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Oral corticosteroids and acute respiratory diseases 100%

Notably, also the adverse effects of corticosteroid treatment can differ depending on dosage, duration of treatment and type of corticosteroid administered — a case in point being growth retardation in long-course treatment.


flexineb 91%

Drugs that have been nebulised using the FlexinebTM (Always consult your Veterinarian for advice regarding diagnosis and treatment) Antibiotics Drug Trade Name Drug Type Drug Format Delivery time for 1ml Dilute with Saline Cefquinome Cobactan® Cephalosporins Cobactan® 4.5% Injectable Solution 1.5 to 3 Minutes No Ceftiofur Sodium Excenel® Cephalosporins Excenel® 4G Injectable Solution 1.5 to 3 Minutes No Gentamicin Gentaject Aminoglycosides Gentaject 10% Injectable Solution 1.5 to 3 Minutes Yes 1:1 Bronchodilators Drug Trade Name Drug Type Drug Format Delivery time for 1ml Dilute with Saline Ipratropium Atrovent® Anticholinergic Agent Atrovent® 250 UDVS Nebuliser solution 0.5 to 1 minute Yes 1:1 0.5 to 1 minute Yes 1:1 0.5 to 1 minute Yes 1:1 Salbutamol (Albuterol) Clenbuterol Ventolin TM Ventipulmin® B2-adrenergic receptor agonist B2-adrenergic receptor agonist Ventolin TM 2.5 Nebuliser Solution Ventipulmin® 30 Injectable Solution Corticosteroids Drug Trade Name Drug Type Drug Format Delivery time for 1ml Dilute with Saline Dexamethasone Dexameth Corticosteroid Dexameth 2mg/ml Injectable Solution 0.75 to 1.5 Minutes Yes 1:1 0.75 to 1.5 Minutes Yes 1:1 1 to 2 Minutes Yes 1:1 Fluticasone Propionate Budesonide TM Corticosteroid Pulmicort® Corticosteroid Flixotide Flixotide TM 2mg/2ml Nebuliser Suspension Pulmicort® 0.5 Nebuliser Solution Mucolytics Drug Trade Name Drug Type Drug Format Delivery time for 1ml Dilute with Saline Acetylcysteine Parvolex® Mucolytic Parvolex® 2g Solution for infusion 1.75 to 3.5 Minutes Yes 1:1 0.9% Saline Solution 0.9% Saline Solution Mucolytic B.Braun NaCl 0.9% 1 Minute or Less No Other Therapies Drug Trade Name Notes Balsamic Air A mixture of essential oils.


nejmoa073059 87%

Risk Factors We recorded the type of delivery, whether the birth was single or multiple, the child’s sex, exposure or nonexposure to antenatal corticosteroid treatment within 7 days before delivery, race or ethnic group assigned by maternal report (black [not Hispanic], white [not Hispanic], Hispanic, or other), and birth weight.


Conversion EM 01 84%

BREO should be used only if your healthcare provider decides that your asthma is not well controlled with a long-term asthma control medicine, such as an inhaled corticosteroid.


Management of acute asthma exacerbations 78%

Different oral corticosteroid regimens for &


Severe allergic asthma 78%

ICS = inhaled corticosteroid; LOA = lateonset asthma;


Allergic-Specific Immunotherapy 68%

In 2 RCTs, researchers evaluated systemic corticosteroid use.


Asthma treatment 65%

Journal of Asthma ISSN:


Rash diagnostics 65%

CE: Swati; COPE-D-17-00006; Total nos of Pages:


Abstracts from CIPP XVI Meeting-Libon june 2017 64%

#A55 − HMGB1 as a Biomarker of Inhaled Corticosteroid Treatment Response in Moderate-Severe Asthmatic Children:


coxit1 60%

Another five weight-bearing joints that remained at the same Larsen grade showed apparent progression of joint damage based on remarkable increases in bony Table 1 Baseline characteristics of the patients (n=42) Demographics Values Age, median (range) (years) Men/women Disease characteristics Disease duration, median (range) (years) CRP (mg/dl) ESR (mm/1st h) MMP-3 (ng/ml) DAS28-CRP Concomitant treatment Concomitant methotrexate, n (%) Methotrexate dose (mg/week) Concomitant corticosteroids, n (%) Corticosteroid dose (mg/day) 58 (42–75) 6/36 9 (0.5–45) 3.5 (2.4–5.4) 81 (58–98) 266 (153–453) 4.9 (4.4–5.6) 39 (93) 8 (6–8) 33 (79) 4 (2–7) Except where indicated otherwise, values are the median (interquartile range) CRP C-reactive protein, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, MMP-3 matrix metalloproteinase-3, DAS28 Disease Activity Score 28–joint assessment Fig.


Chinese guidelines for childhood asthma 2016 57%

Once these factors have been excluded, a diagnosis of difficult-to-treat asthma should be made if, after 3–6 months’ treatment with moderate to high-dose inhaled corticosteroid/longacting β 2 agonist (ICS/LABA) combined with ࣙ2 other controllers, asthma remains inadequately controlled (5,14).


260916-10h15-12h15-Bioch-Brousseau-81-82 (1) 50%

• 70 à 80% sous forme liée à la CBG (Corticosteroid binding globuline, ou transcortine) d’origine hépatique.


tildren axial 50%

2 years old, had been treated by systematic administration of an NSAID during the 15 days preceding the initial examination or by administration of a corticosteroid during the 30 days preceding the initial examination, had been treated by local administration (perispinous injection, deep paravertebral injection, or mesotherapy) of an NSAID or corticosteroid, or had evidence of lameness (grade 2/5 or higher).


1016 FLYER ABSTRACT 30062016 ONLINE 49%

Bone and cartilage markers in rheumatology and corticosteroid induced osteoporosis Prof.


smt et sciatique-1 44%

Conservative care may include oral medication, corticosteroid and anesthetic infiltrations (nerve root injections [NRIs]), bed rest, exercise therapy, flexion/distraction therapy, and spinal manipulative therapy (SMT).


MicrowaveCongruenceSchiz 42%



Résumé Physiopathologie de la haute altitude 42%

corticosteroid. 3. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema :


16.09.2016 14h-16h Pr Luc 67 & 58 (1) 42%

oxydation et conversion en glucuronides et sulfates pour les rendre hydrosolubles → biles et urines ●la progestérone - 80% à l'albumine - 18% à la corticosteroid-binding globulin - transformation en pregnanediol conjugué à l'acide glucuronique → urine.


An Uncommon Cause of 40%

Trabelsi et al., Analg Resusc: