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Article one – Is amended, article one of decree n° 20144569 dated 31 December 2014, approving the deliberation of the board of directors of the Central Bank of Tunisia dated 26 November 2014, and relating to the issuance of the debenture loan on behalf of the State on the international financial market:


Archive 19.On becoming something else Archive 93%

 Brown-­‐grey   Fabriano  paper  wrappers,  stamped  in  white  foil,  perfect  bound,  printed  offset   by  the  Ascensius  Press  in  an  edition  of  1200  copies,  with  a  description  by   Kinmont  of  Urbain  Dubois’  Cuisine  artistique,  1872-­‐74,  containing  a  mention  of   pièce  montées   Laser  printout  of  a  description  written  by  Kinmont  of  La  Cuisine  classique  by   Urbain  Dubois  and  Emile  Bernard,  1856,  which  mentions  pièce  montées,  with   Kinmont’s  handwritten  notes,  dated  2001,  printed  in  black  ink  and  written  in   pencil  on  white  paper,  8  ½  x  11  inches   Laser  printout  of  a  description  written  by  Kinmont  of  Marie  Antoine  Careme’s  Le   Patissier  royal  parisien,  1811,  with  a  mention  of  pièce  montées,  dated  2001,   printed  in  black  ink  and  written  in  pencil  on  white  paper,  8  ½  x  11  inches   Life  at  home  &


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Applicant was elected President of the Leadership of [UNSU] … … Consequently, in a letter dated 20 December 2013, Applicant informed … [the] Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources Management [(“ASG/OHRM”)] of the results of the elections and requested full-time release from his duties during the term of his office starting on 2 January 2014 … … In a decision dated 24 December 2013 … [the USG/DM] refused to grant Applicant full-time release … Instead, [the USG/DM] wrote that “a number of staff members have reported allegations of irregularities in connection with the recently held elections of [UNSU]”.


Phase I MFT 88%

MANUAL OF FLYING TRAINING PHASE I – GROB G 120A March 09, 2011 Ph I Grob MFT_Version 2.1 Dated 09 March 2011 Manual of Flying Training This page is intentionally left blank.


undt-2015-089 86%

By Note Verbale dated 18 August 2008, the Permanent Mission of Lebanon informed UNOV that since it was a religious marriage concluded in Austria and not registered in Lebanon, the above-referenced marriage certificate was not recognized by the competent authorities of Lebanon.


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Note verbale dated 29 September 2011 from the independent international commission of inquiry addressed to the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic .......................


K. Manorama 85%

This appeal seeks to challenge the judgment and order dated 28.1.2003 rendered by the Madras High Court allowing Writ Petition No.


undt-2015-090 (1) 84%

In her application dated 21 October 2014, the Applicant submits that the Respondent misinterpreted and misapplied the applicable rules.


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290 (NBI/2015), dated 16 September 2015, the Tribunal set this matter for hearing from 9 to 13 October 2015.


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Revision 00 dated 20-06-96 page 1 of 5 .


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Position of Deputy Executive Director, D-1 (RS)” reproducing email exchanges dated 10 September 2015.


undt-2016-006 82%

In her Application dated 10 August 2015, she alleges that there were three procedural errors with the impugned abolition of post process, including:


shrinivasrao 81%

This is an appeal by special leave under Article 136 of the Constitution against the order dated 03.02.2005 of the Division Bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court dismissing Writ Petition No.8072 of 2004 filed by the appellant.


ny-2016-033 79%

307 (NY/2015), dated 17 December 2015, the Tribunal suspended the proceedings for one month and directed the parties to file a joint submission, by 18 January 2016, informing the Tribunal whether the case has been resolved.


undt-2016-005 78%

By memorandum to the UNHCR’s Joint Advisory Committed dated 4 July 2014, the High Commissioner announced that 56 slots would be available for promotions from the P-4 to P-5 level.


nbi-2016-018 76%

In her Application dated 27 July 2015, she is contesting a 16 April 2015 decision to not select her for the roster for a P4 Political Affairs post.


To The President F 76%

“This is to request that you withhold assent of the COVID 19 Bill, so as to allow us to meet you in relation to the content of our letter dated 11th May 2020 addressed to the Prime Minister of Mauritius, (see attachment).


nbi-2016-016 76%

002 (NBI/2016), dated 13 January 2016, the Motion for extension of time to file an application was refused and the Applicant was ordered to file a revised/amended application no later than 29 January 2016.


undt-2016-004 76%

The following chronology of facts is based on the facts agreed upon by the parties pursuant to their joint submission dated 20 February 2015 in response to Order No.


Herald Of Free Enterprise Report 75%

8074 FORMAL INVESTIGATION ISBN 0 11 550828 7 ADDENDUM BY MR JUSTICE SHEEN Paragraph 19.6 In this paragraph it is stated that certain handwritten comments on a memorandum dated 10 February 1983 were written by Mr Michael Ayers, who did not give evidence at the investigation.


israel-settlements-all-en-2009 75%

  Israel: 'Secret' Defense Ministry Database Reveals Full Settlement Construction  GMP  )srael   OSC Summary in (ebrew   Jan    Left of center  independent daily of record Tel Aviv (aaretz com in English on   January carried the  referent item with a link to a  page PDF file in (ebrew of a  secret Defense Ministry database on  illegal construction in the territories  translated herein   Quotation marks as published  passages in italics  appear in red in the original           Settlement Name  AVNEY (EFETZ  Precious Stones   Name source  )saiah   Khirbat al (afitza     And all your walls precious stones  as well as the name of the nearby  Settlement type and organizational affiliation  Communal settlement  Amana  Coordinate   Number of residents   District  Tulkarm       Municipality  Shomron Regional Council  Cabinet Resolutions               (T      August  Avney (efetz  east of Tulkarm       Approving the construction of an urban neighborhood named  We hereby decide  based on the government settlement policy  to approve the construction of Avney  (efetz  an urban neighborhood    The neighborhood will be built at coordinate   Population  Planned  designated for   families    The plot  Some   dunams of state lands of which  dunams are private acquisitions in various stages    some   km east of Tulkarm    dunams are undisputed and some   Employment  )ndustry and services in the settlement and its vicinity      Regional system  The settlement will belong to the Shomron Regional Council and will be part of the  Eynav Shavey Shomron bloc     )nitiator and localizing body  The Fund for Land Redemption   Settlement Planning and  Development Ltd    The plot shall be allocated to the fund  in a contract  by the officer in charge of government property   for planning and development   free of charge   The lease will be signed with settlers who will be  directed there by the Fund  payment will be   that will be considered as the customary     The Ministry of Construction and (ousing  MC(  will reexamine the matter of assistance and  infrastructures for the settlement            KB      May     Avney (efetz  We hereby decide to add the following Clause     to Cabinet Resolution    (T  dated   August   The settlement will receive additional state lands that were located around the original site and next  to it  the Sal it expansions  which will allow the construction of a large urban settlement on the site   Year of establishment   Land Status  State lands     Adjacent illegal outposts   Dir Raban   (ahar   The Mountain    built in November   on land managed by the officer in charge   the location has an agreement for planning permit issued to the Fund for Land Redemption  February  February   within the boundaries of valid blueprint No      the outpost plot for future  planning  in addition  plan No    for residence on the outpost plot was filed  it was rejected by the  defense minister s assistant on settlement affairs  on site reside   families  contains    trailers    Extent of realization of valid detailed plans    Detailed Plan No      allows the construction of   housing units partly in condominiums  in  practice  some   of the units have not been realized   The plan was examined by the Blue Line team on   December     Construction in the absence of approved plans   1.         Detailed Plan No. 158/4   plan published for deposit on 22 April 1999; extensive construction work  was carried out within the plan's boundaries, including the building of roads and houses: some 24  permanent structures, five mobile houses, and one public structure were built.  The plan was examined by  the Blue Line team on 21 December 1999.     Settling body in charge  The Fund for Land Redemption   Validity of contract  permit   Planning permit   The Fund for Land Redemption    Planning permit   The Fund for Land Redemption     until February    Planning permit   The Fund for Land Redemption    December     dunams for industry   until February     dunams for the construction of the settlement   dunams for expanding the settlement   until  Planning permit   World Zionist Organization  WZO     Building body  Amana  The Fund for Land Redemption    dunams   until   November    Note  A military base is adjacent to the settlement               Settlement name  ADORA  Name source  (ints at Adoraim  Chronicles     and identified with a site   km from the settlement    Settlement type and organizational affiliation  Communal settlement  (erut  Coordinate   Number of residents   District  (ebron       Municipality  (ar (evron Regional Council  Cabinet Resolutions                 (T    September     Approving the construction of Adora as a communal  settlement in the Sothern (ebron (ills    We hereby decide   based on the cabinet policy on settlement affairs and subject to the legal opinion of  the director of State Attorney s Office Civil Department  SAO CD  considering land ownership   to  approve the construction of a communal settlement within the framework and based on the Southern  (ebron (ills development master plan  Adora  Mitzpe  observation spot  Amatzya  an existing Nahal  pre settlement  a communal settlement for   families will be built at coordinates     Responsibility for the construction of the said settlement is assigned to the WZO Settling Department  WZO SD               M      December     Adora   a resolution attached to the minutes of the cabinet  resolutions and validated as a cabinet resolution on   December     We hereby decide  By the power of Resolution (T  of the cabinet and WZO joint settling committee   dated   September   concerning the monitoring of the execution of the settling committee  resolutions  the settling committee takes note of reports by the MC( and the Settlement Division of the  WZO concerning the execution of the settling committee resolutions as follows    Adora  a communal settlement  approved for construction based on Resolution (T committee  dated   September     of the settling   The resolution is executed   The center of the permanent settlement site will be ready for housing on    April    The permanent settlement will be several kilometers east of a Nahal pre settlement that  exists there    The nucleus that prepares to settle the settlement belongs to the (erut Betar farms and comprises  families     The settlement has problems with an access road and water supply  for a while  water will have to be  brought in by tankers                M      March     Adora   Based on the execution of Resolution (T  dated   September  joint settling committee concerning the construction of Adora      made by the cabinet and WZO   A plot has been located for the settlement in the region of  )m Farm  at Elevation Point  EP   of the Arab village of Dura     north   No site has been located yet for the temporary location of the settlement   The monitoring committee  is asking the SAO CD to prioritize its search for the said location     The settling committee drafted a plan that was inspected and approved    The site has no access road   The cost of building the road is some  not have the budget for that    A settling nucleus exists    million shekels   The MC( does   The water pipe for the settlement will have to run next to the Trans Judea Road   Year of establishment     Land Status  State and procured lands   Adjacent illegal outposts  None    Extent of realization of valid detailed plans   Detailed Plan No    allows the construction of   housing units   The plan was almost fully executed    The plan was examined by the Blue Line team on   May     Detailed Plan No   been built    allows the construction of   housing units   )n practice   Construction in the absence of approved plans  None     units have not yet  Settling body in charge  The WZO   Validity of contract  permit   Permit agreement   to the WZO   some  Permit agreement   to the WZO   some     Permit agreement   to the WZO   some  December      dunams for the settlement construction   until      dunams for the settlement construction   until December   dunams for the settlement construction  addition    until  Some   dunams were set off for a quarry    Building body  Build Your (ome  BY(  MC( s Rural Construction Administration  MC( RCA   Note            Detailed Plan No    was approved though it probably exceeds state lands             Within the framework of upgrading security elements for the settlement  Seizure Order T   was issued on   May    along with a closure order   and construction ban order   for an  early warning perimeter fence and patrol road                 Settlement Name  ORAN)T  Previous names  Oranit Tzamarot  Tzamarot    Settlement type and organizational affiliation  Urban settlement  Coordinate   Number of residents     District  Qalqilyah     Municipality  Oranit Local Council  Cabinet Resolutions             (T opinion         April     Approving the construction of the settlement subject to the SAO s  We hereby decide  based on the cabinet policy on settlement affairs and subject to the legal opinion of  the director of the SAO CD considering land ownership  to approve the construction of the settlement of  Oranit Tzamarot  as follows    The settlement will be built by private individuals     )t is located at main coordinate     north of the Trans Samaria (ighway  east of Kibbutz  (ahorshim  within the vicinity of Kafr  Sinayra   Bara  and  Tulat     The entrepreneurs own   dunams    Constructing company  Delta )nvestments and Trade  Qarney Shomron  Ltd    )n Stage A    housing units will be sold privately


gva-2016-020 73%

By judgment of the Basic Court of Mitrovica dated 12 February 2015, the Applicant was convicted of various criminal offences under the Criminal Code of Kosovo.



GREETING CARDS AND INVITATION CARD, SET OF FIVE LITHOGRAPHS IN COLOURS AND ONE AQUATINT, 1961-1963, ON WOVE PAPER, ONE ANNOTATED, DATED AND SIGNED BY THE ARTIST IN INK, PUBLISHED BY MAEGHT, FRAMED Don de l’artiste à André et Madeleine Malraux Puis par descendance au propriétaire actuel LITHOGRAPH IN COLOURS, 1961, ON WOVE PAPER, SIGNED AND DEDICATED IN PENCIL, FRAMED L’authenticité de cette œuvre a été confrmée par le Comité Jean Fautrier.


undt-2016-009 (1) 70%

By memorandum dated 29 March 2012 addressed to the Applicant, the Chief, HRMS, referred to her email of 18 December 2011 and noted that ST/SGB/2008/5 specified the procedure and format to be followed to lodge a complaint.



4 (NY/2016) dated 22 January 2016, the Tribunal instructed the Respondent to file and serve, by 12:00 p.m.