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100% - FAO Dairy Dvt in Kenya 2011


92% - Cv Hicham Le Grand English

Carreer progression in the dairy industry EDUCATION 2012-2014 Vocational degree in agriculture and farm management 2010-2012 BTS ACSE Higher National Diploma inDiploma agricultural and farm BTS, ACSE, Higher National in technics a management at the Centre de Formation d’Armor of Pommerit-Jaudy, date of graduation: 19/12/2016

90% - CV Hicham

equivalent of A level with special emphasis on agricultural subjects and on biology WORK EXPERIENCE 2015 to 2016 Work in uncle’s farm of dairy cow and cultures ( 150 cows and 200 hectares ). 04/06/2016

87% - Beverage Nutrition Facts

Non Dairy Creamer [Glucose Syrup Solids, Vegetable Fat (Palm Oil Source), Sodium Caseinate (a milk derivative), Dipotassium Phosphate, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Mono and Diglycerides, Riboflavin and Sodium Aluminum Silicate], Flavoring, Sugar, Malt Extract, Skim Milk Powder, Cocoa, Organic Ganoderma Extract Ingredients: 04/07/2012

85% - Badiy Chaaba Animal Production Engineer

AT4) Cooperative Agricole Tunisia Since March 2012 * Conduct of cows, calves and heifers * Monitoring of herds (computer methods) * Extension Agicole * Conduct forage Cattle Inseminator Circuit Insemination Artifcielle Fahs Tunisia From January Till March 2012 Refresher course of the act of Bovine Artificial Insemination Zootechnician Engineer / Director SMVDA Fahs From July 2011 Till March 2012 * Bovine Herd Management (Production of Milk, Engraiseement calves and Breeding génissses) * Formulation of blended foods (dairy cow and fattening) * Monitoring of livestock (Base Data "SGBD") * Conduct health (prophylaxis) * Hygiene Nutritionist Dairy Cows Tunisia ISACM Tunisia From February Till June 2011 End of Studies Project: 31/07/2013

83% - Conjoncture 220914 Vl

évolution des exportations sur base volume CNIEL / USDA, Dairy Australia, Commission, Alimentos argentinos, ZMB 3 La production laitière est particulièrement dynamique depuis un an en Europe et en Nouvelle-Zélande 6,2 millions de tonnes en un an Hémisphère Nord Variations sur 1 an (millions de tonnes) Etats-Unis : 22/09/2014

83% - CV Elodie Guillou English

Carreer progression in the dairy industry Education and qualifications 2009-2013 Agricultural engineer diploma Angers Master of science degree, trade, and international market  Agriculture, Agribusiness, Environment and Management 2008-2009 Preparatory scientific studies Chateaubriand Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Work experience August 2016 Farm assistant at FiveBrocks Limited dairy farm Now 300 ha, 700 cows, bale rotary  Milking, shed management hygiene, calving, mating, fence, irrigation, WallacetownSouthlandpasture New Zealand January 2015 Commercial, sales business for Bio3G May 2016 Innovative biostimulant solutions for agricultors ( Animals, soils, plants ) FinistèreFrance  Help clients to increase the profitability of their farm January 2014 Commercial, sales business for Isagri August 2014 Farm management software that combined passion for agriculture and new FinistèreFrance technologies. 19/12/2016

81% - motivation letter

We are currently in new Zealand at Pam's Brock dairy farm in southland. 19/12/2016

80% - PROGRESSIVE DAIRY FR 5 facteurs déterminants pour faire le bon choix entre un mélangeur stationnaire ou mobile ~ 0620FR

PROGRESSIVE DAIRY FR 5 facteurs déterminants pour faire le bon choix entre un mélangeur stationnaire ou mobile ~ 0620FR ÉQUIPEMENT 5 facteurs déterminants pour faire le bon choix entre un mélangeur stationnaire ou mobile Christelle Sac pour Progressive Dairy – en français 2 EN BREF Selon les critères de taille, de budget, de main d’œuvre et d’autres objectifs, le choix d’un mélangeur dépend de l’individu et de sa propre ferme et non du choix du voisin. 03/11/2020

