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7.VaROmegaCopules 98%

However, this measure is not sufficient to describe precisely the dependence structure, as shown by Embrechts et al (1998).


topiramateCocaine 96%

Lei Liu, PhD IMPORTANCE No medication has been established as an efficacious treatment for cocaine dependence.


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Bérut T. Bensassi Nour K.


undt-2015-090 (1) 91%



s12875-015-0308-8 90%

BMC Family Practice (2015) 16:90 DOI 10.1186/s12875-015-0308-8 RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Alcohol dependence and treatment utilization in Europe – a representative cross-sectional study in primary care Jürgen Rehm1,2,3,4,5*, Allaman Allamani6, Zsuzsanna Elekes7, Andrzej Jakubczyk8, Jakob Manthey5, Charlotte Probst5, Pierluigi Struzzo9,10, Roberto Della Vedova9,11, Antoni Gual12,13,14 and Marcin Wojnar8,15 Abstract Background:


PhysRevA.84.025402 88%

We experimentally observe a time-varying spin-relaxation rate in blue-detuned traps due to the dependence of the photonscattering rate on the atom energy.


PhD position Le Clainche I2BC 87%

PhD position in Biochemistry at I2BC (Paris area, France):


PNAS-2013-Aharoni-6223-8 85%

For the primary hypothesis test (model B), months to any felony rearrest was regressed on eight potential predictors including age, Hare Psychopathy Checklist–Revised (PCL-R) factor scores and their interaction, lifetime prevalence of alcohol or drug abuse or dependence, GNG commission error rate, and the ACC parameter (Tables 1 and 2).


e-cigaretteLAncet 84%

or non-Māori, non-Pacific], sex [men or women], and level of nicotine dependence [>5 or ≤5 Fagerström test for nicotine dependence]) in a 4:4:1 ratio to 16 mg nicotine e-cigarettes, nicotine patches (21 mg patch, one daily), or placebo e-cigarettes (no nicotine), from 1 week before until 12 weeks after quit day, with low intensity behavioural support via voluntary telephone counselling.


Risks and Vulnerabilities Mexico Dependence on USA Economies 82%

Dependence on USA Sets Mexico Apart from the other MINT Economies Opinion | 29 May 2014 Media Eghbal One of the big challenges facing the Mexican Head of Countries' Analysis economy according to our Risks and Vulnerabilities Country Briefing is its dependence on the USA, in terms of trade, foreign direct investment (FDI) and remittance inflows from the large Mexican diaspora.


3 chapitre2 81%

The North African dependence on food imports is projected to increase in the coming two decades, with the greatest increase of all MENA countries predicted for Egypt.


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La boutique en ligne Dell :


Time-dependent speckle in holographic optical coherence 80%

However, information on subcellular motion can be obtained at much broader scales by use of the time dependence of laser speckle2 from image-bearing light that penetrates up to a millimeter when coherencedomain imaging techniques are used.3 Yu et al.


NAC addiction THC 80%

Preclinical findings suggest that the over-the-counter supplem ent Nacetylcysteine (NAC), via glutam ate m odulation in the nucleus accum bens, holds prom ise as a pharm acotherapy for substance dependence.


095 108 79%

Frequency dependence of the rotor electrical 98 Leonardo Journal of Sciences Issue 20, January-June 2012 ISSN 1583-0233 p.


PhysRevA.84.022102 79%

For example, measurement dependence is a relatively strong resource for modeling singlet-state correlations, with only 1/15 of one bit of correlation required between measurement settings and the underlying variable.


10-Moron-JNeurosci2002 78%

Cocaine-dependent inhibition of DA uptake into Acb synaptosomes from DAT-knock-out mice was not evident, whereas the dose dependence curve for cocaine-dependent inhibition of DA uptake into Acb synaptosomes from NET knock-out mice was shifted strongly to the right.


resubmittedatomlaserfdback 78%

Obviously, energy eigenstates will display no error signal, but these are not a problem as they are single mode and all expectation values of observables display no time dependence.