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100% - imcasParis2010program silhouette COURSE DIRECTOR Benjamin ASCHER, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE SCIENTIFIC COORDINATORS David GOLDBERG, Dermatologist, USA Bernard MOLE, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE Bernard ROSSI, Dermatologist, FRANCE SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIES Olivier GERBAULT, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE Anne LE PILLOUER-PROST, Dermatologist, FRANCE FACULTY MEMBERS (PRELIMINARY LIST) ADATTO Maurice, Dermatologist, SWITZERLAND AIACH Gilbert, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE ALAM Murad, Dermatologist, USA ALEXIADES Macrene, Dermatologist, USA ALFANDARI Bruno, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE BARRITAULT Denis, Research, FRANCE BELHAOUARI Lakhdar, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE BESINS Thierry, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE BEUSTES-STEFANELLI Matthieu, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE BEUT Javier, Plastic Surgeon, SPAIN BLANCHEMAISON Philippe, Phlebologist, FRANCE BONAN Paolo, Dermatologist, ITALY BOTTI Giovanni, Plastic Surgeon, ITALY BOUSQUET-ROUAUD Regine, Dermatologist, FRANCE BUI Patrick, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE CANNAROZZO Giovanni, Dermatologist, ITALY CARRAWAY James, Plastic Surgeon, USA CARTIER Hugues, Dermatologist, FRANCE CASSUTO Daniel, Plastic Surgeon, ITALY CHUANGSUWANICH Apirag, Plastic Surgeon, THAILAND COLIGNON Alian, Surgeon, BELGIUM CORNETTE de SAINT CYR Bernard, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE DAHAN Serge, Dermatologist, FRANCE DALLARA Jean Marie, Dermatologist, FRANCE DE BENITO Javier, Plastic Surgeon, SPAIN DE MAIO Mauricio, Plastic Surgeon, BRAZIL DELAY Emmanuel, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE DEPREZ Philippe, Dermatologist, FRANCE DIERICKX Christine, Dermatologist, BELGIUM DUNCAN Diane, Plastic Surgeon, USA FERGUSON Mark, Research, UK Von FINCKENSTEIN Joachim, Plastic Surgeon, GERMANY FLAGEUL Gerard, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE FLYNN Timothy, Dermatologist, USA GAUTHIER Nelly, Cervico-Facial Surgeon, FRANCE GIORDANO Philippe, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE GOLD Michael, Dermatologist, USA GUBISCH Wolfgang, Plastic Surgeon, GERMANY HEBRANT Jean, Phlebologist, BELGIUM HEDEN Per, Plastic Surgeon, SWEDEN HEXSEL Doris, Dermatologist, BRAZIL HUMBERT Philippe, Dermatologist, FRANCE JERNBECK Jan, Plastic Surgeon, SWEDEN KATZ Bruce, Dermatologist, USA KESTEMONT Philippe, Cervico-Facial Surgeon, FRANCE KHOURI Roger, Plastic Surgeon, USA KOHLI Malavika, Dermatologist, INDIA KRASTINOVA Darina, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE LAFFORGUE Christine, Pharmacologist, FRANCE LAFONTAN Max, Research, FRANCE LANDAU Marina, Dermatologist, ISRAEL LAPIDOTH Moshe, Dermatologist, ISRAEL LE LOUARN Claude, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE MAGALON Guy, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE MANSTEIN Dieter, Dermatologist, USA MANUSKIATTI Woraphong, Dermatologist, THAILAND MAXWELL Patrick, Plastic Surgeon, USA MAZER Jean Michel, Dermatologist, FRANCE MONHEIT Gary, Dermatologist, USA MORAX Serge, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE MULHOLLAND Stephen, Plastic Surgeon, CANADA NAVA Maurizio, Plastic Surgeon, ITALY NICOLAU Pierre, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE PASCAL Jean François, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE PETOIN Sylvain, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE PONS GUIRAUD Annick, Dermatologist, FRANCE PUSEL Bertrand, Dermatologist, FRANCE QUINODOZ Pierre, Plastic Surgeon, SWITZERLAND ROBOTTI Enrico, Plastic Surgeon, ITALY ROUIF Michel, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE RZANY Berthold, Dermatologist, GERMANY SACKS Lisa, Plastic Surgeon, UK SADICK Neil, Dermatologist, USA SALOMON Denis, Dermatologist, SWITZERLAND SCHEFLAN Michael, Plastic Surgeon, ISRAEL SCHLAUDRAFF Kai Uwe, Plastic Surgeon, SWITZERLAND SHELKOVITZ Tzachi, Dermatologist, ISRAEL STAN Constantin, Plastic Surgeon, ROMANIA TAZARTES Michel, Ophtalmologist, FRANCE THIOLY BENSOUSSAN Daphne, Dermatologist, FRANCE VLEGGAAR Danny, MD, FRANCE IMCAS INDUSTRY TRIBUNE SUNDAY, JANUARY 10 - 2010 SATURDAY, JANUARY 9 - 2010 ROOM 1 ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4 SURGERY INTERFACE MEDICINE SYMPOSIA SYMPOSIA 7 am 8 am LIVE DEMO WHAT'S NEW LECTURES ROOM 1 ROOM 2 ROOM 3 ROOM 4 FORUMS SURGERY INTERFACE MEDICINE SYMPOSIA SYMPOSIA R E G I S T R A T I O N ▲ ▲ Roundtable on breast augmentation hot topics 10 am 10.30 am SESSION 18 SESSION 19 SESSION 21 Open debate with experts: 30/09/2009

72% - cocoona

Specialist Dermatologist Dr. 02/04/2019

71% - Medical Imaging Software Project Leader @DAMAE Medical

Currently, the diagnosis process performed by the dermatologist implies a biopsy, an invasive sampling which requires further analysis by an external pathology lab. 06/06/2016

64% - Mostal (procyanidin B2 1st study)

They were allocated by a dermatologist, one of the authors, to one of three groups (slight, moderate and severe) according to their degree of baldness; 14/10/2019

46% - Laser CO2 continu dans le traitement des hamartomes

Several criteria were evaluated by the patients, a dermatologist and a staff (external observers). 16/06/2015

45% - N2O Derm Surg 518

Forty-five patients felt that N2O should be used as adjunct therapy by dermatologist more often. 02/11/2018

37% - President Trump's Mental Health

That characterization applies to the orthopedist or physi­ cal medicine specialist speculating on the knee injury of the football player limping off the field and the dermatologist wincing at a stranger’s melanoma in the gro­ cery line as well as to the psychia­ trist interpreting Trump’s public statements. 29/12/2017

24% - Rash diagnostics

Contact dermatitis Since first described by Josef Jadassohn, a German dermatologist, in 1895, patch testing has become the gold standard for diagnosing allergic contact dermatitis. 28/07/2017