79% - Vitalac 4p bovins GB

33 296 21 50 61 - Vitalac-4p-bovins-GB_VITALAC-4pages 12/04/10 16:52 Page3 Expertise in animal and health The prevention safety program VITADRENCH Nutrition Fortifier • Body condition scoring • Faeces appearances • Ingestion • Fiber in the diet • Forage evaluation • Temperature in silos • Water PH • Urinary PH • Milk urea • Glucose and ketone bodies in blood GLYCOLINE Glucose precursors pellet or liquid Dry period / 40-50 days Calving Farmer • Objectives • Motivation • Training • Availability • Recording system 1/3 of dairy cows diet Concentrates 30 % Forage 70 % Fibers Straw or hay Diagnosis Solutions Follow-up VITANION Prevention of hypocalcemia Environment Genetics • Density • Ventilation • Static electricity related to stress • Light • Comfort • Hygiene • Breed • Selection • Expression of genetic potential Lactation Concentrates 30 % Forage 70 % VITAFAT / VEGELIN By-pass energy VITACARTE 100 to 600 g / dairy cow / day Premix or mineral supplement adapted to the daily ration A global approach for personal solutions by Dr. 06/01/2016

78% - Review milk fat lipemia Michalski EJLST 2009

This native structure can be modified by the dairy processes to generate various possible colloidal structures with milk fat. 19/01/2015

77% - Newsdec2012 english N°1, Dec.2012-Jan.2013 Animals Milk…behind the scenes Milk is an innocent drink, alhough its production is far from a fairytale…The life of a dairy cow is a succession of insémination, pregnancy, delivery and lactation… Emotional suffering: 24/12/2012

76% - National Post Quebec CIS

“When a dairy driver stops at a grocery store and delivers milk and cream, the items they remove from the truck’s inventory are recorded on the handheld, and immediately relayed to the dairy’s ERP system at head office,” says Eric Tessier, CIS Group’s vice-president of sales and marketing. 10/04/2014

75% - CV

Polyculture-breeding – ESA d’Angers (France) ü 2013 7 months in The Netherlands, 3 months in France Analysis and management of farms (Apprenticeship) French diploma of camp counsellor ü 2010 - 2012 Organisation, leading a team Baccalaureat Horse Studies- Bretagne (56) ü Management and governance of horse farm, (Apprenticeship) Work experience 2013 - 2014 - Apprenticeship – EARL de Lescoat – France (29) ü 2012 - 2013 - Apprenticeship – EARL Holcom – France (85) ü 2010 - 2012 Seasonal equestrian center - Internship – Knightfield Stud – Maynooth (Irlande) ü 2008 - 2010 Training and trading stable of sport horses (1 month) - Groom – Centre Equestre du Paddock – France (17) ü June 2011 Welsh breeding, mare’s milk soap (1 month) - Internship – Ecurie Arnaud Bourdois – France (22) ü 07/2011- 08/2011 Sport horses and Connemara breeding, insemination center (two weeks a month) - Internship – Elevage d’Ysandre – France (61) ü November 2011 Dairy farm (two weeks a month) - Internship – Elevage de Kezeg – France (56) ü December 2011 Dairy farm, processing and direct selling (two weeks a month) Horse breeding and training stable - Volunteer monitor – Poney-club d’Autretemps – France (29) ü Shetlands lessons to children from 3 to 12 years old (Qualified) Competences Computer skills : 16/04/2015

75% - Complementary feed dairy cow

Complementary feed dairy cow VITABOV VL 18 MIN GR Complementary feed for dairy cows Instructions of use: 06/01/2016


DATA SHEET FOR DAIRY PLANT 1000lt h DATA SHEET FOR DAIRY PLANT TO PROCESS LT/H 1.000 INTO FRESH PASTEURIZED MILK 1) MILK RECEIVING You need the Farm Milk Cooling Tanks with Capacity following your daily production (10.000/15.000 LT.) 37 000 Euros 2) MILK TREATMENTS You need: 06/01/2016

75% - Dairy KIT044 BetaXpress MKT021 2016 01 01

Dairy KIT044 BetaXpress MKT021 2016 01 01 DAIRY Rapid Test Detecting Betalactams In Milk BETAXPRESS is a rapid assay in dipstick format detecting the contamination of milk samples by Betalactams molecules. 21/05/2016

75% - Spicy Lentil Dahl Recipe

Serve hot with Dairy-free Cheesy Flatbread and garnish with a dollop of dairy-free soy yogurt if desired. 08/09/2017

74% - Bac 2009 Anglais S EX Sujets

READING (15points) Chinese consumers are losing confidence in their country's dairy industry after the latest contaminated milk products scandaI. 27/05/2012

73% - Residual Intestinal Disease After Milk Allergy

In this study the authors examined whether children with this condition in infancy developed full tolerance or whether they continue to have vague gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms relating to the consumption of milk or dairy products and/or signs of mucosal lesion in the GI tract. 28/02/2013

72% - EBSF newsletter en 201214

France, host land of the 10th World Brown Swiss Congress from April 6th to 10th, 2016 in Mende Brown Swiss , the 2nd largest dairy breed after Holstein in terms of genomic selection with nearly 14,000 genotyped bulls, is present on all continents. 19/12/2014