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EGU2017-6229 100%

Geological constraints from the inverted Cretaceous basin of the North-Pyrenean Zone (‘Chaînons Béarnais’, Western Pyrenees) Benjamin Corre (1), Yves Lagabrielle (1), Pierre Labaume (2), Abdeltif Lahfid (3), Philippe Boulvais (1), Geraldine Bergamini (1), Serge Fourcade (1), and Camille Clerc (4) (1) Géosciences Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France (, (2) Géosciences Montpellier, Université de Montpellier 2, Montpellier, France (, (3) Bureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière, Orléans, France (, (4) Laboratoire Insulaire du Vivant et de l’Environnement, University of New Caledonia, Nouméa, France ( Sub-continental lithospheric mantle rocks are exhumed at the foot of magma-poor distal passive margins as a response to extreme stretching of the continental crust during plate separation.


3. Atmosphère et Hydrosphère 95%

Dark colours indicate subducting crust and lithosphere, hot colours indicate upwelling mantle which drives volcanic activity at the surface.


CARTE DU MIDI & SOIR (2)(1)(2) 85%

SOIR (2)(1)(2) LA CARTE DU MIDI ET SON MARCHE DU JOUR ******** LES ENTREES Brick de chèvre au miel et noisettes - 8.00 € Goat cheese pastry brick with honey and hazelnuts - 8.00 € Gaspacho de tomates au basilic frais – 6.50 € (Tomato) Gaspacho with fresh basil – 6.50 € Mille feuilles de légumes marinés et sa ricotta – 8.50 € Marinated vegetable pastry entrée with its ricotta cheese – 8.50 € Salade de gambas, avocat et agrumes – 9.00 € King prawns, avocado and citrus salad – 9.00 € ************ LES PLATS Bœuf bourguignon purée truffée – 19.00 € Bœuf bourguignon with truffled potato purée – 19.00 € Risotto de la mer – 17.00 € Seafood risotto – 17.00 € Filet de bar en croûte d agrumes et petits légumes – 19.00 € Sea bass fillet in a citrus crust with sauteed vegetables – 19.00 € Tartare de canard aux noisettes et condiments, frites maison et salade – 16.00 € Duck Tartare with hazelnuts and spicy sauces, with French fries and salad – 16.00 € ************ Supplément garniture – 3.00 € Frites ou Salade ou Purée Vegetable or main course accompaniment Supplement – 3.00 € French fries or Salad or Mashed potatoes ************ PRIXNET



VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL MENU BON MANJE CATERING Appetizers OYSTERS SANDWICHES Deep-fried oysters sandwiches with Iceberg lettuce on Brioche rolls and homemade spicy Remoulade sauce RICOTTA CHEESE Grilled bread, cracked black pepper, sea salt, olive oil and oregano DYNAMITE SHRIMP Tempura shrimp with a spicy pepper sauce served with cabbage and cashew nuts SALMON AND FOIE GRAS CROSTINI Toasted baguette served with warm Foie gras topped with raw Salmon Entrees SCALLOPS RISOTTO Sautéed scallops with wild mushrooms risotto topped with grilled asparagus served with a delicious butter sauce STEAK POTATOES Steak accompanied with sautéed potatoes served with a French style demi glace topped with Brussels sprouts BACON WRAPPED PORK TENDERLOIN Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with wild rice served with pepper jelly butter and green beans GRILLED GROUPER Grilled grouper with brown butter sauce, capers and lemon served with mashed potatoes topped with fried parsley SPICY LOBSTER PASTA Spicy lobster pasta served with cherry tomatoes and basil topped with fresh parmesan Desserts WHITE CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING Cinnamon bread pudding served with white chocolate sauce with a side of French vanilla ice cream TIRAMISU Traditional tiramisu with homemade ladyfingers soaked in dark rum and espresso, layered with sweetened mascarpone cheese and topped with cacao RED VELVET CAKE Homemade red velvet cake KEY LIME PIE Key lime pie, with homemade graham cracker crust, mint, a slice of lime and


User Guide Zab-s sol Bronze 73%

Insist without adding water (consistency of a short crust pastry at the beginning).


User Guide Zab-s Rojo Bronze 73%

Insist without adding water (consistency of a short crust pastry at the beginning).


User Guide Zab-s Luna Bronze 16 11 2015 73%

Insist without adding water (consistency of a short crust pastry at the beginning).


Aliworld 2015 001-p86 73%

For a crisp outer crust, something French bread is famous for throughout the world, steam is essential.


Total Dac Audio Art Final 64%

Totaldac  Reference-­‐D1  DUAL The  Colorful  and  vibrant  Macaron The audio quality of the Reference-D1 DUAL resembles the colorfully vibrant Macaron, its performances on any kind of music passed with flying color, natural, honest, musical and excellent fidelity, just like the satisfaction from crispy crust and fulfilling inner meringue of macaron melting in your mouth!