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civic interaction protection of civilians in mosul 100%

civic interaction protection of civilians in mosul Protection of Civilians in Mosul:


HRW BILAN 2015docx 97%

South Sudan Horrific attacks on civilians began within 24 hours of the start of South Sudan’s new war in mid-December 2013.


attentats islam pdf 88%

attentats islam pdf List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months Date Country City 2009.04.20 Afghanistan Khost Killed Injured Description 2 8 Islamists bomb a passenger bus, killing two civilians.


Page 7 - EWIPA updated 87%

A heavy toll on civilians KEY FACTS(2) Between 2011 and 2015 , nearly 188,325 persons were reported dead or injured globally due to the use of explosive weapons.


RunaLife licences tarifs 69%

RunaLife licences tarifs Prix des Licences Note :


DNL 53%

DNL The Roman Empire and Roman citizenship:


CR Lead-the-Way(EN) 49%

He rolls a D10 and, resulting in an even number, he moves the 6 “Civilians” counters in the direction of his choice.


Moon Project 49%

I’ve already several agreements for making interviews with astronauts and civilians ;


syria 48%

It interviewed 223 victims and witnesses of alleged human rights violations, including civilians and defectors from the military and the security forces.


Communiqué Officiel N051 englaisb 45%

The March 23 Movement is requesting to the partners of the Congolese people, particularly the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region to strongly condemn this new initiative war of the Congolese Government which can jeopardize the current peace process and endangers the lives of civilians in these areas.