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100% - Exchange rate regimes in the MENA countries

Exchange rate regimes in the MENA countries Int Econ Econ Policy (2011) 8:275–305 DOI 10.1007/s10368-010-0169-5 O R I G I N A L PA P E R The choice of exchange rate regimes in the MENA countries: 28/03/2014

99% - NL740444

The positive aspects of tilese initiatives have been assessed at their true worth by the non-aligned countries, which have at all times striven to substitute the benefits of peaceful coexistence and of international co-operation for the dangers of confrontation. 12/03/2017

98% - Master's Thesis Alison Ludwig Guillaume Gobin


98% - 5 chapitre4

Established in 1963 as a Bank for Africans, by Africans, the AfDB’s mission is to help reduce poverty, improve living conditions and mobilize resources for the economic and social development of the continent’s 53 countries. 13/05/2013

97% - V4 WB Joint Statement final

The V4 countries demonstrated their strong and continuous support for maintaining the momentum of the enlargement process. 31/10/2013

97% - 37.6 Records Management in Developing Countries Challenges and Threats

37.6 Records Management in Developing Countries Challenges and Threats ACARM Newsletter, Issue 37, Winter 2005 Records Management in Developing Countries: 18/03/2011

97% - The technological resources of the state. International technological links

trade for scientific and technical knowledge in the personal contacts of scholars and specialists, technology publications, international exhibitions and fairs, advertising, noncommercial transmission technical knowledge to developing countries, flows of non-commercial technologies in the structures of private companies. 03/04/2012

97% - how islamic are islamic countries (2)

how islamic are islamic countries (2) Global Economy Journal Volume 10, Issue 2 2010 Article 2 How Islamic are Islamic Countries? 17/08/2018

97% - Neo Colonialism in Africa

There is merely a new form of colonialism, by the same western countries, masked under the pretext of economic support for Africa, directly enforced or institutionalized in the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). 14/10/2013

96% - GF tier pricing letter Final

GF tier pricing letter Final Draft - April 30, 2014 Dear Mark Dybul, We, the undersigned organizations and activists from the global South and North, are writing to urge the Global Fund to abandon its attempt to launch a “blue-ribbon Task Force” that will focus primarily on developing a global multi-tiered pricing framework for middle-income countries (MICs), which we believe would permanently undermine access to more affordable medicines, vaccines and diagnostics for low- and middleincome countries. 07/05/2014

96% - EIU Democracy Index 2015

In non-democratic countries, authoritarian political elites fear the threat from the masses and seek to bolster their rule by imprisoning opponents, restricting the media, limiting popular freedoms and repressing protest. 22/02/2016

96% - Scientific Article JOFHS


96% - Global Terrorism Index 2017

KEY FINDINGS 2 ABOUT THE GLOBAL TERRORISM INDEX 6 RESULTS9 Global Terrorism Index map 2 12 Terrorism in 2016 14 Ten countries most impacted by terrorism 21 TRENDS  The conflict-terrorism nexus 3 4 6 7 33 34 The distribution of terrorism 41 Regional trends 42 TERRORISM IN OECD MEMBER COUNTRIES  51 Trends since 2014 54 Understanding the change 56 The impact of ISIL 58 CHARACTERISTICS OF TERRORISTS The drivers of terrorist recruitment 5 10 Terrorist incidents map 61 65 Foreign fighters 67 Lone actor terrorism 69 TERRORIST GROUPS 71 The four deadliest terrorist groups 72 How terrorist groups end 77 ECONOMICS OF TERRORISM  79 The cost of terrorism 80 Financing terror 83 EXPERT CONTRIBUTIONS 87 — Dr Christina Schori Liang, Geneva Centre for Security Policy Leaderless jihad in a leaderless world: 13/02/2018

95% - Juliette Berguedieu Final Press Release Topic 4

Regarding developing countries we can often add one component to the business environment that is corruption. 02/10/2017

95% - cut throught economies versus scandanavia

Abstract In an interdependent world, could all countries adopt the same egalitarianism reward structures and institutions? 01/11/2012

95% - Gaechter Schulz NottinghamEprints

Here, we present cross-societal experiments from 23 countries around the world, which demonstrate a robust link between the prevalence of rule violations and intrinsic honesty. 18/01/2019


OR THE FOUNDATION OF NEW GEOPOLITICAL LINKS WITH A SOCIETAL VOCATION All the countries located in the colored zones (following pages) work jointly for their societal development. 16/02/2021

94% - THE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV New international relations and societal diplomacy plan

OR THE FOUNDATION OF NEW GEOPOLITICAL LINKS WITH A SOCIETAL VOCATION All the countries located in the colored zones (following pages) work jointly for their societal development. 06/02/2021

94% - 2 chapitre1

yet the countries need to increase their engagement in global markets to promote growth and development. 13/05/2013

94% - LLDCs Fact Sheet 2017 REVISEDS

LANDLOCKED DEVELOPING COUNTRIES (LLDCs) A lack of territorial access to the sea, List of LLDCs (as of 23 February 2017) remoteness and isolation from world markets, additional border crossings, cumbersome transit procedures, inefficient logistics systems, weak institutions and poor infrastructure cause the 1 Afghanistan 2 Armenia 3 Azerbaijan 4 LLDCs to incur substantially higher transport and other trade transaction costs when compared to Bhutan 5 Botswana
 6 Burkina Faso 13 Lao People’s Democratic Republic Malawi 16 Mali 17 Mongolia 28 Turkmenistan 18 Nepal 29 Uganda Central African Republic 9 Chad 10 Ethiopia 11 Kazakhstan 22 Republic of Moldova 12 Kyrgyzstan 23 Rwanda 19 Niger 30 Uzbekistan 20 Paraguay 31 21 Plurinational State of Bolivia Zambia 32 Zimbabwe Asia (10) Europe (4) 16 5 • • 4 29 Africa (16) 7 15 32 25 14 15.9 million km2 DID YOU KNOW? 04/06/2017

94% - 3 chapitre2

In the past domestic policy makers in developing countries have sometimes focused excessively on national food security with strategies such as strategic grain reserves but have failed to achieve individual food security in their countries. 13/05/2013

94% - poverty

Absolute poverty means about the same everywhere, and can be eradicated as demonstrated by some countries. 07/04/2015

94% - Sustainable Hospitality Development in a Globalized World

Global warming and the rapid growth of service sectors for the “new middle class” in emerging countries have redefined travel. 23/03/2015