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ch15 100%

We formulate person detection as the optimization of a joint energy function combining crowd density estimation and the localization of individual people.


Contrib. Plasma Phys. 51, 615 (2011) Bennadji 99%

Different studies based on path integral Monte-Carlo [1-3], molecular dynamic [4] and density functional theory [5] indicated the possibility of occurrence of plasma phase transition (PPT) and some experiments based on shock waves [6, 7] revealed signatures of such transitions.


rainwater= chemical reaction atmospher( EN.FR.AR) 97% Air density:


mirage inferieur 96%

But apparently it’s not obvious for everyone so that’s why I made those drawing) which bends due to the air density, and which create the inferior mirage phenomenon.


Poster 95%

100, room A015 Bridging nuclear ab-initio and energy-density-functional theories Monday 10/02 9:30 16:00 P.


Tutorial MagnetoStatics 94%

Compute and display isovalues of the magnetic flux density on volume regions ........20 3.2.2.


IBHM 633-672 93%

For a continuous random variable, a probability density function is normally used instead.


Toolkit ReadMe 92%

Custom parameters may be entered in to control the overall density and the max random length any vine may grow to.


Paper (1) 92%

Based on this modeling, we have developed an analytical model for the threshold voltage, the carrier sheet density, the drain current, and the capacitance.


04277904 90%

Flux Density in the Air Gap The flux density in the air gap due to the current flowing in phase “a” is defined to be product of the winding function and the inverse air gap function [7]:


Chapitre 2 Units 89%

o 1 US barrel = 158.987 liter o 1 cubic meter = 6.28981 US barrel  Units of density o Density, it is a measure of mass per unit volume (SI:


envhper00379-0070 89%

A recent study showed that the average sperm density has decreased significantly from 113 million/mL in 1940 to 66 million/mL in 1990.


45 ACP LOS RN 230gr RS12 (5.3gr start load) - eng 89%

1.0133 cm² 0.15706 in.² Propellant type Charge Weight Heat of Explosion, Potential Propellant Solid Density Burning Rate Factor Ba Burning Function Limit Z1 Factor b ReloadSwiss RS 12 0.343 gm 5.3 gr.


9mm Luger LOS RN 123gr RS12 (4.2gr start load) - eng 89%

0.6261 cm² 0.09705 in.² Propellant type Charge Weight Heat of Explosion, Potential Propellant Solid Density Burning Rate Factor Ba Burning Function Limit Z1 Factor b ReloadSwiss RS 12 0.272 gm 4.2 gr.


Dust Sensor By Optical Sensing System - GP2Y1010AU0F 89%

Unit 0.65 V/(0.1mg/m3) V 1.5 V − mA 20 20 mA *1 Sensitivity is specified by the amount of output voltage change when dust density changes by 0.1 mg/m3.


resubmittedatomlaserfdback 89%

We show that for any available control, there is an associated moment of the atomic density and a feedback scheme that will remove energy from the system while there are oscillations in that moment.


book 2 89%

Specific intensity and flux density compared What information can one gain about the source itself from S or I?


Anderson Localization of Expanding Bose-Einstein Condensates in Random Potentials 88%

When the density is significantly decreased, the expansion is governed by the scattering of almost non-interacting waves from the random potential.


004 OMD7 Brochure 88%

When the density of these particles explosion reaches between 30 to 50 mg/I (milligrams per litre), depending upon the type of oil, an explosive condition exists.


article 87%

1 Introduction In our current paradigm of structure formation, tiny density fluctuations rise and grow in the early Universe under the influence of gravity, to create the massive, dark matter dominated structures we observe today.


iid 2013 hsc final 87%

In addition, statistical significance was noted in all efficacy endpoints which include increase in total hair count (p=0.0013), terminal hairs (p=0.0135), vellus hairs (p=0.033) and cumulative thickness density (p=0.0026).


Aerogel 86%

• Low density: • Medium density: • High density:


absorption coefficients 85%

Szymanski Owens Corning 700 series Rigid Fiberglass PRODUCT THICKNESS MOUNTING DENSITY 250HZ 500HZ 1000HZ 2000HZ 4000HZ NRC plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain FRK FRK FRK FRK FRK FRK FRK FRK ASJ ASJ ASJ ASJ plain plain 1"


bsq-fr 85%

Même si cela n’y ressemble pas visuellement 3 Programmation élémentaire BSQ Générateur de plateaux perl • Le script perl suivant permet de créer des plateaux 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 #!/usr/bin/perl -w if ((scalar @ARGV) != 3) { print "program x y density\n";