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vocabulary 2 100%

VERB to manage To taste to own To counterfeit To imitate to profit To sell To corrupt To abuse To finance To economize To sponsor To fake To control To stabilize To Regulate To audit To pay To embezzle To advertise To publicise To save To consume To harm To discover To invent To commercialize To complain To expire To refund To orbit To rotate to lengthen To widen To deepen To heighten To brighten To explore To export To collide To legalize To forge To deceive To feel To anger To disappoint NOUN ADJECTIVE management/manager taste Owner/ Owning / Ownership Counterfeit /counterfeiter/ counterfeiting Imitation/imitator Profit/ profitability Seller / selling/ Sale Corruption Abuse/abuser Finance /financier Economy/ economist Sponsor fake Controlling/ control/ controller Stability Regulation/regulator Auditor / auditing Pay / Payer/ payment /paying Embezzler / embezzlement / embezzling Advert /advertising / advertisement/advertiser Publicity/ publicist Safety Consumer / consumption Harm Discovery / discoverer Invention/ inventor commercialisation manageable Tasty/ tasteful /tasteless Owned Counterfeit Complaint/complainer Expiry Refund / refunding Orbit / Orbiter Rotation /rotator Length Width Depth Height Brightness Exploration/ explorer Export /exporter / exportation Collision Legality Forge /forger / forging / /forgery Deceiver/ deception feeling anger disappointment Complaining expired Refundable Orbital / orbiting Rotating/ rotational Long Wide deep high bright Explored / exploratory exported collided legal Forged /Forgeable Imitated/ imitative Profitable Sold Corrupt/corruptible abused financial Economic/economical sponsored fake Controlled / controllable Stable Regulated Auditable Payable /paid Embezzled Advertised publicised Safe Consumable Harmful /harmless Discoverable/ discovered Invented Commercialized /commercial Deceivable/ deceived / deceiving felt angry disappointed References :


BAC 2014 SCIENCE 97%

counterfeit / cheap products / lower quality / harmful / not lasting • Objectives:


BAC 2014 SCIENCE 97%

counterfeit / cheap products / lower quality / harmful / not lasting • Objectives:


EIPIN Team10 Report-final 74%

Here looking at articles of the New Regulation and Directive in detail, first of all, an improved mean to argue against counterfeit goods would be possible.


ECTA interview 73%

"Counterfeit goods are on my lise of challenges - participant and spectator lives should nor be pue ac risk by counterfeited products.


33151 DP Contrefacon 69%

3 Report on UE customs enforcement of intellectual propecty rights 2011 4 Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) 5 Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) 6 Interpol - Opération "Pangea V"


140113 presskit europa fr 69%

4 1 Le Counterfeit Deterrence System (CDS, système de dissuasion de la contrefaçon) empêche les ordinateurs personnels et les logiciels d’imagerie numérique de saisir ou de reproduire les images de billets protégés.


FCS 2490 2013 EUROPE CATALOGUE-LoRes 68%

not counterfeit; ... not counterfeit; genuine;


Les-timbres-poste-prohibés-Paris-2014(5) 67%

a) Faux timbre-poste (forgery) b) Timbre-poste falsifié (fake) c) Timbre-poste contrefait (contrefaçon) (counterfeit) d) Fac-similés (similitudes) e) Reproductions digitales f) Timbre de fantaisie (fantasy stamp - Cinderella) g) Les émissions prohibées (prohibited issues) - Les émissions abusives (abusive issues) - Les émissions illégales (illegal issues) a) Faux timbres-poste - Forgeries  Timbres produits pour frauder les collectionneurs.


Malevolences Infinite Youtube Views Method 63%

My video got banned in my country and I got a email saying Youtube will take legal actions against me for having counterfeit views.


Exe. Sum. EN 62%

His experience on several humanitarian missions has awaken him to the problems of counterfeit medicines.


Report about Hatred 58%

This type of person is a coward and uses justification and counterfeit reasons to explain and substantiate his hatred.


High Quality Wristbands 58%

marketing of integrated event solutions that support security, anti-counterfeit, medical, recreational, and special event wristbands.


Voyager+avec+des+médicaments 57%

Il connaîtra la procédure à suivre N°20 Bon séjour, et n’oubliez pas d’inscrire votre voyage sur le site Ariane du ministère des Affaires étrangères Campagne financée par l’IRACM et l’INPI INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH AGAINST COUNTERFEIT MEDICINES Globe-trotters, touristes ou voyageurs d’affaires, retrouvez ici les conseils pratiques et les précautions à prendre en prévision de votre séjour, durant les formalités d’embarquement et pendant le vol, une fois à destination et, enfin, si vous êtes contraints d’acheter des médicaments sur place.


order history 55%

Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be lost, stolen or counterfeit, and if so are void.


MPAA.Lists.Notorious.Pirate.Sites.To.U.S. 53%

2 The below discussed online markets were identified based on USTR’s request for information on markets “where counterfeit and pirated products are prevalent to such a degree that the market exemplifies the problem of marketplaces that deal in infringing goods and help sustain global piracy and counterfeiting.” This is not intended to be a comprehensive list but, rather, reflects an attempt to identify sites that are demonstrative of the nature and scope of the problem, consistent with the USTR’s stated objective.


Anarchist cookbook (version 2000) 53%

It is about a counterfeiter, and the producer does a pretty good job of showing how to counterfeit.


Practical-Action-bulletin-FR-déc-2014-final 52%

Counterfeit Products Make the Poor Poorer Simple tools and mobile phones could help to combat trade in fake agro chemicals in Bangladesh Tous nos blogs Perspectives énergétiques des populations pauvres – édition 2014 L’édition 2014 de Perspectives énergétiques des populations pauvres (PEPP 2014) revient sur trois années d'analyses et d'approches innovantes pour définir l’accès à l’énergie et adresser la problématique de la pauvreté énergétique.


Safety Medicines-pr 50%

a Practical Tool to Fight at an International Level the Falsification of Medicines and Similar Crimes 28 Prioritising Patient Safety in the Fight Against Counterfeit Medicines:



MIRDAD REVEALS THE SECRET OF HIS DISAPPEARANCE ON THE EVE OF THE DAY OF THE VINE AND SPEAKS ON COUNTERFEIT AUTHORITY ..........................................95 CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT ....................................................................................................98 PRICE OF BETHAR APPEARS WITH SHAMADAM AT THE AERIE.


Contest game Contest Facebook Cartam Rules ENG 45%

All entries made through the use of incorrect, falsified information or via counterfeit or falsified forms will automatically forfeit any right to obtain any winning prize.


فقرات متوقعة في اللغة الانجليزية 38%

Some countries are notorious for their practice of counterfeit objects.


English 6 Faith during the mark of the beast last version 36%

Satan’s counterfeit “mark” in man is the “666” (ååå) invisible bar code (or microchip) in the hand or forehead and the visible UPC “666"


document 31%

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