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DAN Gold Catalysis 100%

E Au Nu E Au Lewis acid derived products Lewis acid derived products cation derived products carbenoid derived products heterofunctionalization heterocyclization ring expansion cycloisomerization cation cyclization rearrangement C-H insertion cyclopropanation Modes of Reactivity in Homogeneous Gold Catalysis Nu E Nu Au Au trans-addition increased π-acidity (contracted 6s orbital) ♦ proto-deauration E+ = H+ (Nu-H) Nu ♦ aprotic nucleophile E+ = alkene, alcohol, etc.



Muscle Stem Cells from Young and Elderly Subjects Have Similar Characteristics of Proliferation and Senescence (A) Rate of division and (B) maximum division number were similar in myogenic precursors derived from young and elderly subjects, as determined by cell counts throughout culture, until proliferative arrest (n = 5–10 subjects per group).


4111 DEOCLIM SPRAY 300ml 94%

| Propane-2-ol UseExposure-Route Area Worker Human - dermal Worker Human - inhalation Consum Human - dermal er Consum Human - inhalation er Consum Human - oral er Environment - freshwater Exposure-Pattern Descriptor Value Unit Note Long term Long term Long term DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 888 500 319 mg/kg mg/m3 mg/kg (1 d) Long term DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 89 mg/m3 Long term DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 26 mg/kg PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) 140,9 mg/l 140,9 mg/l 552 mg/kg 552 mg/kg 28 mg/kg Environment - marine Environment - sediment, freshwater Environment - sediment, marine Environment - soil Éthanol UseArea Worker Exposure-Route Exposure-Pattern Descriptor Value Unit Human - inhalation Short term, local effects Long term, systemic effects Long term, systemic effects Short term, local effects Short term, local effects Long term, systemic effects Long term, systemic effects Long term, systemic effects DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 1900 mg/m3 DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 950 mg/m3 DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 343 mg/kg bw/d DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 950 mg/m3 DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 950 mg/m3 DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 114 mg/m3 DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 87 mg/kg DNEL (Derived No Effect Level) 206 mg/kg bw/d PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) 0,96 mg/l 0,79 mg/l 2,75 mg/l PNEC (Predicted No Effect Concentration) 580 mg/l Worker Human - inhalation Worker Human - dermal Consum er Consum er Consum er Consum er Consum er Human - inhalation Human - dermal Human - inhalation Human - oral Human - dermal Environment - freshwater Environment - marine Environment - water, sporadic (intermittent) release Environment - sewage treatment plant (1 d) (1 d) Note


forever-living-ingredients 94%

This is derived from Dunalliela species of algae.


art 15 92%

Subject to the provisions of Articles 16, 18, and 19, salaries, wages and other similar remuneration derived by a resident of a Contracting State in respect of an employment shall be taxable only in that State unless the employment is exercised in the other Contracting State.


8311-wc-v1 83%

From that point until 2012, 27 and 48 hybrids derived from the progenies of Phal.


Treaty-Protocol-France-1-13-2009 81%

“c) An item of income paid from the United States to a French qualified partnership shall be considered derived by a resident of France only to the extent that such income is included currently in the taxable income of a shareholder, associate or other member that is otherwise treated as a resident of France under the provisions of this Convention.


CM 2012-03-21 CiviUE7 80%

The elite of society who derived their from the land they owned.


Reprise d'une bécasse 67-Autriche- 79%

Identification N° Bague (Ring number) Espèce (Species) Muséum Paris FRP GY137329 Bécasse des bois, Woodcock, Scolopax rusticola Réseau Bécasse ONCFS/FNC/FDC (French Woodcock network ONCFS) Bagueurs (Ringers) Date Lieu de baguage (Place) Coordonnées (Coordinates) Age (Age) Age Euring (Euring age) Poids (Weight) Reprise (Recovery) FISCHBACH Jonathan 19/11/2016 PLAINE-DE-WALSCH, MOSELLE (57) (FR18) 48 ° 41 mn 27 s N 7° 6mn 59 s E Jeune tardif (juv later brood) [1A] Première année civile (first calendar year) 400 g Informateur (Informer) Découvreur (Finder) Date (Date) Lieu de reprise (Place) Coordonnées (Coordinates) BRANDHOF, , , AUTRICHE 47 ° 38 mn 18,1 s N Condition (Condition) Circonstance (Circumstances) Distance parcourue (Derived data distance) 15 ° 17 mn 32,8 s E g Poids (Weight) Sexe (Sex) Précision date DATE PRÉCISE 02/11/2018 INCONNU (UNKNOWN) [2] MORT RÉCENTE (DEPUIS MOINS D'UNE SEMAINE) (FRESHLY DEAD - WITHIN ABOUT A WEEK) [10] TIRÉ (SHOT) 617,29 km Temps de port de bague (Derived elapsed time) 713 Direction (Direction) Est jours ( 1 an(s), 11 mois et environ 13 jour(s).) Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage - Réseau Bécasse - Parc d'Affaires de La Rivière - 8 bd Albert Einstein, CS 42355 44323 Nantes cedex 3 - Tél:


