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100% - AJBMR

Popkova Department of Religion and Human Relations, Faculty of Arts, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria President of the Institute of Scientific Communications & 01/08/2020

98% - HNC new atlas

Porceddul, Benoit Lengelem a b c d e f g h I j k l m Cancer Center and Department of Radiation Oncology, Clinical and Experimental Research Institute, Université catholique de Louvain, Cliniques Universitaires St-Luc, Brussels, Belgium. 15/01/2017

97% - Dr Mohamed Laoucet Ayari

Thermal Engineering Department, Ball Aerospace & 24/04/2011

97% - Department of European Educational Programmes

Department of European Educational Programmes                 ERASMUS  STUDENT PLACEMENT OFFER    Department of European Educational Programmes – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece     EMPLOYER INFORMATION   (Information Organisation)  NAME OF ORGANISATION/  ENTERPRISE  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Department of European  Educational Programmes    ADDRESS  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki University Campus – Administration Building POSTAL CODE  54124 CITY  Thessaloniki COUNTRY  Greece TELEPHONE  30 2310 99 52 93  FAX  30 2310 99 52 92  E‐MAIL   eurep‐  WEBSITE   NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES  >250  SHORT DESCRIPTION OF   ORGANISATION/ ENTERPRISE  The Department of European Educational Programmes deals with  all the Programmes and activities under the general Erasmus   umbrella.  Indicatively some of the key activities are the Erasmus   Mobilities and Bi‐lateral Agreements, the Erasmus  International  Mobilities and Inter‐Institutional Agreements, Erasmus Mundus and  last but not least Projects under Key Action 2 of Erasmus .  It  organizes events, informative sessions, etc.    The Department also  hosts Staff Training weeks and provides services in regard to  Erasmus  Programme to all 41 Schools of Aristotle University of  Thessaloniki.     OTHER                  CONTACT DETAILS   CONTACT PERSON  Mrs Ioanna Georgiadou and/or Mrs Maria Mylona  DEPARTMENT/FUNCTION  Department of European Educational Programmes ‐ AUTh  TELEPHONE  30 2310 99 5302  FAX  30 2310 99 5292  E‐MAIL   eurep‐   OTHER      PLACEMENT INFORMATION  DEPARTMENT/FUNCTION  Department of European Educational Programmes ‐ AUTh  DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES  Assisting with the following activities:   Daily office work and procedures   Filing and archiving   Mobilities’ application documents   Liaison with different Departments and Offices of AUTh   Organization of events, informative sessions, etc.   E‐mails and correspondence  6 – 12 months (Starting September 2016)  DURATION  WORKING HOURS PER WEEK –  FULL TIME  40 hrs/week  CITY  Thessaloniki  ACCOMODATION  No  HELP WITH FINDING  ACCOMODATION  Yes  PAYMENT OR OTHER   BENEFITS  No  OTHER       REQUIREMENTS   ORAL AND WRITTEN LANGUAGE  SKILLS  Very good knowledge of English  Knowledge of other languages  Knowledge of basic Greek could be considered a plus      COMPUTER SKILLS  DRIVING LICENSE  OTHER            PC user fundamentals  Microsoft Office (mainly Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)  Internet & E‐mails (Microsoft Outlook could be considered a plus)  No  Communicative and social skills, knowledge and acceptance of  cultural diversity, eye for detail, able to multitask, good  organization and team working abilities.    OTHER  DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED  Application Stage: Europass CV, English Language Certificates,  Certificates of other Languages and/or PC literacy (if any),  Motivation Letter  (Upon selection the notified candidates will have to fill in the Erasmus   Learning Agreement for Traineeships)  APPLICATION DEADLINE    30th of June, 2016 05/04/2016

96% - Call Anouncement


95% - Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations                 ERASMUS  STUDENT PLACEMENT OFFER    Department of International Relations – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece      EMPLOYER INFORMATION   (Information Organisation)  NAME OF ORGANISATION/  ENTERPRISE  ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI – Department of  International Relations   ADDRESS  POSTAL CODE  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki  University Campus  Administration Building  54 124  CITY  Thessaloniki  COUNTRY  Greece  TELEPHONE  30 2310 996742  FAX  30 2310 991621  E‐MAIL   internat‐  WEBSITE  http://international‐  NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES  >250  SHORT DESCRIPTION OF   ORGANISATION/ ENTERPRISE  The Department of International Relations serves as an information  centre  for  international  relations  matters  and  links  AUTh  to  institutions  of  higher  education  worlwide.  Its  aim  is  to  enhance,  organize  and  maintain  good  relations  between  the  Aristotle  University of Thessaloniki and the international academic comunity. 05/04/2016

95% - Seminar Paper

ALEXANDER Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Africana & 27/07/2010

95% - FM 10 63 Graves Registration 1945

FM 10 63 Graves Registration 1945 Copy 3 u WAR DEPARTMENT FIELD MANUAL GRAVES REGISTRATION WAR DEPARTMENT • JANUARY 1945 W A BSD E P A R T M E N T FIELD MANUAL FM JO-63 This manual supersedes TM 10-630, 23 September 1941, including Cl, 9 June 1942, and C2, lG**October 1942; 14/09/2017

94% - HEC MsC Strategic Management Emmanuel COHEN CV 2015

Telecommunications 2005 - 2007 2005 Certified Degree of Optician at the Lycée Fresnel, Paris XV Scientific Baccalauréat equivalent to A-Level, Engineering Sciences major, with honors, at High School Jean-Baptiste Say, Paris XVI PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2006 ESSILOR INTERNATIONAL, R&D Department, Paris, France - 6 months R&D Department Intern o Large improvements of the opto-mechanical measure device I prototyped 2 years before: 04/01/2015


We offer the opportunity to do an internship for a period of three months or more in the Project Coordination, Human Resources department, Administration department, Web Marketing department and Translation department. 15/06/2017

94% - 1Global Translators

The tasks in the Project Coordination Department (4-5 months at least) are, for example: 24/10/2016


Please contact the Shareholding Department at 24/01/2020

93% - Acute Decomp Heart Failure

New Strategies for Improving Outcomes May 2017 Authors Volume 19, Number 5 Emily Singer Fisher, MD Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine, Tulsa, OK Boyd Burns, DO, FACEP, FAAEM George Kaiser Foundation Chair in Emergency Medicine, Associate Professor & 03/08/2017

92% - Internship vacancies

Interns in this department are expected to possess a high level of communication skills and an excellent phone manner. 12/05/2015

92% - Internship vacancies

Interns in this department are expected to possess a high level of communication skills and an excellent phone manner. 12/05/2015

92% - Offre de stage 1GLOBAL TRANSLATORS

 The tasks in the Project Coordination Department (4-5 months at least) are, for example: 12/05/2015

92% - Summer School Calabria

Department of Languages and Educational Sciences ! 14/04/2016

91% - PwptAB

PwptAB Department of Chemistry Interactions between Beta-amyloid and supported lipids bilayer by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy 6/15/2015 Page 1 Department of Chemistry Table of Contents – Introduction – Supported lipids bilayer formation – dummy text – dummy text – dummy text – dummy text – dummy text – dummy text 6/15/2015 Title of the presentation, Author Page 2 Department of Chemistry Introduction Amyloid plaque is an important symptom of Alzheimer’s desease. 15/06/2015

91% - Survey on seabass spearfishing in the channel 2016

Survey on seabass spearfishing in the channel 2016 Survey on recreationnal spearfishing on seabass in the Channel in 2016 Survey FCSMP on recreationnal spearfishing catch on seabass in the Channel Geographic area Survey FCSMP on recreationnal spearfishing catch on seabass in the Channel Contributors per French departments Numbers of spearfishemrmens 192 102 46 40 41 26 14 1 29 22 35 50 14 76 80 62 8 59 department  A panel of 470 contributors Enquête FCSMP sur la pêche du bar en chasse sous marine en Manche. 06/12/2016

91% - contrôle architectectural 2017 GB

Any modification or extension to your accommodation is subject to a preliminary declaration or building permission from the Euronat Technical Department (compulsory regulations imposed by the municipal lease). 02/02/2017

91% - resume

8 weeks Training period in the corporate banking of Bmce Bank - International department , Casablanca, Morocco Discovering and understanding payment methods Receiving the import license from clients and importers Assisting the head of the foreign department to make payments and transfers of imports. 17/10/2014


 The tasks in the Project Management Department (4-5 months at least) are, for example: 16/03/2016

91% - Newsletter. 1 OCTOBER 2019 EN