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[000084] 100%

[000084] APS/123-QED Matter-wave cavity gravimeter F.


PhysRevA.84.023844 92%

In the latter case, an established paradigm is based on the assumption that the “gradient” component of the optical force remains conservative even when the electromagnetic field is confined within a cavity, and, therefore, can be characterized by a potential.


PhysRevA.84.023834 84%

PhysRevA.84.023834 PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023834 (2011) Role of quantum fluctuations in the optomechanical properties of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a ring cavity S.


9 AlkorachiO28101156 75%

we study the influence of the order of the discretization schemes on the precision in the numerical solution of the shallow waters viscous flow with presence of recirculation like the flows in cavity.


FOP-MS Pressure Sensor Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor 75%

Pressure creates a variation in the length of the FabryPerot cavity and the fiber optic signal conditioners can consistently measure the cavity length with high accuracy under all adverse conditions of temperature, EMI, humidity and vibration.


Invasive candidiasis NEJM 2015 57%

Deep-seated candidiasis arises from either hematogenous dissemination or direct inoculation of candida species to a sterile site, such as the peritoneal cavity (Fig. 1).


thèses lasers - quallités - distortion fonction ... 54%

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON Holographic Lasers David Ianto Hillier Submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics Optoelectronics Research Centre September 2004 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON ABSTRACT Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics Optoelectronics Research Centre Doctor of Philosophy Holographic Lasers By David Ianto Hillier This thesis presents the development of CW adaptive solid state lasers which dynamically correct for phase distortions within their cavity by phase conjugation.


Case report Wery-Bihin 2014 53%

We report a case of complete transmural migration through the colic wall, followed by spontaneous defecation, of a surgical sponge left behind in the abdominal cavity (gossypiboma) during a vaginal hysterectomy with oophorectomy.


TD n°2 - James Cooper 52%

but when a few moments of silence had succeeded the sudden crack, during which the noise was floating in air across the water, it reached the rocks of the opposite mountain, where the vibrations accumulated, and were rolled from cavity to cavity for miles along the hills, seeming to awaken the sleeping thunders of the woods.


Rodent Repellent 52%

 To effectively control insect and vermin activity by an Ultrasonic device you would require one unit per room including one unit in the roof cavity to effectively control a home.


Atome laser 51%

In atomic physics, BoseEinstein condensates (BEC) of trapped atoms [3] are an atomic equivalent to photons stored in a single mode of an optical cavity, from which a coherent matter wave (atom laser) can be extracted [4, 5].


Active light shift stabilization in modulated CPT clocks 51%

Some of the key advantages obtained by using CPT to probe the atomic resonance frequency are lower light-shifts, no requirement for a microwave cavity, and that the physics package of the atomic clock can be implemented in a relatively small device [3].


Pneumothorax in the Critically Ill Patient 50%

Under normal conditions, the pleural space in the human is a sealed cavity that contains a small volume of fluid estimated to be 0.26 mL/kg Manuscript received July 5, 2011;


[000081] 45%

03.75.Pp, 39.20.+q, 42.60.Jf,41.85.Ew The Bose-Einstein condensation of atoms in the lowest level of a trap represents the matter-wave analog to the accumulation of photons in a single mode of a laser cavity.