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100% - Cognitive biases in decision making

Yet very few corporate strategists making important decisions consciously take into account the cognitive biases—systematic tendencies to deviate from rational calculations—revealed by behavioral economics. 29/02/2012

96% - undt 2015 031 ALI

5 of ST/AI/1998/9 (System for the classification of posts), with the ASG/OHRM against “decisions announced by email on 4 March 2004 related to the audit and classification of their posts”. 13/02/2016

96% - Market Descision

Market Descision Great Gift Idea! 21/09/2009


How, a person (and their body) visibly reveals the self in motion ultimately offers a map to how their brain functions and how they make decisions. 12/02/2015

95% - nbi 2016 007

nbi 2016 007 UNITED NATIONS DISPUTE TRIBUNAL Before: 13/02/2016

94% - appendix 1 main concerns regarding the 4th amendment to the fundamental law of hungary 2

Excluding reference to CC decisions adopted prior the Fundamental Law In its Opinion on the new Constitution of Hungary,2 the Venice Commission expressed its concern regarding the following sentence of the Preamble of the Fundamental Law of Hungary: 12/03/2013

94% - Report decision making

Depending on the situation, individuals can use an incredible number of ways to make decisions. 03/06/2018

94% - nbi 2015 365

The drafters of the Statute, however, clearly drew a distinction between “administrative decisions” and a decision or decisions by the Respondent which result in the terms of a settlement agreement not being adhered to. 13/02/2016

93% - Bulletin of the Governor and PR August 2011

Whether you are a Club President or an ordinary member, you must know how to make decisions ... 23/08/2011

93% - gva 2016 020

The Tribunal notes that the application for interim measures is addressed against two decisions, namely the dismissal of the Applicant under staff rule 10.2(a)(ix), and the imposition of a fine under staff rule 10.2(a)(v). 13/02/2016

92% - 3 Application for Undergraduate Admissions Instructions

Freshmen who apply for fall semester admission after February 1 are notified of admission decisions on a space-available basis four to six weeks after their application is complete. 26/12/2013

92% - FAA takeoff safety

2.1 2.2 “Successful Versus Unsuccessful” Go/No Go Decisions.............................................. 18/09/2012

91% - SIanalytic

Baba-ali Maitre de conferences USTHB  A.R Baba-ali 1 Exemples de décisionsDécisions opérationnelles – Peut on vendre à un client la quantité demandée ? 13/05/2011

91% - cours2

Rappel les niveaux de decision Cout et decision strategiques Cout et decision tactiques Cout et decision au iveau de l’execution 1,2 La comptabilite de gestion La compabilite de gestion apporte aux di igea ts et gestio ai e de l’e t ep ise les informations utiles a leurs decisions , ’est u e comptabilite a usage interne . 20/01/2015

91% - fpo communique16 07 2018

After the judgments of the CJEU of 2016 and 2018, all parties have come to recognise the authority of the court decisions: 22/07/2018


Teams have to optimize their decisions, seeking new opportunities and implementing their business ideas to be successful on the simulated EU market. 12/04/2017

90% - TheLadders EyeTracking StudyC2

where the reasons for hiring decisions are obvious; 28/03/2014

89% - Summary SERAC 10 decembre

DG MOVE explained that in 2017 the Commission is also planning to prepare a number of decisions on cross-border agreements and on railway infrastructures which do not have any 3 SR11EN01 20.12.2016 strategic importance that will be voted either in the SERAC meetings or adopted in the written procedure. 06/01/2017

89% - Loss and Damage summary note P Candelon

Indeed, the WIM reviews and WIM-related decisions would then apply only to the Parties to the Paris Agreement, which may soon no longer include the United States. 20/02/2021

88% - w ibmc1001

And with today’s ever-increasing amounts of data – and the increasing importance placed on using data to make fact-based decisions – it’s no surprise context has been purported by many to be “the next big thing” in the IT world. 26/02/2015