemon Poster Master Project Gedabek 2013 The Gedabek epithermal Cu-Au deposit, Lesser Caucasus, Western Azerbaijan: 08/07/2014

72% - Eliz Master Budget HRGGP Russia update 11 09 2012

Eliz Master Budget HRGGP Russia update 11 09 2012 Grant Information BGRHR Classification Codes Other Sources Of Support OSI staff Human Rights Grant ID Organization Name Interregional Non-governmental Committee 40019660 Against Torture (Formerly Nizhny Novgorod Committee against Torture) Project Title Requested Date End DateApproved AmountPurpose Population Geographic Name Type Amount Getting at the Roots of Torture Advanced Facilities 08/19/2009 12/31/2011 $200,000.00 Human The purpose of the charitable OSI Russia donation is to support the Committee Against Torture Aida (CAT) Somfaito| Elizabeth continue ongoing Eagen | domestic Krisztina Stefan and international work in the prevention and remedy of Rights 40014229 Moscow Helsinki Group Promoting Comprehensive and Continuous Monitoring of the Situation in Chechnya and In 10/10/2008 03/31/2010 $50,000.00 Human The purpose of the charitable OSI Russia donation is to support Moscow Helsinki Group to Elizabeth continue its Eagen monitoring | Katalin activities Reti in the North Caucasus. 12/12/2015

65% - pawan

Developed Asia Asia Asia N-Africa Caucasus Africa Mexico countries Yellow rust Stem rust Leaf rust FHB Septoria Spot blotch Tan spot 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Nematodes Root diseases Smuts/bunts Wheat blast 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Powdery mildew 23/04/2015


After her graduation from the Ecole Natinale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in 2006, she joined the Babel Caucasus project and worked with Mylène Sauloy (documentary filmmaker and great reporter) until 2008. 23/09/2020

49% - WorldHaplogroupsMaps

al., Mitochondrial DNA and Y Chromosome Variation in the Caucasus, Ann. 13/10/2010

45% - PDF 9545

berus and other vipers occurring in western Europe and shows closer affinities to species occurring only in the Caucasus. 24/06/2016

35% - Russia Morocco News

President Says Private Newspapers to Be Allowed [10 Jul 2010 - 02:52] The kindling in Kyrgyzstan [10 Jul 2010 - 00:51] MORE ARTICLES Caucasus News FORMATS: 30/10/2011

31% - CMH2 Third Circular & Program

Pleguezuelos The Mediterranean tortoise at the Caucasus, 30 years of research Olga Leontyeva, Solomon Pereshkolnik Les captures accidentelles de la tortue marine Caretta caretta par la pêcherie dans la région de Tanger et ses environs : 18/05/2011

29% - Kindler et al 2013 Natrix phylogeography ZS

Another contact zone is hypothesized for Eastern Europe, which was colonized, like northwestern Asia, from the Caucasus region. 20/05/2013