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100% - 250 Watt ATX Power Supply

Our rugged mobile workstations are designed to operate in stringent mobile environments that are powered directly by the vehicle battery. 16/02/2015

97% - Catalogue cozy 12p MAJ240517

188 x 85 950 DH 699 DH 7 200 DH 5 399 DH Designed In DENMARK Table basse Designed In SPAIN MEUBLE TV CLIFF OLIVA 120 6 200 DH 4 250 DH 3 400 DH 2 550 DH BIBLIOTHÈQUE BERLIN 5L 7 800 DH 5 850 DH Made in PORTUGAL by Nàdia Soares Dimensions : 09/06/2017

96% - Shell Spirax S6 GXME TDS

Axle, transmission and gear oils Shell Spirax S6 GXME Designed to meet challenges Every part of your vehicle has been meticulously engineered, so you want to use a lubricant that has been designed to ensure that your equipment is well protected and works efficiently. 15/01/2013


November 2012 Visual Merchandiser Manager BLANC D'IVOIRE , head office Designed & 15/04/2015

93% - catalogue double

Composite fibre helmet designed for riders of motard and street enduro motorbikes. 11/11/2011

92% - GreenRoof66007 23

Complete roof landscapes can be designed. 19/09/2011

91% - FOP MS Pressure Sensor Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor

FOP MS Pressure Sensor Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor FOP-MS Pressure Sensor Key Features n “Side-looking” sensor designed to fit where standard sensors cannot n Intrinsically safe n Immune to EMI/RFI Applications The FOP-MS is a fiber optic pressure sensor designed for general industrial applications. 22/11/2016

91% - resume

COMMUNITY LIFE EXPERIENCES DOROTHY’S GALLERY February – June 2010 Director’s assistant Wrote press release Designed posters and flyers for exhibitions Participated to the selection of the artworks Assured the interface between the artists and the gallery Greeted and accompanied visitors presenting the artists Promoted sales Organized openings and events Participated to the recruiting process July – August 2009 Advertising Clerk PUBLICIS ACTIV Implemented the communication strategy Managed the graphic chain Wrote creative briefs Participated to brainstormings Responded to customers requests, monitored the budget, negotiated budgets Assured the benchmarking and the competitors monitoring March 2009 – May 2009 Visual communication NUITS MUSICALES EN ARMAGNAC Designed the whole visual communication (flyers, posters, kakemonos etc.) for a classical music festival in the south-west of France. 21/06/2010

90% - Charvet EMBC 2013

Benabid Abstrac t_NE R2011_MF-GC_V 13.doc Abstract— A wireless 64-channel ElectroCorticoGram (ECoG) recording implant named WIMAGINE® has been designed for clinical applications. 20/07/2018

90% - Tote Bag for Laptop

Tote Bag for Laptop At Olivia Jean our mission is to sell high quality bags that are designed to be functional, lightweight and durable. 21/08/2019

89% - PhysRevA.84.023843

The proposed method enables the designed reflectors to scatter or reflect incident light in the same manner as a conic reflector while the whole device as well as the reflector would maintain planar profiles. 01/09/2011

88% - 07 V01 ed02


88% - magnum 257 om

The 257 is designed to provide years of enjoyment and trouble-free service. 28/09/2016

88% - WFP Presentation

established and functioning well/ designed and operating effectively >> 02/09/2016

88% - WORRFRAMEselectfire

Eye protection designed specifically for paintball must be worn by the user and persons within range. 09/01/2015

88% - Alarm System Australia

It is designed for residential and small business security applications, as well as both indoor and outdoor commercial applications (construction sites, cell tower, remote sites, substations...). 25/01/2016

87% - Trilogy Manual Complete

Eye protection designed specifically for paintball must be worn by the user and persons within range. 26/08/2014

87% - Book

Book Book for an Intenrship Designed by Fabien Lesage Book.indd 1 09/12/11 10:31 Software : 09/12/2011

87% - T 105FP

T 105FP T-105FP Waterproof Active Ceiling Loudspeaker (6W) Features  Built-in 6W digital class-D amplifier  In-ceiling type loudspeaker  5” waterproof speaker unit  Power output 6W  Metal grille, ABS baffle and ABS back cover  Paint in RAL9016 white  Antimagnetic finish of amplifier to avoid noise  Designed for toilet, bathroom and sauna room Description The T-105FP is a waterproof active ceiling speaker built-in a high efficiency digital class-D amplifier, which is designed for toilet bathroom and sauna room, which offer an economy solution for hotels and entertainment applications. 01/09/2015

87% - English unpriced brochure 2015

This has been designed to comply with the provisions of all European regulations. 06/01/2015

87% - Video Alarm Systems

It is designed for residential and small business security applications, as well as both indoor and outdoor commercial applications . 29/08/2016

86% - CV Alexis Juredieu Google

DCF, trading and transaction comparable Redacted marketing and transactions documentations Google University Program - Workshop 10x Challenge - Moonshot thinking like Google • • • Dec., 2012 Shanghai Participated in a team of 5 people to introduce Asian Management to African opportunities Designed early strategies to develop cross-border transactions in 3 Emerging Markets Presented ‘Silk Road to Africa’ report to 20 key business leaders in Asia Degroof Petercam – M&A Analyst Intern Investment Banking Boutique – • • • Singapore Restructured Operations delivery areas to decrease delivery time by 50% Built forecasting tool to foresee demand that led to a 50% increase in rider utilization Optimized restaurants on-boarding throughput down to 5 days after sale closing Automated order placement process for 1,000 restaurants to bring response time below 1 minute PayPal – Junior Consultant Online Payment – • • • Jan., 2014 Jun., 2014 6 months Designed a process to deliver food free of charge in 15 minutes Launched concept to market in 2 weeks (sourcing, processes, recruitment, execution, after-sale) Achieved an average asset utilization 20x higher than competitors’ Led and trained a team of 30 runners and 20 restaurants to provide best user experience ever Rocket Internet @ foodpanda – Business Development Manager Online Food Delivery Platform – • • • • Singapore Pitch a disruptive technology to solve an issue that could drastically change 1,000,000 people’s life Imagined a back-spine chip to interpret one’s actual lifestyle consequences on his health Winning team among 5 others – 5 students per team screened prior to workshop New Venture Contest – EMLYON Business School • • • 4 months to develop a virtual company business plan as part of the program Designed an innovative smartphone rental solution saving up to 40 % versus traditional solution. 17/06/2016

86% - stellina

Our products are designed to transform stargazing into memorable moments shared by friends and family so that the sight of galaxies millions of light years away from us can be enjoyed by all. 29/06/2019

86% - valentinepontvianne book 2019

Through a major music management company, I worked for several recognized record labels and designed visual identities for emerging artists. 04/03/2019