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100% - Horse Insurance

We specialize in finding quality, comprehensive coverage for your prized equines, as well as other valuable livestock. 17/11/2015

98% - T CP ZE6 A110 D tableau de bord

Camry Hybrid Certain 2004-2010 MY Sienna Certain 2004-2008 MY Solara Extension of Warranty Coverage for cracked and/or sticky/melting Dashboards (Instrument Panels) as a result of heat or humidity In our continuing efforts to ensure the best in customer satisfaction, Toyota is announcing a Warranty Enhancement Program (the “Program”). 29/10/2016

97% - Reseau IFA circular casi isotrope

Reseau IFA circular casi isotrope MINIATURE ANTENNA FOR CIRCULARLY POLARIZED QUASI ISOTROPIC COVERAGE Mathieu Huchard*, Christophe Delaveaud *, Smail Tedjini† * CEA-LETI MINATEC, 17 Avenue des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble, France. 23/04/2014

97% - Vip Health Network Review

Obtaining 100% Coverage If you're on the University student VIP Health Program, you can reap the benefits of 100% coverage on paramedical practitioners for the network*. 23/12/2014

97% - Public sector 2022 23

To be exempted from coverage, eligible employees must prove that they and their dependents are insured under another group insurance plan with a similar drug coverage. 29/03/2022

94% - Joint audit cost recovery concept paper

Cost Recovery and Audit Coverage Concept Paper August 2016 UN RIAS Cost Recovery Working Group I. 03/09/2016

92% - Projet Fibre To The Street Swisscom

ADSL 3 Global frontrunner Already 90% coverage with digital TV and high-speed Internet. 27/05/2013

92% - WRO 04 2011

2 Element 20m-6m Yagi 2 element Yagi, 20m-6m continuous coverage; 19/03/2011

92% - Peer Review Fraud Hacking the Scientific Publication

Health Care Reform’s Unfinished Work — Remaining Barriers to Coverage and Access Benjamin D. 28/12/2015

90% - The perils and possibilities of the private health sector

The perils and possibilities of the private health sector Comment The perils and possibilities of the private health sector health coverage firmly in mind, ensuring that whatever mix of public and private health provision exists in a particular setting meets that goal. 06/07/2016

90% - WRO 05 2011

2 Element 20m-6m Yagi 2 element Yagi, 20m-6m continuous coverage; 20/04/2011

89% - ch1

fe f ∈F f ∈F Coverage of the Wald confidence interval Brown et al (2001) showed the erratic behavior of the coverage probability qof the standard Wald confidence interval pbn ± zα/2 p bn (1−b pn ) n - the coverage depends on n AND p. 08/05/2012

89% - Dépliant Sanitaire COP22 Ang 2V

112 Dépliant Sanitaire COP22_Ang 2V.indd 1 27/10/16 16:24 Health coverage of the COP 22 ... 04/11/2016

89% - Warranty 680

Exclusions Spas installed in commercial applications are excluded from any coverage whatsoever. 26/05/2010

89% - The Inequality of Sport

Coverage of women's sports lags far behind men's and focuses on female athletes' femininity and sexuality over their achievements on the court and field. 20/12/2015

88% - 1Trivago

• Dusseldorf, Germany • Goals • Establish trivago as a global brand for hotel search • Expand long-tail search coverage in all markets at scale • Drive traffic at a profitable cost-peracquisition (CPA) Keyword coverage with relevant ads at scale In 2015, trivago decided to investigate whether its original campaign setup had overlooked potentially valuable long-tail search queries. 18/11/2016

88% - De icing DH[1] Copy

1.8, 2.4, 3.0, 3.3, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4.2, 4.5 and 5.0 Meter DESCRIPTION The Viking SATCOM De-icing system consists of a factory pre-wired control unit, heater pads for reflector coverage, and a feedhorn heater. 26/03/2014

88% - Watch Insurance

We always offer you the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price. 25/04/2018

87% - 10.1080@21645515.2017.1367463

Whereas in the US the vaccine strategies are more standardized across states and vaccine coverage are higher than those reported in EU on average. 23/09/2017

87% - Gécamines comments on recent media coverage 181013

Gécamines comments on recent media coverage 181013 Gécamines Sarl comments on recent media coverage regarding its minority shares in KCC Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 18/10/2013 - Following recent media coverage regarding Gécamines Sarl and KCC, Gécamines makes the following comments. 18/10/2013

86% - 2019 2022 roadmap en

CR 20 and CC 2022 Country reports on research-based determinants behind high and low vaccination coverage E-learning platform to share country reports, provide a database on structured country reports Series of webinars about specific cases, projects and initiatives dealing with vaccine hesitancy and uptakerelated issues, involving broad range of stakeholders ROADMAP ON VACCINATION Last update: 26/12/2021

86% - 2. P&G Stage Communication France

communications programs towards health professionals (pediatricians, dermatologists,…) • Develop and deliver superior messages, stories that drive media coverage • Achieve superior quantitative / qualitative media coverage on the respective brands • Deliver excellent execution of events / tools that are the base for coverage • Build relationships and manage direct contacts with influencers, journalists, bloggers on brand specific topic • Effectively collaborate with Public Relations, Social or Professional Marketing agencies to ensure they deliver innovative ideas and timely, accurate, strategic plans, within budget. 20/09/2013

85% - Convention de stage FR AN

€ Par heure / jour / mois (rayer les mentions inutiles) Article 6 - Social Welfare Coverage Framework For the duration of his internship, the intern shall remain covered under his previous former social welfare protection framework. 30/08/2016

85% - Eurolink Securities AlphaMena Press release

Eurolink strengthens its commercial positions in North America markets as it can rely on a team of 10 analysts with an unparalleled MENA coverage of more than 108 large stocks. 27/01/2014

85% - ccoiv

Top Senior Management Expectations for Corporate Communications This Year Improve corporate reputation 65% Increase positive media coverage 60% Increase support of brand reputation/marketing 56% Expand social media capabilities 55% Improve stakeholder relationships Reduce costs 46% 45% 1 • The ability to manage the events that can harm reputation has quickly risen as a critical experience for tomorrow’s successful CCOs, considered nearly twice as important in 2012 as it was in 2007 (65% vs. 30/01/2014