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Erella ATLAN CV Feb 2017 100%

chamber music ensemble, choir Classical ballet and contemporary dance studies Experience Composer 2011-Present • Composed pieces in a variety of styles that were featured in a number of JAMD concerts and festivals • Composed music for dance productions • Composed music for short movies • Composed music and French texts for songs • Composed a number of pieces in various musical styles, e.g., motet, fugues, inventions, lied Arranger 2013-Present • Arranged a piece for an orchestra made up of Israeli and Palestinian musicians • Arranged Israeli songs for an ensemble of 5 musicians • Arranged a Jazz Standard for a Big Band Active musician in performances and recordings 2005-Present • Experienced pianist and singer, performs solo and with various ensembles • Participated as a pianist and singer in an improvisation dance class taught by Mr.


S-Digitaal S125 Plus 4in1 93%

This technology is also called as Skin-Foam-Skin and composed of three different layers.


nimrod info press 90%

It is composed of immersive drones, deconstructed melody, crackles and multiple kinds of noises invading space, blowing, little heavy and repetitive rhythm.


Hottentotta hottentotta Parthenogenesis 87%

It gave birth, on 21 June 2002, to an F-1 brood defined as n°1 and composed of 19 neonates.


JonCha-CV 85%

In 2007, he began a long collaboration with the director Jean-Pierre Garnier for whom he composed the music of all his plays.


Rules Duo 2015 85%

lAdornment of the « ORI TAHITI NUI DUO » competition can be composed of fresh plants (foliage, drupes and flowers) DRY elements, FEATHERS, SHELLS, MOTHER OF PEARL SHELL,… at the artist’s choice.


2011 Hottentotta jayakari Hybridization 84%

Both F1 and F2 broods were composed of dark and pale morphs, indicating that the juveniles could inherit either one or the other parental phenotype.


B-ADS-150 my-web 82%

• a server machine composed of a Ubuntu Server operating system.



All artworks in the exhibition are colorless or nearly-colorless liquids composed from the common chemical compounds of the flavor and fragrance industry.


The Juicy Juice presskit 2017 82%

main title were co-written by Michael and excess, the rest of the album were written and composed by excess, who produced the E.P.


Hottentotta caboverdensis Parthenogenesis 82%

It gave birth 4.6 months later, on 1 July 2002 to an F-1 brood defined as n°1 and composed of 27 neonates.


Jehovah-protestantism 80%

The idea of the Trinity means that God is composed by three parts :


B-CPE-042 Day03 79%

CPool_Day03/my_isneg.c Task 5 my_print_comb Write a function that displays, in ascending order, all the numbers composed by three different digits numbers (012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 023, ..., 789).


Plaquette(4p)-ENG1 79%

- In 2010, he composed and directed the soundtrack of the russian silent movie Miss Mend (Boris Barnet Fyodor Otsep, 1926).


project part 2 question c 79%

It enables to translate an IP address into a MAC address IP header fields is composed of :


COLONEL - collection #1 78%

It is mainly composed of wood, textile materials and surprising colors.


Professeur Hamonet ECNE-10-00337 78%

The first group (EDS group) is composed of 853 consecutive patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, diagnosed by a small team using the Brighton test and examined between June 1, 2014 and June 1, 2017.


New-CMC-Catalog-2013 77%

Each CMC miniature is a product of months of research, which result in a precision model assembled by the hand and composed of up to 3,000 single parts.


College Painters Peterborough 76%

Similar to the business model of our professional painting division, our college painter or student painting division is composed of a small number of handpicked operators.


ACAPITAL E-CUBE Fund PressRelease 30 01 2015 ENG 75%

a unique combination of China’s largest Stateowned firm in the environment sector (CECEP), as well as China’s largest Private firm in the sector (GCL New Energy)  E-CUBE put together one of the world’s best teams composed of C-level executives from European environment &


B-PSU-155 Tetris 74%

ls ./tetriminos/ bar.tetrimino square.tetrimino 5.tetrimino 7.tetrimino inverted-L.tetrimino 4.tetrimino 6.tetrimino These files are composed in the following way:


Classical Guitar Mag - Th CAUVIN 73%

I also recorded a new piece as a bonus track, which is Ulan Bator in Mongolia, composed by the French composer, Mathias Duplessy.


YAM Magazine » Archive » Tokyo Jihen The Color Bars 73%

Instead, each track in the Color Bars was composed by a different member of the band — who, in some cases, also took care of the vocals.


Golden Tulip Villa Massalia MICE presentation (web) 73%

• 68 chambres supérieures • 66 chambres deluxe • 2 junior suites • 4 suites executive The establishment is composed as follows:


Syncro 73%

We are a team composed by belgian players evolving on Counter-Strike: