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VB.NET.Acces.aux.donnees 94%



ICMIT IEEE 2017 90%

Each algorithm is run on seven known Benchmark datasets from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.


What is CRU 88%

What is CRU datasets?


Incel Culture Winter School 88%

Hagen 2018)) the empirical work of this project is based on construction of 6 datasets;


Applied Statistics - Dehar Hamdaoui Lecocq Sitbon 87%

OPTIMIZATION IN LEARNING A) Descriptive statistics We have three different datasets for our work:


StataTutorial 85%

• It is a multi-purpose statistical package to help you explore, summarize and analyze datasets.


Summary Note - Dehar Hamdaoui Lecocq Sitbon 78%

Furthermore, text categorization has lately become a good reference to evaluate whether a given learning technique can scale up to substantial sizes since datasets consisting of hundreds of thousands of documents are easy to obtain.


TP1EID 78%


13 Eliseyev Aksenova Plos One 74%

The computational experiments were performed on simulated datasets for matrix input and scalar output, the simplest case for simulation and comparison of tensor based algorithms.


GEO-CRADLE Agenda 72%

Snacks break - 11:30-13:00 Europe-Africa Geological Cooperation and the importance of GEOSS (Co-Chairs Ms Eleftheria Poyiadji and Ms Maria Przylucka, Deputy Chairs of the EGS Earth Observation and GeoHazards Expert Group) Presentation of activities of the Geological Survey of Morocco (including available EO datasets, raw materials mapping and monitoring methods) Mr Ahmed Benlakhdim, Director of the Geological Survey of Morocco Presentation of activities of the Geological Survey of Algeria (including available EO datasets, raw materials mapping and monitoring methods) - Mr Amar Cherigui, Director of the Geological Survey of Algeria - The role of Geological Surveys into GEOSS and Copernicus Mr Gerardo Herrera, Chair of the EGS Earth Observation and GeoHazards Expert Group) - The cooperation with the Organisation of African Geological Surveys and the role of Earth Observation Mr Marek Graniczny, Chair of the EGS International Cooperation and Development Task Force) - - 13:00-14:30 – Lunch Break 14:30-16:30 Technical Session (Co-Chairs Ms Isabel Pino de Juana, EGS Senior Scientific Officer, and Ms Maria Przylucka, Deputy Chair of the EGS Earth Observation and GeoHazards Expert Group) GEO-CRADLE WP 2 Results Eleftheria Poyiadji – IGME-Greece, leader of T.2.2 GEO-CRADLE WP 3 Results Speaker (TBC) Moroccan Royal Centre for Remote Sensing Speaker ( TBC) Selected national Geological Surveys (possibly Greece and Romania) EGS participants of the meeting, TBC 16:30-17:00 – Coffee &


Curriculum-Vitae 71%

Curriculum Vitae Chikhaoui Brahim Address:


MVA-2015-RL7.PDF 71%

Multi-Genomic Curve Extraction Rapha¨el Labayrade Universit´e de Lyon, 69003 Lyon, France ENTPE, LGCB, 3 rue Maurice Audin 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin, France Abstract We present Multi-Genomic Curve Extraction (MGCE), a robust method to extract curves in noisy datasets and images.


Climate Change 2013 The Physical Science Basis 69%

For a listing of the datasets and further technical details see the Technical Summary Supplementary Material.


non elite journals 3 69%

The dataset covers the Century of Science and Century of Social Sciences datasets from 1900-1944, and the Science Citation Index (Expanded), the Social Sciences Citation Index and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index from 4 1945-2011 period.


Advanced Tools for Drought 68%

This tool is flexible to run for various datasets such as CMIP5 models, AgMERRA datasets, CRU, CORDEX, and etc.


toxins-08-00193 67%

For both versions of the analysis of poison, we used sister-clades extracted from each bird phylogeny in turn, giving 50 datasets.


Slovenia bears 61%



nmeth.1371 61%

Whereas early adopters necessarily developed their own custom computer code to analyze the first ChIPseq and RNA-seq datasets, a new generation of more sophisticated algorithms and software tools are emerging to assist in the analysis phase of these projects.