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nature11069 100%

LETTER doi:10.1038/nature11069 Comparing the yields of organic and conventional agriculture Verena Seufert1, Navin Ramankutty1 &


FS12-3147 96%

World Petroleum Resources Project Assessment of Undiscovered Conventional Oil and Gas Resources of North Africa, 2012 Using a geology-based assessment methodology, the U.S.


gornall geometric 92%

As well as the power supply be close to the consumer, in order to minimize losses, Harmful emissions from conventional generating sources, wherever possible, to get rid of a complex network of power transmission, electrical transformers and transmission lines the power supply that provides intensive energy system is able to meet the growing need of energy demand also features the maximum efficiency of the technical performance and high reliability, economic and eco-friendly Clean.


plugin 92%

Raising the fuel efficiency of conventional gasoline vehicles to 40 miles per gallon (mpg) is still the fastest, cheapest way to reduce transportation sector global warming pollution and oil consumption, and it’s possible to reach this goal in 10 years using existing and emerging technologies.


al-ajmi2009 89%

The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at IJSE 36,11 Clients of conventional and Islamic banks in Bahrain How they choose which bank to patronize 1086 Received April 2009 Revised May 2009 Accepted June 2009 Jasim Al-Ajmi, Hameeda Abo Hussain and Nadhem Al-Saleh Department of Economics and Finance, College of Business Administration, University of Bahrain, Manama, Bahrain Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to report a study into:



The Conventional Radiocarbon Age has been corrected for total fractionation effects and where applicable, calibration was performed using 2013 calibration databases (cited on the graph pages).


liver 88%

2 Staining Techniques and Microscopy While conventional histological staining methods have been established for decades, some for more than a century, immunohistochemical techniques are not yet routinely used in forensic diagnostics.


Barré et al. - 2018 - Weed control method drives conservation tillage efficiency on farmland breeding birds 88%

Direct seeding Farmland biodiversity Farming practices Herbicide No-till Ploughing Crops management is known to influence biodiversity, especially conservation tillage (CT, no-till) often found as a positive method compared to conventional tillage (T, inversion of soil) but without controlling for underlying farming practices.


Organic Skin Care Online Australia 85%

 HEALTH-AND-BEAUTY There are several reasons to avoid conventional health and beauty products.


Adaptogenic plants 85%

Accepted 20 June 2005 Abstract The flora of Russian Far East contains approximately 500 medicinal plants that have been used in traditional and conventional medicines.


bielleF1hond 83%

The developed connecting rod is lighter in weight and higher in rigidity than a rod with a conventional I-type section produced by forging, and has contributed to enabling engines to be increased in speed.


Hadrontherapy 82%

In conventional radiation therapy, x-rays beams (high energy photons) are produced by accelerating electrons and then are delivered to the patient to destroy tumour cells.


ch1 80%

After genetically modifying plants using molecular tools, it may be used as a parent in subsequent crosses, using conventional tools, to transfer the desirable genes into adapted and commercially desirable genetic backgrounds.


izuzu 4hk1.PDF 80%

Common Rail System Optimization, High Pressurization Optimization Common Rail System Speed Injection Timing NOx Conventional Pump Particulate Injection Pressure Common Rail System Injection Pressure Injection Rate Control Injection Rate Injection Timing Control Pilot Injection Main injection Crankshaft Angle Injection Quantity Control Conventional Pump Speed Cylinder Injection Volume Correction Speed Injection Pressure Control 㧝 㧟 㧠 㧞 QD0734E d.


Charles Flynn - disputing over unity 79%

However the magnet layout when switched with an energised coil, can typically deliver a tripling of magnetic force over comparable conventional technology, for the same electric input.


GFS4cycle 2015 78%

Usage of conventional and satellite data among the four cycles 4.


InertSustain Phenylhexyl Catalog ITM 77%

Eur.) methods ■ Endlessly reproducible from column-to-column and batch-to-batch InertSustain Phenylhexyl HPLC Columns Different Selectivity to C18 Phases The following selectivity test was used to understand the difference in selectivity between a conventional C18 phase, Phenylhexyl and Phenyl phases.


ARDS 2013. Review Article 74%

Mortality was reduced from 40% in the conventional arm to 31% in the low Vt arm (CI, 2.4-15.3% difference between groups) (1).


Wall Street Journal Japan - VGweb 74%

Most conventional LNG projects link LNG prices to crude oil.


science religion course outline 73%

The conventional view of the relationship between science and religion.


annexe 4 73%

Due to the greater number of pixels used in the 16:9 aspect ratio, the BRC-300 generates extremely high-resolution images as compared to conventional cameras.


PhysRevA.84.023843 73%

So it may seem impossible to obtain a planar reflector with the same reflection property as a conic reflector from the conventional optics point of view.


FS11-3105 72%

Geological Survey (USGS) assessed the potential for undiscovered conventional oil and gas fields within two geologic provinces of North Africa―Sirte Basin in Libya and Pelagian Basin in Tunisia and western Libya―as part of the USGS World Petroleum Resources Project (fig.


Gisements de pétrole et de gaz 72%

Geological Survey (USGS) assessed the potential for undiscovered conventional oil and gas fields within two geologic provinces of North Africa―Sirte Basin in Libya and Pelagian Basin in Tunisia and western Libya―as part of the USGS World Petroleum Resources Project (fig.


paperCFb 71%

CHARACTERISTICS OF BIOMASS FUELS Properties of New Non-Conventional Biomass Fuels Biomass properties vary considerably depending on their biological origin, location, seasonality, farming and harvesting practices, and ultimately their preparation and processing (Figure 1).