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Body Image and College Students Body image is a significant developmental concern for adolescents and young adults, in light of the physical, psychological, and social transitions occurring during these periods (Jones and Crawford 2005), and associations Sex Roles (2009) 60:198–207 between body satisfaction and positive psychological and social functioning are empirically supported (see Cash and Pruzinksy 2002 for a review).


tableau enzymes 94% 03/j.efsa.2017.5119/pdf 21 décembre 2017 Pullulanase from Pullulanibacillus naganoensis strain AEPL 03/j.efsa.2017.5009/epdf 25 octobre 2017 a β-amylase food enzyme obtained from wheat (Triticum spp.) rnal/pub/4754 Based on the described manufacturing process and the compositional and biochemical data provided, and taking into account the negligible intake, the Panel concluded that thisbamylase food enzyme obtained from wheat by Roquette does not raise safety concern under the intended conditionsof use.