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Vol5-Checklist EN 100%

CK Cockpit Crew Checklist Completed BEFORE START Windows/Doors .........................


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Program Hours Completed:


Resume Perrine Chabance 94%

2016 -2018 Interior Designer - ARCHITECTURE D’INTERIEUR PERRINE CHABANCE - Renovation of a 130 sqm house in the south of France - Full mission - Completed - Refurbishment of a bathroom in Normandy - Blueprints, tender documents - Completed - Refurbishment of a record shop in Lyon, Chez Emile Records - Full mission - Completed 2017 -2018 Interior designer - SOUCHKO ARCHITECTURE - Freelance (Lyon, FR) - Renovation of a 140 sqm apartment - Measures, blueprints, tender documents, 3D- In construction - Interior design and refusrbishment for a toy store - Blueprints for project - Aborted - Refurbishment of a 70 sqm apartment - Blueprint, furniture design - Completed - House extension for a 180 sqm house - Blueprints for project - In construction - Renovation of a 140 sqm lot in Paris - Blueprints, tender documents - Completed 2017 -2018 Interior designer - ATELIER D’ARCHITECTURE MARINE FAVENNEC - Freelance (Lyon, FR) - Renovation of a 35 sqm apartment - Tender documents, construction site supervision - Completed - Renovation of a 70 sqm apartment - Blueprints, construction site supervision - Completed 2016 -2018 Interior designer - LA MANUFACTURE DES TAPIS DE BOURGOGNE - Freelance (Moroges, FR) - Production of drawings and technical documents for the fabrication of handmade carpets for architectural projects.


hahah 94%

Program Hours Completed:


Portfolio 2018 Perrine Chabance 94%

PERRINE CHABANCE PORTFOLIO 2018 156 950 T 06 79 T410478 41 85 @ @ A Melbourne, AU A 30, rue des Chartreux 69001 LYON SOMMAIRE 01 _ AVENUE DE FARCIENNES - Renovation of a house - Beaucaire, FR - 2018 - completed p.2 02 _ COURS DE LA LIBERTÉ - Renovation of an apartment - Lyon, FR - 2018 - in construction p.4 03 _ RUE DE FLESSELLES - Renovation of an appartement -Lyon, FR - 2017 - completed p.6 04 _ CHEZ EMILE - Interior design for a record shop - Lyon, FR - 2016 - completed p.8 05 _ FÉCAMP -Renovation of a bathroom - Normandy, FR - 2017 -completed p.10 06 _ CRESCENDO - Renovation and extension of a nursery - Lyon, FR - 2015 - project p.12 07 _ URBAN VERTIGO - Landscape design - Lyon, FR - 2016 - diploma project p.14 08 _ SKUTA - Construction of an alpine shelter - Mount Skuta, SLO - 2015 - completed p.16 09 _ S1 INTERCONTINENTAL - 22 storey high hotel in Ljubljana, SLO - 2015 - in construction p.18 1 01_AVENUE DE FARCIENNES RENOVATION OF A HOUSE IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE Location - Beaucaire, South of France Client - Private Surface - 130 sqm Budget - 70 000 € Mission - Full mission Phase - Completed The renovation of this 130 sqm house is set around one major principle :


notice utilisation-converti 92%

Turn on the power switch, the display shows the standby state, then starting completed;


Terms&Conditions - Advent Calendar Promotion 92%

One completed entry shall be drawn at random to select the winner of this Prize Draw.


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Program Hours Completed:


fulbrightonlinefulbright-foreign-student-application-checklist 90%

Required Items Description Completed (Please check completed) Application Make certain to follow all instructions carefully, especially essay instructions Letters of Reference These can be submitted online.


