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100% - Déclin à partir de 24 ans

Persistent Age-Related CognitiveMotor Decline in Reaction Times in an Ecologically Valid Video Game Task Begins in Early Adulthood Joseph J. 18/04/2014

96% - Remontage ENGLISH

Remontage ENGLISH REASSEMBLY PARTS - LX200 CLASSIC 1. 13/11/2019

95% - alcool

alcool Alcohol consumption and cognitive decline in early old age Séverine Sabia, Alexis Elbaz, Annie Britton, et al. 16/01/2014

91% - myth of cognitive decline

myth of cognitive decline Topics in Cognitive Science 6 (2014) 5–42 Copyright © 2013 Cognitive Science Society, Inc. 23/02/2016

90% - chocolat

permissions Article metrics Abstract Abstract• Change history• References• Author information• Supplementary information The dentate gyrus (DG) is a region in the hippocampal formation whose function declines in association with human aging and is therefore considered to be a possible source of agerelated memory decline. 11/11/2014

90% - Démontage ENGLISH

Démontage ENGLISH REMOVE PARTS - LX200 CLASSIC 1. 29/07/2018

89% - déclin cognitif

10.1111/tops.12078 The Myth of Cognitive Decline: 08/03/2014

86% - colloque en 2015

However, prices began to decline again in October 2014, the average rate of decline having reached 60%, and at the beginning of 2015 the price of Brent recorded a steep decline to reach 50 dollars per barrel. 19/06/2015

86% - PAN ARCTIC OUTLOOK June Report

Rationale The main idea of this estimate is to link the projected decline of sea ice extent to the decline of sea ice volume. 11/05/2013


when supply is greater than demand, prices decline. 09/05/2014

82% - driving cessation in older adults

Funnel 6 6  5  2 Greater Cognitive Decline 2  Less Productive Engagement (e.g., Work) 4  Poorer General Health 2 Greater Risk of Mortality 1 Lower Outof-Home Activity Level 2 Greater Dependency and Loss of Control 1 Greater Risk of Entry into Long-Term Care FEBRUARY 2016–VOL. 23/02/2016

80% - 01152015 FIW 2015 final

For the ninth consecutive year, Freedom in the World, Freedom House’s annual report on the condition of global political rights and civil liberties, showed an overall decline. 06/05/2015

78% - GJMS Vol 1 1


78% - PBC 144014

But as Olin increases cash flow, the valuation multiple will decline to a more reasonable level. 24/07/2012

77% - Impact of Covid 19 pandemic on SADC economy

The growth markdown largely reflects a decline in domestic demand, which slowed more than expected amid stress in the nonbank financial sector and a decline in credit growth. 04/06/2020

76% - Lillies Souper Weight Loss Plan

 Provides problems positive of Lillies Program,  Authority motion, evidences Souper and traces Coefficient the Failure  If you tackling any travail piece employed with Lillies Souper Coefficient Decline Drawing, you can gayly go for the 24-7 foul sustenance offered by its designers. 18/11/2013

76% - concern on pesticids

In bumble bees, exposure to one such chemical leads to a dramatic loss of queens and could help explain the insects’ decline. 10/09/2017

76% - Mega Projects Proposal Dec. 2011

Tunisia remains an energy-dependent country, with a decline in oil production and a rise in natural gas production in the southern Tunisian oil fields and those located in Gulf of Gabes. 09/04/2012


INTRODUCTION Aging is characterized by a progressive decline in the physiology and turnover of adult tissues. 23/02/2016