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Call for Papers Canada 150 Budapest 28 June 100%

Call for Papers Canada 150 Budapest 28 June Call for Papers ’What can Central and Eastern Europe learn from the development of Canada’s constitutional system?’ Budapest, Hungary – 28 June 2017 International Symposium on ’What can Central and Eastern Europe learn from the development of Canada’s constitutional system?’ On the Occasion of Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Law Egyetem tér 1-3.


Introducing Algerias President-for-life 89%

In Tunisia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, president since 1987, pushed for a constitutional amendment removing term limits and has now announced a bid for a fifth term in office.


A- Constitution - Chapter 1 79%

1.4 A Constitutional Board shall be set up to ascertain that laws passed by the Legislature are in conformity with the Constitution.


FPA BINOME -3- 73%

On July 13th, 2010, following the suggestions of the Constitutional Council, Nicolas Sarkozy announce the introduction of a bill allowing the African Veterans to benefit from now of the same pension of retirement, as their French “brothers-in-arms”.2 For the occasion, the 13 formers French colonies are invited to the Elysée.


Bhutanflyer 2014 ENGL(1) 62%

Bhutanflyer 2014 ENGL(1) BHUTAN, LAND OF THE THUNDERDRAGON Bhutan, a fascinating country in the Himalayas, is the last buddhist kingdom with a meanwhile constitutional monarchy.


Version anglaise finale 56%

Not to have assumed any responsibility within the dissolved Constitutional Democratic Rally, and not to have pleaded the ousted president to run for an additional presidential term;


Message-Gouverneur-Août 2017 53%

From the perspective of the creation of the constitutional era Africa, African Leadership has put in place a two-pronged strategy for all districts in Africa.


080416CA Halde GB 52%

trade union, the HALDE stated that the exclusion in question was "contrary to the principle of equality and non-discrimination enshrined in [French] constitutional and [European] Community standards."



Among others, the study identifies the need to strengthen the implementation framework of fiscal rule by possibly giving a constitutional recognition to its operation as well as encouraging the sub-national government to embrace it.


Business risks and the DRC - What happens when Kabila steps down 43%

‘Investigations into the networks surrounding him have brought some hints as to the scope of the president’s wealth’ Shortly before Kabila’s constitutional mandate ran out in December 2016, Bloomberg news agency published an investigative report into the business interests held by Kabila and his immediate family.


Jesse Nash 2017 ScentSeas article 41%

So far, the French have ruled the island since 1768, and life goes on with Corsica enjoying a special constitutional status.


Du moi-ressenti au moi-psychomoteur, une hypothèse à propos des troubles archaïques 41%

Autisme Abstract Archaic disturbances may be seen as the persistence of sensoritonic events that cannot be linked (for early constitutional and/or environmental reasons) to the imaginary meanings of organization that the child’s environment usually provides.