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100% - Perloff Conceptual Poetry

Perloff Conceptual Poetry Conceptual Poetry and the Question of Emotion Marjorie Perloff --Conceptual art is good only when the idea is good. 04/01/2018

99% - Oksala in defence of experience

We must hold onto experience as an important resource for contesting sexist discourses and oppressive conceptual schemas. 17/12/2017

97% - Approche critique de l’idée de fondement.

This exposition of these different approaches is organized according to a methodological subdivision into conceptual fields. 07/12/2011


Hacer un mapa conceptual sobre las ramas de la química 1.2 Materia 1. 23/02/2013

88% - Assesment 1 Arthur GIR

Robbins (2005) divides management skills in three main categories, ‘Technical Skills’, ‘Human Skills’ and ‘Conceptual Skills’. 24/09/2012

84% - Army Operating Concept (AOC 2016)

iii TRADOC Pam 525-3-1 This concept continues the major revision to the Army’s conceptual framework that began in late 2009 with the publication of TRADOC Pam 525-3-0, The Army Capstone Concept. 24/10/2014

83% - AHL

Abstract painter, poet and music peformer, working on spaces experiences, physical and conceptual. 28/01/2016

83% - Curriculum of English for Middle School Mars 2015

Middle School Conceptual Framework 07 17 18 3.1 Table of Conceptual Framework 18 4. 06/05/2017

82% - Impellizzeri

the conceptual model, validity, reliability, and responsiveness. 15/04/2011

80% - From Dictatorship to Democracy A conceptual framework for liberation

From Dictatorship to Democracy A conceptual framework for liberation From Dictatorship to Democracy A Conceptual Framework for Liberation Fourth U.S. 10/06/2012


Beatriz de Vieco, Revista Alternativa Nacido en Bogotá (1950), el maestro Antonio Caro está considerado como el más importante artista conceptual de Colombia y uno de los más significativos de Latinoamérica. 15/03/2013

78% - Valentine RIBASSIN Master Thesis

Conceptual background ............................................................................................. ... 25 2.2 Conceptual model .................................................................................................... 16/03/2014

77% - Psychotic and mystical states of being

In the present paper, it is argued that examining the fundamental conceptual organization of psychotic and mystical mental states not only elucidates the observed similarities between them, but can highlight the differences, and the processes by which negatively evaluated pathological features can be seen to emerge. 08/11/2013

76% - models of tourism dvp

Theory (The tourism system) whole system or Planning/management subsystem subjective/prescriptive \/ descriptive problem-solving explanatory planning as a conceptual system J predictive “\ Figure 1. 11/04/2015

76% - Understanding Semantic Relationships

Conceptual design models and represents the users' and applications' views of information and, possibly, a specification of the processing or use of the information in a manner that supports, for example, the Entity- 458 Relationship (E-R) (Chen, 1976) or some other semantic data model. 14/03/2016

74% - brain 5

(i) map the visual hierarchy firing pattern to a conceptual firing pattern as needed Downloaded from on November 30, 2012 REPORTS (information encoding), (ii) extract relations between input elements (transformation calculation), (iii) evaluate the reward associated with the input (reward evaluation), (iv) decompress firing patterns from memory to conceptual firing pattern (information decoding), and (v) map conceptual firing patterns to motor firing patterns and control motor timing (motor processing). 01/12/2012

73% - BASC 2011 english

•Theoretical models and conceptual strategies in view to durability in the context of architecture and the urban design. 18/07/2011

73% - carte des émotions

specific conceptual associations Anger Fear Anxiety Love Disgust Happiness Depression Contempt Fig. 07/01/2014

72% - Theoretical versus practical explanation

One way of approaching the role that economic factors play in Tocqueville’s analysis is to look at the general structure of Democracy in America as well as the conceptual scheme that informs it. 13/12/2011


REVIEW OF RELEVANT LITERATURE Theoretical Literature and Conceptual Framework Theoretical Literature Public spending in many developing countries is often pushed in timeless manner resulting to deterioration in deficit and debt ratios. 02/11/2017

71% - AkzionporelRíoFrío

* Una restauración ecológica de la cuenca matriz del río que tome en cuenta la situación contextual del río, y evalue de manera certera el impacto de las acciones emprendidas, priorizándolas de manera hiperbólica dentro del marco conceptual del enfoque ecosistémico. 01/10/2012

71% - Microbiological contamination of groundwater

theal.use of Coupe the concept of the “conceptual by human and animal particularly faeces. 06/10/2017

71% - Microbiological contamination of groundwater

theal.use of Coupe the concept of the “conceptual by human and animal particularly faeces. 15/10/2018