NewsletterGCA - GB 89%

HAOUSSA LARZAC winner 140km Bonifacio 2004 and CEI3 Marchin 160 km 2006 ISMIR LARZAC winner CEI** Babolna 2004 MEDIATIK LARZAC 8 year-old world champion Compiègne 2008— winner CEI**Badajoz 2009 NEFERTITI LARZAC 2nd 8y-o world champion 2009—winner CEI** Barocca d’Alva 2012 OLYMPIK LARZAC winner 160km Luhmullen 2012 QADJAR LARZAC winner CEI** Bahrain 2013 PERSEPOLIA LARZAC 8 year-old world champion Compiègne 2011 for Bahrain ODE au LARZAC winnerCEI** Castel di Sangro 2009 MOUJIK LARZAC winner 130 km Chanac 2008 Our CEI horses for 2013 NIJINSKA LARZAC (2001 by Rumel el Masan, completed 9 CEI, 3rd CEIY**) QAPRICIOSA LARZAC (2004 Said Lotois x Irania, completed 2 CEI**) QACIMA du SAUVETERRE (2004 Toup du Clos x Maissa / Jerezana, completed CEI*** and 4th CEIY** Ratieres 2013) QASSEM du SAUVETERRE (2004 Roco ibn Persik x Azia bint Diardob, completed 2 CEI**, 10th Fontainebleau 2013) PIMAYA du SAUVETERRE (2003 Roco ibn Persik x Jerezana, completed 3 CEI**) RAIS LARZAC (2005 Said Lotois x Guezira al Shatane, completed CEI**) SELIM LARZAC (2006 Said Lotois x Babouche, completed CEI*) RESISTENCIA Larzac (2005 Bugatti x Babilonia / Persik is in training with Cendrine Henry) RADAMA de Cendre (2005 Bat l’Eau / Djelfor x Ninouka / Said Lotois) RIF el LARZAC (2005 Roco ibn Persik x Ainhoa El Rih, 2 qualifications 90km) RIFFIENNE LARZAC (2005 Roco ibn Persik x Riffla el Ainhoa, completed CEI*) Our 6 and 7 year-olds for 2013 TAGOR du SAUVETERRE (2007 Lotois x Jerezana) Said TYPHON du SAUVETERRE (2007 Karesi x Jaheda Sauveterre / Persik) THOR du SAUVETERRE (photo) Said Lotois x Malika Sauveterre / Djourman TALISMAN LARZAC (Sharifian Lotois / Akbar x Ulahoma / Dakari) (2006 Branik x Gardhaia / Aguelman) SHIMA Sauveterre (2006 Djin Lotois x Jerezana SCHERAZADE Larzac (2006 Zoug / Horr x Galicia / Arques Perspex) TERSKAIA Larzac (2007 Sharifian LoTCHOUMI LARZAC (Sharifian Lotois x Galicia) tois / Akbar x Mahoud Congratulations to the Qazim SAGA Sauveterre Fahdchoumi /Rumel el Endurance stables of Malaysia who (2006 Khadar x AziaMasan have recently acquired THOR and bint Diardob SAHAROUI Larzac TYPHON Sauveterre, as well as REBELLE Larzac Our 4 and 5 year-olds for 2013 USKIR du SAUVETERRE (Quikly Sauveterre / Roco ibn Persik x Tequia) UBAKA LARZAC (Quikly Sauveterre / Roco ibn Persik x Guezira al Shatane) ULTIMA LARZAC (Said Lotois x Haliya Larzac / Rumel el Masan) ASMINA al TRESCOL (Sciaknoa x Azeera al Trescol / Ablette de Loyre) Page 2 AJDA al TRESCOL (Sciaknoa x Alika al Trescol / Ablette de Loyre) VALY du Pont (Persicko x Rachida Lotoise) VALKYRIE Larzac (Said Lotois x Mahoud Fahdchoumi) VALENCIANA Larzac (Quikly x Galicia) G RA ND S CA U S S E S AR AB IA N S The stamp of the Sauveterre "Grandes Dames"


General Contractor Los Angeles 89%

Since its foundation as a Los Angeles general contractor, A to Z Construction has completed countless building, construction, remodeling and renovation projects throughout Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, ranging from room additions, kitchen and bath remodeling to all types of exterior and interior jobs.


jpm-the-euro-area-adjustment-about-halfway-there 88%

Whether this proves to be enough for the national level adjustments to continue until they are completed remains to be seen.


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Global number of completed projects vs.


Etude DIOGENE 87%

A total of 773 participants who completed that phase were randomly assigned to one of the five maintenance diets;


04 - DND2170 - Demande d'emploi dans les Forces canadiennes 86%

PROTECTED A (When completed) PROTÉGÉ A (Une fois rempli) Canadian Armed Forces Employment Application Demande d'emploi dans les Forces armées canadiennes Disclaimer Avertissement 1.


