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Golden Tower Bloc B Bureaux 3-4 Proposed training programs Centre Urbain Nord 1053 Tunis Training Module 1 General training on card payment 2 Introduction to complete Card Payment 2019-2020 Duration one day Participant Fees 350,00 USD three days 650,00 USD 3 introduction and concepts of EMV two days 650,00 USD 4 Training on the EMV smart card two days 800,00 USD 5 Technical modules of the card specifications VISA and MasterCard one day 600,00 USD 6 Training on Cryptography one day 350,00 USD 7 development of banking cryptography/expert one day 700,00 USD 8 -Introduction to contactless/initiation one day 350,00 USD 9 -contactless technique PayPass/expert one day 700,00 USD 10 Ticketing with contactless one day 500,00 USD 11 Training PCI-DSS one day 350,00 USD 12 PCI-DSS:


2014LIMO0061 92%

Cryptographie, codes correcteurs d’erreurs, cryptosystème de McEliece, q-polynômes, matrice de multiplication à droite, métrique rang, matrice doublement circulante 4 Abstract Weakly Structured Error Correcting Codes in Rank Metric and their Application to Cryptography The most commonly used encryption techniques in cryptography are based on problems in number theory.


b-algorithm-agility 87%

5 ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) .


TRAINING PROGRAM 2019-2020 86%

6 7 8 9 10 Training on Cryptography development of banking cryptography/expert -Introduction to contactless/initiation -contactless technique PayPass/expert Ticketing with contactless one day one day one day one day one day · · · · · Secret key cryptographic schemes Public key cryptographic schemes Key management Application to the field of magnetic tracks Security evolutions with the EMV card · · · · · Secret key cryptographic schemes (more detailed) Public key cryptographic schemes (more detailed) Fraud and attacks Key life cycle (more detailed) Role and implementation of black boxes (more detailed) · · · · Contactless card concepts Contactless marketing opportunities MasterCard Paypass Visa PayWave · · · · Technical aspects of contactless magstripe Exchanges between the card and the reader MasterCard Paypass Visa PayWave · · · · · · · Introduction Presentation of the existing The architecture of a ticketing solution The players in the ticketing Which titles and distribution channels?


Private Banker International January Edition 2018n 76%

“With the cryptography [behind blockchain], banking operations will run much smoother and eiciently.


CV VUYLSTEKER leo en 73%

• Developed skills in statistics, cryptography and coding in Python.


Bitcoin 73%

The integrity and the chronological order of the block chain are enforced with cryptography.


Bitcoin 73%

The integrity and the chronological order of the block chain are enforced with cryptography.



Pentaho, Orange Merise, UML Pascal, lisp, C, C++, C#, Java Android XHTML, CSS, PHP5, XML, XSL, JavaScript OSI model, TCP / IP Addressing, Network Security, Cryptography Relational, Object Relational, Administration, Distributed, SQL, PL / SQL, Oracle 10g, MYSQL, SQL SERVER 2005, POSTGRESQL Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual studio 2008, Flex Builder CS3 MVC2 Interests:


Curriculum-Vitae 71%

EXPERTISE Programming Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Matlab, Octave, Go, C#, Python, Assembly Web Node.js, JEE, jQuery, HTML, CSS Data/Databases SQL, MongoDB Project Management SCRUM, XP Other Cryptography, Penetration Testing, Android Development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Testing, Software Debugging CERTIFICATES        Certified by the Institut Mines-Télécoms:


B-MAT-050 102cipher 69%

Subject Cryptography is a very old science, whose goal is to secure communication, so that only its recipient could read it.


La cryptologie moderne 58%

Mais l'avanc ee majeure en cryptographie a incontestablement et e la publication, en 1976, de l'article \New directions in cryptography"


Tunx de Final Uninstaller, 201012 1616 55%

Setup Version = '5.3.9 (a)' HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Final Uninstaller_is1 InstallLocation = 'C:\Program Files\FinalUninstaller' HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\RNG Seed .../.wn..F........M..6E......S)?..`T.G^..S..E..+....h.....\N.w~y.w.[.^...`...L..


PhysRevA.84.022110 49%

The property of commuting those processes could be used as a new strategy for performing secure quantum cryptography.


exemple stegano 46%

It should also be possible to use smaller microdots, which could be used for a variety of purposes, including cryptography and specific tagging of items of interest.


Config PC 43%

Advanced Cryptography Engine (ACE) Non géré Prévention de l'exécution des données (DEP, NX, EDB)Géré Hardware Random Number Generator (RNG) Non géré Montgomery Multiplier &


scimakelatex.12932.maurice+pelard 40%

The effect of cooperative configurations on cryptography.


CV-resume-elhajji 20-12-2013 38%

―Cryptography in the UMTS Network Access Security‖, Proceeding of the eNGN International Conference on Next Generation Networks &


Bitcoin - A revolution 36%

Bitcoin's fantastic breakthrough sits on top of decades of research and progress in cryptography, distributed systems, opensource development and computing technology among others.


We Are Anonymous - Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec 32%

Hoglund was already running a digital security company called HBGary Inc., and, knowing Barr’s military background and expertise in cryptography, he wanted him to start a sister company that would specialize in selling services to the United States government.


PhysRevA.84.022102 27%

It is also relevant to understanding so-called “quantum nonlocality” as a physical resource in tasks such as quantum computation and secure quantum cryptography.