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chocolat Enhancing dentate gyrus function with dietary flavanols improves cognition in older adults             Adam M Brickman, Usman A Khan, Frank A Provenzano, Lok-Kin Yeung, Wendy Suzuki, Hagen Schroeter, Melanie Wall, Richard P Sloan & 11/11/2014

78% - SEP et famille

Images demonstrate asymmetric T2 hyperintensity within the internal capsules with corticospinal tract involvement, and asymmetric T2 hyperintensity in cerebellar white matter and dentate nuclei. 06/06/2017

67% - Bakroon et al 2016 Clinical and Experimental Optometry

For a good review of cerebellar defects in autism, see Fatemi et al.54 MRI studies showed significant differences between ASD children and typical developing children (TD) in the trajectories connectivity between the posterior-lateral cerebellar cortex with both the ventral dentate nucleus (VDN) and dorsal dentate nucleus (DDN) due to the decreased number and size of Purkinje cells (Figure 1).55 Studies identified the posterior cerebellum to control the adaptation of saccadic eye movements by monitoring the difference between expected and observed movement outcomes.56 Mosconi et al57 showed reduced vermal activation during saccadic eye movements that reflects on the reduced rate of adaption during gaze shifts, which proves that cerebellar vermis is disrupted in this disorder. 02/12/2016

63% - les pertes de mémoire

Abstract To distinguish age-related memory loss more explicitly from Alzheimer’s disease (AD), we have explored its molecular underpinning in the dentate gyrus (DG), a subregion of the hippocampal formation thought to be targeted by aging. 18/07/2015

49% - 0425 LeTirantandSantosSilva 2015

inner margin pluridentate in large males, vaguely dentate in small males and females; 20/06/2015

34% - Will 2013

We also analyzed the distribution of endogenous Bdnf transcripts in other hippocampal subfields, including CA3 and the dentate gyrus (DG) (fig. 15/09/2014

29% - Kauer & Malenka 2007 Synaptic plasticity and addiction REV

A distinct form of LTP was first described at synapses between the mossy fibres of the dentate granule cells and area CA3 hippocampal pyra­ midal neurons, but similar examples have been found in the neocortex and cerebellum3,34. 04/10/2011

28% - Khodosevichet al 2009

In mammals there are only two brain areas that persist in generating new neurons throughout postnatal life, the subgranular zone of dentate gyrus in hippocampus and the subventricular zone (SVZ) of the lateral ventricles (Lledo et al., 2006; 27/11/2010

25% - Cruz2013NatRevNeurosci

However, results from these studies are difficult to interpret in the context of Glutamatergic input FOS-related neuronal ensemble activity, because electrophysiological recordings of Dopamine randomly selected striatal or hippocampal Neuronal activity dentate gyrus neurons are almost certainly recordings from the majority of (less activated) neurons and not from the neurons Ca2 NMDAR that were activated strongly enough to or VSCC express FOS. 23/11/2016