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98% - colour 2

They were only-out-ofhome ice creams. 09/02/2014

98% - glaces

glaces Stigmata 7,50€ Pomme-cassis, myrtille, fruits : 11/01/2010

96% - Marketing Research Quali Luce

We have to buy good moisturizing creams in specialised shops, which are expensive. 16/06/2017

96% - Cream Legbar

Cream Legbar Anglais : Cream Legbar chicken Allemand : 09/06/2021

96% - menu

menu Les Tartes Flambées Flamenkuche Tradition................................................. 18/10/2016

95% - Focus group analisis

1.3 Main criteria Nourishing light cream, don’t’ like stickiness need much hydration Yes, found my perfect cream and good diversification Price Good brand and good results Adapted to atopic skin, no glycerin Satisfied, but haven’t find the cream that will hydrate my body all day long More bio creams Yes, found my perfect crem Yes, lot of choices The containing capacity No opinion Cattier Mixa Topicrème for atopic skin Garnier of Lipikar Nourishing with Shea buter but light Cattier parents buy it, good for al skin types extremely dry and sensitive skin Topicrème Good price/quality ratio Garnier Cattier,Nivea, Garnier, Dove Ultra doux, Le petit Marseillais, Mixa Garnier, Somatoline, Lipikar, BB creams Yes Yes Mixa bébé, Bioderma, Dexeryl, Vichy, HT27, Chlorane, Garnier Yes No No No No Mostly cattier, Nivea sometimes Sheep. 16/06/2017

95% - Placebo Analgesia persists

This difference in pain level between the low and high stimulations has been shown to elicit strong placebo effects.24 Placebo Manipulation Two creams were used in the study: 17/08/2015

94% - Marketing Research Quali Saumya

 Good brand and a good result of the product - Are you satisfied with the existing body creams on the market? 16/06/2017

93% - terrasse carte

terrasse carte DESSERTS Desserts Soufflé au chocolat & 19/10/2015

93% - Planning tournoi Belfort 2014

Planning tournoi Belfort 2014 Tournoi à 8 équipes : 10/06/2014