139421910-Passive-Voice-Rule-for-All-Tense-Rules-pdf 86%

The assignment had been completed by • Future Perfect Continuous They had completed the assignment.


428088782-Etats-Unis-Rapport-septembre-2019-criminal-Victimization-2018 85%

these include most completed or attempted violent crimes apart from simple assault, and completed burglaries and motor-vehicle thefts.


resume retif 2013 83% Professional Experience Freelancer Character Animator Los Angeles, CA, USA Jan 2013 – now Freelance animator on various projects in Maya Dreamworks Dedicated Unit Character Animator • • animation of the main characters on feature films Madagascar 3 and Puss In Boots animation of the main characters on TV specials Madly Madagascar and Scared Shrekless Dreamworks Animation Animation trainee • • 3D animator on a dance animation for « Freej » using 3DS Max 3D character animator in 3DS Max on the film « Freej », animated characters having to interact with a live character Nekome Studio 2D animator • • • • January 2008 - March 2008 Paris, France March 2009 - June 2009 Sept 2007 – Dec 2007 Co director, worked on ideas and storyboard of a music video for a contest with the website Aniboom Modeling, rigging, and animation of characters in Maya Coloring of background and texturing of characters in Photoshop Compositing in After Effects Def2Shoot Character Animator • Paris, France Nov 2008 - Dec 2008 Layout, rough animation and cleaning of characters in Flash, for a test trailer of the videogame Dofus 2.0 Co director • Glendale, CA, USA Sept 2009 - Nov 2009 Animation trainee on feature film Shrek Forever After Cube Creative Company Character animator • Bangalore, India Nov 2009 - March 2012 3D character animator on « Yona Yona Penguin », a French/Japanese feature film from Rintaro, using Maya and XSI Paris, France May 2008 – Sept 2008 Kawa Animation 2D animator • 2d Flash animator on a commercial for Zespri kiwi fruit, creation and animation of puppets Cartoon Saloon Animation Intern • • Paris, France April 2008 Kilkenny, Ireland July 2006 - August 2006 Intern on the 2D feature film Brendan and the Secret of Kells traditional animation tests Education Dreamworks Dedicated Unit Character animation intensive training • • • Training with Rebecca Stockley, improvisation teacher, to improve the acting of characters Training with Chris Landreth, award winning director, on facial and lipsync animation Training with Jason Spencer Galsworthy, animation supervisor at PDI Dreamworks, on how to setup a shot efficiently EMCA Completed coursework towards Bachelors Degree • • Angouleme, France 2004 - 2007 3D courses in Maya, modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, lighting, creation of a short film 2D animation courses, storyboard, layout, traditional, Flash, and After Effects animation, compositing Arts Appliqués Bellecour Completed coursework towards Technician degree in visual communications • Bangalore, India February 2011 Lyon, France 2000 - 2003 Advertising, editing, graphic arts Edouard Herriot High School Completed coursework towards French High school diploma in Science Lyon, France 2000 Additional Skills • Softwares :


CAQ2 82%

The form, duly completed and signed, must be sent, along with the appendices and required supporting documents, to:


My CV-3 82%

• Experienced in delivering successful PowerPoint presentations at University • Completed special training at University to defend my ideas.


DVD order form 82%

Fax the completed form to us at (575) 479-1116.


upenn體檢 81%

___/___/___ Student I.D.__________________ U U REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS - TO BE COMPLETED BY HEALTH CARE PROVIDER Please fax completed and signed/stamped form to 215 746 0909.


opx-92-31 81%

In a prospective pilot study, 61 children and adolescents (34 with ASD and 27 who were TD) aged 9 to 17 years completed an eye examination protocol including tests of visual acuity, refraction, convergence (eye teaming), stereoacuity (depth perception), ocular motility, and ocular health.


i-131 80%

1615-0013 Expires 03/31/2016 Action Block Receipt To Be Completed by an Attorney/ Representative, if any.


i-131 80%

1615-0013 10/10/2017 Expires 03/31/2016 Action Block Receipt To Be Completed by an Attorney/ Representative, if any.