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100% - Operations on Sets

In either case x ∈ (A ∪ B) ∩ (A ∪ C) and we may conclude that A ∪ (B ∩ C) ⊆ (A ∪ B) ∩ (A ∪ C). 13/01/2013

99% - Wind Energy

Considering the fact that a wind turbine can be used during around 25 years, we have been able to conclude that this investment is not really profitable. 27/03/2015

99% - iil presentation

The Commission submitted a request to the Court of Justice for an opinion to determine whether the EU has exclusive competence enabling it to sign and conclude the envisaged agreement by itself. 17/12/2020

97% - Anglais

When you want to conclude: 13/11/2012

87% - Déclaration Anglais

According to the 5th assessment report elaborated by 500 international scientists IPCC and ratified by different countries, there are new evidences of the magnitude of the global warming, leaving no doubt for an emergency to act,the governments of the countries with a historical responsibility and the countries with emissions that exceed bearable rates ,must stop their strategy of running ahead and stop the repeated postponing and the stagnation, conference after conference ,to get out of inaction whose cost is higher and higher and work positively to conclude an agreement at Paris COP21 , to meet the needs and ambitions of our countries and continents. 27/11/2015

81% - 1 s2.0 009121828490137X main

1 s2.0 009121828490137X main The authors conclude that "no indications were found that diagnostic ultrasound used during gestation caused subtle or late-occurring harm to exposed children." 15/04/2015

78% - Psychotic and mystical states of being

For example, Peters and colleagues (1999) and Peters, Joseph, Garety (1999) conclude that delusions can be differentiated from religious beliefs, not by content, but by such factors as the extent to which they are believed, how much they interfere with one's life, and the emotional impact. 08/11/2013

77% - Dissertation AISSOU BARDEY

As a first econometric approach, they conclude that uncovered interest rate parity spread for all maturities are stationary significantly at 5% level. 27/01/2019

76% - 08. Sujet D'Ordre Général

Sujet D'Ordre Général  There is no denying that…  People generaly think that…  It is often said that…  To put in a nuts hell  On the one hand  First (of all)  To sum up  Whereas, while  First and foremost  In short  On the contrary  Firstly, in the first place  In bref  Unlike  To begin with  To cut a long story short  Contrary to  Secondly  In a word  It is the same as  In the second place  All in all  It is similar to  Then next, in the end  Finally, eventually  As for…  Up to a certain point…  For example  As regards…  To a certain extent…  For instance  Now…  To somme degree…  To conclude  Because, because of  To  In conclusion  As, since  In order to  All things considered  For ING  So as to  For all these reasons  Thanks to  For : 22/11/2012

76% - 3

bc ab bc ca So we can conclude that M (b − c)2 N (a − b)(a − c) ≥ 1 (a − b)(a − c)(M 2N ) ≥ 0. 23/04/2013

76% - internship report 2013 2014 0

conclude by explaining the way you will approach your next internship and professional projects ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Visual presentation Coherence with your professional project Coherence of content Professional behaviour Writing skills Relevance of content and explanation Deadlines and procedures Synthesis skills 30/10/2013

76% - A scientific journey through Europe

The study of the impurities in an object allows us to determine its origin and to conclude ancient commercial routes. 13/02/2014

76% - DOSHIN KI 3

Conclude this introduction by a wish I guess legitimate.Given the nature of this ancient discipline and all the excitement it created, it is hoped that one day the art of stick is recognized as an international discipline. 30/08/2017


- utilisez des connecteurs logiques (firstly, then, to conclude… ) - utilisez des répétitions et des questions de rhétorique pour donner du relief à votre discours - portez une attention particulière à votre intonation et à la prononciation des mots 4 FINISH YOUR SPEECH IN A CONVINCING WAY CONCLUEZ VOTRE DISCOURS DE FAÇON CONVAINCANTE ! 07/02/2021

76% - applicationresidency(1)

This step is essential so as to conclude your registration. 30/11/2016

76% - Towards Robotics Leadership An Analysis

We conclude with an analysis of possible benefits and drawbacks when using robots as leaders. 24/04/2018

76% - Lettre de recommandation UoD David Garnier 2015

Based on his project performance I can conclude that David was extremely keen and able to extend his knowledge through his research where his topic, the “Study, design and manufacture of a physical simulator for colonoscopy” showed his tremendous drive and ability for independent work. 10/12/2015

76% - Letter for Saudi King Salmane al Saoud

To conclude, Your Excellency, and very grateful for your attention to our request, we call on the Saudi authorities not to execute Israa al-Ghomgham, her husband and fellow activists, and to release other female activists detained without serious charge : 31/08/2018

75% - stage tech5 letell j

To conclude .................................................................................................................................... 13 Part Two I. 27/08/2012

74% - Workbook for Bac students

Conclude/ Summarize Finally, in brief, in conclusion, in other words, to sum up, to conclude, on the whole, all in all, all things considered…………………..etc Illustrate For example, for instance, in particular,…………etc…………. 16/03/2018

73% - football report

To conclude, football has a major impact on international opinions, and represents not a big risk for governments. 06/05/2014

73% - IlGiornalino N9 26.02.2012

Con una copertina piena di fascino e avventura, si conclude la seconda serie del bel fumetto “La classe perduta” che ci ha accompagnato per un mese e mezzo. 27/02/2012