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assange-026 100%

Counsel conflicted cut.


assange-025 78%

□ Federal Public Conflicted Out □ Public Defender Phone:


Egypt July 2013 FINAL 76%

This survey is a follow-up to the ZRS poll of 5,029 Egyptian adults that had been completed in May, 2013.  What we found in the July poll is that Egyptian attitudes toward both their internal political situation and their relationship with the United States are conflicted and in flux.


3 lines of defence 71%

CCMs by their nature have very varied levels of authority over the PRs they oversee, have mixed capacity for oversight and are often conflicted.


Publication Duault, Ashraf Jamal 2018, The Great All, Fluid Art critic 54%

For in a time which has grown increasingly divisive, conflicted, and stricken by the brute grievances of the powerless, the disenfranchised, the oppressed, and the need to right these secular-material-psychological imbalances in a world grown increasingly oppressive and systemically cruel, that Duault asks us to pause and reflect more deeply on those hidden and very real realms which exist concurrently with our manic secular obsessions.


Marwen Bouassida Counterpunch interventionism 53%

The conflicted responses to Trump’s victory, based on ideological interests and values, register even within families.


Juliette Berguedieu - Final Press Release - Topic 4 44%

For instance, when someone is conflicted between what he thinks and wants to do, he knows and thinks that it’s bad but still chooses to participate to the bribes in order to get what he wants or 1 2 TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL :



These findings conflicted with those of Burke et al.


Facebook 27%

Hofmann W, Vohs KD, Baumeister RF (2012) What people desire, feel conflicted about, and try to resist in everyday life.