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Free Movement of Persons 98%

Citizens Directive Workers Art. ... 6 Citizens Directive :


A- Constitution - Chapter 1 97%

Any population survey shall include the citizens of the Republic residing overseas and having registered themselves at the Embassies of the Republic or are registered with the Passport Office.


Constitution - wanted 96%

Any population survey shall include the citizens of the Republic residing overseas and having registered themselves at the Embassies of the Republic or are registered with the Passport Office.


citizenship and democracy into Athens 95%

Only adult male Athenian citizens who had completed their military training had the right to vote in Athens.


The universal suffrage Matthieu Verry 93%

Universal suffrage (thus democracy) gives to all citizens the opportunity to vote and express their will by nominating a candidate.


Consular notification 92%

citizens (spouses, unmarried children under age 21, and parents of U.S.


Mali-2015-Anglais-Bac-Serie-LL-LV1 92%

DEMOCRACY Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.


aos form 90%

citizens (spouses, unmarried children under 21 years of age, and parents of U.S.


avis-soutenance-GP2017 90%

Local elected representatives want to engage citizens in governance, citizens want to be heard and to influence policy making.


Workers out of work 90%

- no discrimination between the Union's citizen and the MS's citizens Right to keep living in the MS ?


201611160125 Molon Labe - FU 90%

In Switzerland, you can find Swiss citizens, legal &


Testing Theories of American Politics 89%

Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens Martin Gilens and Benjamin I.


Article J Jamar 89%

Given the growing mistrust of the European project, many scholars and professionals consider that communicating on Europe and more particularly with its citizens seems of the uttermost importance.


Immigration et douanes 88%

JS KOURILOV, the first lieutenant - general, leader of the regional Office of Russian border FSB of the Siberian federal Region The pertinence of so-called €illegal migration• because of the recent expansion of the largeness of penetration in Russia of the foreign citizens, from apatrides, the nationals of the Soviet former republics.


rapport israpartheid 86%

The World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency are vested with legal authority as agencies of the State of Israel to facilitate Jewish immigration and preferentially serve the interests of Jewish citizens in matters ranging from land use to public development planning and other matters 2 deemed vital to Jewish statehood.


Constitution des Perséides 6.0 85%



185104 2011 3685 INVESTING SECURITY RESEARCH en 85%

security research PrOJects under the 7th Framework Programme for Research investing into security research for the benefits of european citizens September 2011 European Commission Enterprise and Industry SECURITY RESEARCH Further information available at:


Calabrio CityVancouver CS 2014 84%

The city anticipates call volume will continue to grow as the population increases and more citizens learn about 3-1-1.


ax55 84%

DESCRIPTION Your UNIDEN AX 55 represents the most advanced 5-watt hand-held type radio ever designed for use in the Citizens Band Radio Service.


Appel à contributions - Call for papers, Cit oyennetés 84%

The circle of citizens was gradually widened, from a few privileged men to, ideally, all adults residing permanently within a given territory.


documents english 84%

Manifesto for a Citizens’Europe: