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Active light shift stabilization in modulated CPT clocks 100%

This ensures that the clock frequency is always given by the atomic resonance frequency that is not perturbed by the incident light fields.



Il Programma The Programme Venerdì 11 settembre 2015 Friday 11th September 2015 08.00 Class 1 CSI2* 1.15m Table A Against the clock NO jump-off 09.15 Class 2 CSI2* 1.30m Table A Against the clock NO jump-off 11.15 Class 3 CSI2* 1.40m Table A Against the clock NO jump-off 13.00 Class 4 CSI5* 1.45m Table A 2 Phases 15.45 Class 5 CSI5* 1.50m Table A Against the clock with Jump off 18.30 Show Carosello Villa Buon Respiro 18.50 Show Carosello delle Lance – Lancieri di Montebello Sabato 12 settembre 2015 Saturday 12th September 2015 08.00 Class 6 CSI2* 1.30/1.35m Table A 2 Phases 09.30 Class 7 CSI5* 1.45 m Table A Against the clock NO Jump off 11.55 Show 12.30 16.30 Lancieri di Montebello Class 8:


papier A.Einstien 98%

If, for instance, I say, “That train arrives here at 7 o’clock,” I mean something like this:


LBProject 98%

Discovering a water clock and design it HOW we discovered water clock I projected several plans of ancient water-clocks with video projector;


Perloff Conceptual Poetry 97%

Vanessa Placeii One of the most important artworks of the last decade is surely Christian Marclay’s The Clock, first shown to U.S.


DS2ENLS1Jan2012 95%

process(reset, clock) alors ⃝ le process pipo sera activé sur les fronts simultanés de clock et de reset ⃝ le process pipo sera activé uniquement sur les fronts du signal clock ⃝ le process pipo réalisera un reset quand reset passe à 0 ⃝ le process pipo sera acitvé sur les fronts de clock ou de reset 3.


Referee-and-Umpire-Signals-QuickStudy 95%

Count Time Play Roughing Offsides Delayed Penalty Tripping Washout Hooking Holding Kneeing Misconduct High-Sticking Elbowing Icing Football Signals * TV/Radio Time-Out Touchdown, Field Goal Safety Ball Dead, * Touchback (move to side) Incomplete Forward Pass, Penalty Declined, No Play, No Score End of Period Uncatchable Forward Pass Encroachment, Offside Defense Delay of Game Ball Ready for Play Start Clock Time-Out, Discretionary or Injury Time-Out First Down Loss of Down Legal Touching of Forward Pass or Scrimmage Kick Inadvertent Whistle Disregard Flag Sideline Warning Substitution Infraction Failure to Wear Required Equipment Illegal Helmet Contact Interference with Forward Pass or Fair Catch Roughing Passer Illegal Pass/Forward Handling Ball Illegally Shift (2 hands) Procedure, Illegal Illegal Motion Touched, Kicked Illegal False Start (1 hand) or Batted Running Into or Roughing Kicker/Holder Illegal Batting/Kicking Invalid Fair Catch Clipping Blocking Below Waist, Illegal Block Chop Block Holding/Obstructing, Interlocked Blocking, Illegal Use of Illegal Block in the Back Helping Runner Hands/Arms 1 Unsportsmanlike Too Many Conduct, Noncontact Foul Players on Field Sideline Interference Intentional Grounding Ineligible Downfield on Pass Personal Foul Face Mask Tripping Player Disqualification Basketball Signals Start Clock Stop Clock Stop Clock for Jump/Held Ball Designated Spot Visible Counts Substitutes Allowed to Enter Game Stop Clock for Foul Stop Clock for Foul 60-Second Time-Out Directional Signal 30-Second Time-Out No Score 1 2 3 Goal Counts Point(s) Scored (use 1 or 2 fingers) Attempt Delayed Lane Violation Free Throws And If Successful 1 - 2nd Throw;


SpecificationsWaterClock 94%

Global specifications of water clock From dictionary:


Rythme circadien et ischemie-reperfusion 93%

Back in the laboratory, they showed in the mouse heart that genetic and pharmacological modulation of clock genes can affect cardiac tolerance to ischaemia–reperfusion injury.


have-gothas-got 31306 93%

Andrew ______ a clock. ... Sandra _______ a clock. ... __ Sandra __ a clock?


Thermodilution Cardiac Output Computer Simulator 92%

The counter is driven by a variable speed clock and is controlled by two logic circuits.


somebody like you alan birchall 91%

ROCK, RECOVER, FULL TRIPLE TURN, ROCK ¼ TURN, CROSS, TOUCH 1.2 Rock Forward On Right, Recover On Left Making ½ Turn Right (Facing 6 ‘0’ Clock) 3&4 Full Triple Turn Right, Stepping Right, Left, Right, Alternative:


EA1903 89%

sensor, acquisition hardware, system clock, software, all have to keep in track to ensure proper timing control.


nvidia-smi.1 88%



Config 88%


anza 87%


hornby elite manual 1.4x 87%

Accessories 58 60 60 61 Additional Elite Features Analogue Locomotive Control Analogue Locomotive Enable/Disable Clock Enable/Disable Clock Setting - Real Time Clock Setting - Scale Time Loco Log or Search Function Operating Modes Elite Reset 62 63 64 65 65 66 67 68 Important Information Overload Safety Cut Off Glossary Input and Output Connections Trouble Shooting Safety Notes 69 70 73 74 75 Elite Features Naming a Locomotive Speed Step Change 4 (continued) 44 45 Locomotive Favourites Setting Enabling / Disabling the Favourites List 46 Adding a Locomotive to the Favourites List 47 The Sapphire Decoder Programming the Sapphire Fuel Simulation Programming &