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100% - exemple stegano

Confining such a sample to a microdot might then allow even the medium containing the message to be concealed from an adversary. 28/12/2011

99% - BCIRA Vanadium in cast irons

Tensile strength, N/mm' N/mm' Hardness, Elongation HB 10/30€0 % 236 194 343 245 125 99 192 't26 Nodular graphiteas-cast pearlitic 411 697 235 4 62 697 265 3 Nodular graphiteannealed ferritic 273 423 143 20 318 459 173 t4 t:t a , Sources and addition of vanadium Deliberate additions-Vanadium is available as ferrovanadium containing 50 or 80 per cent vanadium. 23/02/2013

96% - Bed bug detecting canines 1

New paper and harborage were added to the rearing jar containing the adults. 12/09/2015

92% - Tutorial2

24) A U-tube manometer is connected to a closed tank containing air and water as shown below (Fig P2.24). 03/10/2015

92% - CMR

[containing < 10/03/2016

91% - photovideo packages

] and 2 hours during reception or cocktail Photo album size 8”x10” including 62 pictures among 40 pages with different templates 5 Printed retouched pictures 8”x10” 8”x10” Hard cover photo book of 22 pages containing between 29 - 31 photos depending on layout selected SUPERIOR PACKAGE $1,499 USD Photography during wedding ceremony [ 45 min. 07/05/2014

89% - Curcuma The clinical efficacy of curcumin-containing nutraceuticals: 13/02/2019

88% - eu 15 Balduzzi Cybercrmine In The Deep Web wp

       User data, checking HTTP connections to hidden services or non-standard domains Pastebin-like sites, checking for snippets of text containing Deep Web URLs Public forums (reddit etc…), looking for posts containing Deep Web URLs Sites collecting Deep Web domains, such as or; 25/06/2019

87% - Etude histologique PLEXR

The treated skin was removed using a scalpel and a block section containing the subcutaneous layer was effectuated. 25/03/2015

86% - Medical Tag Booklet (1 of 4) [1/29/2003 2:09:04 PM] Printable Emergency Medical Tags Emergency Medical Tag, Book of 20 tags, set containing front and back covers, counter-covers, original and copy tags. 19/08/2010

85% - document

Nowadays, organofluorine chemistry is a research field of prime importance as fluorine-containing molecules are compounds of interest for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and material science. 13/03/2018

84% - ICPP13 Registration Form

3 Days Course - Badge - Meeting bag containing ICPP educational material 3 Lunches 4 Coffee breaks • Catering: 11/10/2016

84% - ICPP13 Registration Form

3 Days Course - Badge - Meeting bag containing ICPP educational material 3 Lunches 4 Coffee breaks • Catering: 12/08/2016

84% - AccordionPanelV3

node, containing all/or some of the states allowed for the skin. 13/04/2011

82% - Curing Concrete

CONCRETE CONTAINING FLY ASH "Use of additional cementitious material such as fly ash has become more prevalent in concrete construction. 31/05/2012

82% - problemF

Each test case starts with a line containing three positive integers N , C, and D. 10/01/2015

81% - controle optogenique par la pensee

An electroencephalography (EEG)-based brain–computer interface (BCI) processing mental state-specific brain waves programs an inductively linked wireless-powered optogenetic implant containing designer cells engineered for near-infrared (NIR) light-adjustable expression of the human glycoprotein SEAP (secreted alkaline phosphatase). 17/11/2014

81% - SEAiq: Transferring Your OpenCPN charts to SEAiq Open

For S-57 charts, look for the ENC_ROOT folder containing a CATALOG.031 file (as well as folders of charts). 26/11/2018

81% - François Féron

To differentiate olfactory stem cells into neuron-like cells, cultivate them for 21 days in Neurobasal medium containing B-27, penicillin, streptomycin, glutamine and glutamate. 20/03/2015


Case Study on Poly(arylene-ethynylene)-alt-poly(arylene-vinylene) Poly(arylene –Based Based Solar Cells ________ 15 MPPT CONTROLLERS FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC APPLICATIONS – CURRENT STATUS AND FUTURE PROSPECT ___________ 16 PROMISES AND CHALLENGES OF PEROVSKITE BASED SOLAR CELLS ____________________________________ ________________________________ 18 CONDOR ELECTRONICS, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY CAPABILITIES ________________________________ 19 WIDE BAND-GAP AP SEMICONDUCTORS FOR SOLAR CELLS APPLICATIONS _________________________________ ________________________________ 21 EXPERIENCE DE CONDOR ELECTRONICS DANS LE DOMAINE DES ENR __________________________________ ________________________________ 22 DAILY GLOBAL SOLAR RADIATION TION FORECASTING MODEL BY SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE IN GHARDAIA, ALGERIA ______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ ______________________ 25 EFFET DU RAYONNEMENT SOLAIRE SUR LA CONVECTION DANS LES BATIMENTS AU SAHARA D’ALGERIE [CAS DE LA VILLE DE BECHAR] _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________ 26 SPACE RADIATION ENVIRONMENT OF ALSAT-2 ALSAT 2 AND ITS DEGRADATION EFFECT ON GAINP/GAAS/GE SOLARCELLS ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ ______________________________ 27 EFFECT OF SHIFTING OF ANTHRACENE UNITS ON THE PHOTOPHYSICAL AND PHOTOVOLTAIC PROPERTIES OF ANTHRACENE-CONTAINING CONTAINING PPE-PPVS PPE ________________________________ __________________________________________________ 28 VALORISATION DU SECHAGE SOLAIRE APPLIQUE A LA VIANDE CAMELINE PAR UNE ETUDE COMPARATIVE ET L'EFFET DES DIFFERENTS DIFFEREN PRETRAITEMENTS _______________________________________ ________________________________ 29 EFFECT OF EMERGING ENCAPSULANT MATERIALS ON PV MODULESPERFORMANCES AND DURABILITY: 14/05/2015


The web directory containing the table of results and PDF download also contains pictures, a cvs spreadsheet download option and a quality assurance report containing expected vs. 13/07/2017

77% - Estimation of the pertinence of information sources in mediated data integration systems

But, in practice, among the identified sources there are many which are not containing any of the desired answers and so, querying these sources will incurs unnecessary cost especially when the number of the useless sources becomes large [2]. 17/11/2009

77% - Stacking the Dell Force10 MXL Switch Networking Whitepaper

One uses all four ports in a daisy-chain stack topology containing only two switch members. 04/06/2015

77% - bentivoglio2005

(1984a) appeared 20 years after the report of Dahlstr6m and Fuxe (1964) of monoamine-containing cell groups in the central nervous system by means of the Falck-Hillarp histofluorescence technique (see Section 1.1). 12/08/2015

77% - Automotive Fule Systems

• Vapour from the tank headspace is forced through a vent connected to a canister containing activated carbon. 05/06/2012