Double power split device for hybrid vehicle powertrain 79%

In the known multi-mode architectures, one planetary gear mechanism for power derivation (3 rotating shafts) is associated to one or more planetary gear mechanisms for power transmission (2 rotating shafts, same as in a gear box) without impacting the derived power.


article baptiste lacroix 76%

In [33], the authors derived isometric algebras.


1 Rhombo 76%

Reservoir layering is derived from well data.


offre-emploi PD IBEID v2018 75%

We recently developed a new model of Tick Borne Encephalitis Virus infection using primary neural cells derived from human neural progenitors (manuscript in preparation).


Lidar topographie 74%

Beijing 2008 • • • Parameters derived from a simple difference between minimal and maximal values within a neighborhood.


The Disconnection Approach (Warren) 74%

267 List of Tables Table 2.1 One-carbon electrophiles for aromatic synthesis Table 2.2 Reagents for aromatic electrophilic substitution Table 2.3 Aromatic side chains by functional group interconversion Table 2.4 Aromatic compounds diazonium salts Table 3.1 Direction and activation in aromatic electrophiIic substitution Table 4.1 Hierarchy of reactivity for acid derivatives Table 4.2 Aliphatic compounds derived from alcohols Table 7.1 Synthons for I ,n-DiX synthesis Table 9.1 Protecting groups Table 10.1 One-group C-C disconnections Table 10.2 Oxidising agents for conversion of alcohols into aldehydes and ketones Table 10.3 Compounds derived from alcohols Table 11.1 Some readily available starting materials Table 11.2 Guidelines to good disconnections Table 12.1 Stereospecific reactions Table 18.1 Natural or logical synthons Table 18.2 Carbon acids and the bases used to ionise them Table 20.1 Reactivity of carbonyl compounds made by nucleophilic ix displacement of x Table 23.1 Alkenes as sources of 1,2-difunctionalised compounds Table 23.2 Available 1,2-difunctionalised Tabl~.1 Removal of functional groups Table 25.1 Available I ,4-difunctionalised Table 26.1 Double bond cleavage methods Table 29.1 Factors affecting ring formation Table 29.2 Available reagents containing two heteroatoms Table 38.1 Stereospecific reactions Table 38.2 Control of sp2 g~ometry Table 40.1 Molecules whose synthesis was designed to start from a readily available starting material Table 40.2 Some readily available starting materials Table 40.3 Starting materials available by simple routes from other cheap compounds compounds compounds


Guide de bonnes pratiques PHC DREIC 2015 74%

MESR/DREIC/JLC PHC 4 Intellectual property and protection of findings The principles set out below apply to research findings and to intellectual property derived from joint research projects carried out within the framework of specific agreements between the Parties.


1377125756 ga20897 gold deposits 73%

Resources are derived by summing the aggregate production and the current remaining resources.


NATULIQUE Presentation BrochureV20 nocrop 18 01 2012 71%

* Applies to selected products only The natural and lasting choice for a 100% ammonia-free permanent hair colouring NATULIQUE Professional Hair Colours is a long lasting naturally derived permanent colour that is extremely effective and comfortable to use.


Carr et al 2017 (1) 70%

In addition to its evolutionary implications, the texture of the facial bones of the new taxon, and other derived tyrannosauroids, indicates a scaly integument with high tactile sensitivity.


Stay In Balance Progesterone Cream 68%

The Essential Woman is derived from seeds of botanical flowers such as evening primrose and flax, as well as special plant phytonutrients, all recognized for their beautifying and balancing qualities.


anatomy MCQ-BDS-2007 67%

The periosteal arteries are derived from:


MS 33.424 65%

HRV series can be derived from electrocardiogram (ECG) signals obtained from single-night polysomnography (PSG) recordings.


scleroderma 65%

Relevant data on mechanisms are limited, since most of the available information is derived from crosssectional studies and from patients in various stages of the disease, often after treatment;


201700001235 Moro C 65%

In this study, we explored whether PBM has any influence on the number of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH)+cells and the expression of GDNF (glial-derived neurotrophic factor) in the striatum.


PIIS147149220200065X 65%

A sizepolymorphic, parasite-derived antigen was identified on the B.