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The Pandorica Suite-solo piano 100%

pp L Epic, confrontational 3 82 3 3 Pno.



The voice of every one of these pieces is brusque, authoritative, confrontational, and weary, a portrait of a hard-liver past his prime.


NRW Bands 98%

7DD9 Abelard Abiiismo Absinth3 Absolute Valentine Action Jackson ActRazer Adeyhawke Advection Stride Age of the Machines Airglow Akahandsdown Alexander² Alexino Alpha Boy Alpharisc Aminova Android Automatic Andromeda Dreams Animal Heads Anoraak Anthony X Apollo Zap Arcade High Arcade Summer Arne Ruudson Ash Reynolds Atrey Auto Reverse AWITW Awkward Silence Azure Crime Badlands Baebleton Bart Graft Beatbox Machinery Bellemaison Bestrack Betamaxx Botnit Bourgeoisie BronSon Calling.In.Sick 1 Carpenter Brut Cartridge 1987 Cassette Club Chaconne Cheap Talk Chris Bush City Project Cluster Buster Cobra Copter Coca Boa College Com Truise Commander Rad Compilerbau Confrontational Cops Proxy Cougar Synth Creature Comfort Crockett Crystal Bear Crystal Bear!



Given these dynamics and the fact that the party has softened its stance towards the renegotiation, we view as more likely that the coalition will not go for a cancellation of the programme and a confrontational renegotiation with the European partners – which would be politically difficult for them to accept – but instead reach an agreement based on concessions.


NOCE President address 56%

Decentralisation, as a complex and sometimes confrontational political process, requires the leadership, firm and unflinching commitment of the State in the effective devolution of competence and resources to decentralised territorial units.


syndicalisme en france enjeux 39%

pourrait être l'occasion de formaliser le rôle [1 = generally confrontational;