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Bohlooly-05-Endocrinol 72%

However, GH-deficient patients increase their food intake when substituted with GH, suggesting that GH also has an appetite stimulating effect.


Adaptive immune cells intial innate response 70%

Viral infection or administration of poly(I:C), a ligand for TLR3, led to cytokine storm in T-cell- or lymphocyte-deficient mice in a fashion dependent on NK cells and tumor necrosis factor.


Inv MEG-Paris 17avr2015 final programme 66%

The rapidly expanding field of MEG neuroimaging brings new insight in the normal and pathological brain network dynamics with the ultimate goal of restoring or supplementing deficient brain functions.


Kevin Richardson, Pure Natural Healing eBook 55%

It just sits there in its own stagnation, filled with algae, bugs and other festering microorganisms - it is oxygen deficient.


denutrition sujet obese 50%

However in case of obesity, the criteria for the nutritional assessment are deficient because of the clinical and biological specificities associated with excessive body fat.


Eukaryotic Cell-2011-Roy-1384-95 48%

A centromere region is generally transcriptionally inactive, gene-poor, recombination deficient, and heterochromatic in nature.


faust2008 46%

Anselm to Alvin Plantinga—have claimed that non-believers are psychologically or cognitively deficient if they refuse to believe in the existence of God, when presented with evidence for His existence in the form of relevant experience or religious arguments that are prima facie unassailable.


Anglais EPP 2013-2014 44%

Many of the ecological characteristics in the Mediterranean Sea are under threat (see summary information for GES Descriptors above), with over 20% of the known species under threat, and will likely increase given that currently undescribed species will be added in the future and a large proportion of species are either not assessed or assessed as Data Deficient (an issue in itself).


annonce postdoc 44%

Briefly, we are currently studying the effects of genotoxic stress on HSC maintenance using HSC exposition to low doses of ionizing radiations (manuscript in preparation) and models of mice deficient for proteins involved in stress responses.