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100% - PDF final Flyer 2

- designing and producing stairs and ramp railings in the center; 15/05/2014

98% - Best Branding Firm In Singapore

All their designers have supreme knowledge and years of experience in the field of website designing. 27/02/2017

95% - DP Après Soutennce VERSION FINALE

IPNETP 2012-2013 Acquire English Related to designing computer networks 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The achievement of this project has been possible thanks to the contribution of a whole staff without whom I could have gone astray. 11/02/2014

95% - ICT Curriculum Roadmap

Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure OR 70-298: 01/06/2012

94% - english curiculum vitae bataille séverine 2016

english curiculum vitae bataille séverine 2016 Severine bataille global designer research innovation 21 ANS mirail High school bordeaux contact bac st2a 2012 033 627955613 condé school bordeaux condé school bordeaux hmc product design 2014 master global design 2016 professional experiences 2015 Bordeaux France global designer Intership in Elek Lighting Vietnam 5 months- immersion in the world of LED technical cultural and human input product designer 2013 Intership in Zamak Design company France 2 months- Participation in projects as diverse as enriching contest partnerships OUTILS INDESIGN PhOTOSHOP ILLUSTRATOR RHINOCEROS SOLIDWORK KEYSHOT BUNKSPEED AFTEREFFECT PREMIERE PRO langage francais native language anglais professional competence 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 -ORANGE CONTEST- Imagine the future of customer relationship to better satisfy him -PARTNERSHIP OFFICE DE TOURISME LASCAUX VEZERE- Revive the Dordogne image -CDISCOUNT CONTEST- Realization of a complete children room less than 1,000 € -DCNS CONTEST- Imagine the submarine of the future, global team of designers and UX designers -PARTNERSHIP IMMERSION- Creation of a showroom to improve the customer experience -PARTNERSHIP HMS-VILGO- Designing products and services adapted to seniors -PARTNERSHIP NESTLE- Creating an ice kiosk, thinking the customer experience during an act of purchase -CONCOURS PLACO- Designing an artistic structure plaster, apprehension of matter -PARTNERSHIP WHITH BAZAS CITY- A center of the image and the written valuing the customer journey -AETOS THALES CONTEST- Designing a civil drone in collaboration with engineers and marketings -FLY CONTEST Allume, éclairer, se connecter, la réalisation d’un éclairage simple et ingénieux -FESTIVAL OF LIGHT LYON CONTEST- Production of a video denouncing a superficial society -MINIMAOUSSE CONTEST- Designing a mobile restaurant standing on a parking Transversal skills MARKETING Realization of complete folders for positioning a project from the current market. 03/02/2016

93% - Stitch1720 Kit

Designing Freehand How about designing your own chart? 12/03/2013

92% - Stitch1723 Kit

Designing Freehand How about designing your own chart? 12/03/2013

90% - Contents Table après Soutenance

Contents Table après Soutenance IPNETP 2012-2013 Acquire English Related to designing computer networks CONTENTS Pages INSCRIPTION…………………………………………………………………..……... 11/02/2014

90% - Portfolio Leo jolly

2 1 FRANCE - Invisible asteroid project BOLIVIA - Sentinel of the desert 2 S K E TC H A N D PA I N T I N G 3 Designing a Cascade Designing stairs with a specific perspective Revealing this old roman road. 18/12/2017

86% - Level 4 DC Booklist V1.1

Designing and Developing a Website Further Reading: 20/06/2013

83% - claudia RF v2

Along with designing under the pressure of time, the risk of missing something is high. 29/06/2015

82% - chemtrails ottawa feb2015

chemtrails ottawa feb2015 DESIGNING PROCEDURAL MECHANISMS FOR THE GOVERNANCE OF SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT FIELD EXPERIMENTS FEBRUARY 23-24, 2015 OTTAWA, CANADA WORKSHOP REPORT DESIGNING PROCEDURAL MECHANISMS FOR THE GOVERNANCE OF SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT FIELD EXPERIMENTS Workshop Report February 23-24, 2015 Ottawa, Canada   Copyright © 2015 by the Centre for International Governance Innovation The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre for International Governance Innovation or its Board of Directors. 15/06/2016

81% - CV Clément SIMON English version 2019

- Working closely with customers for requirement gathering and designing project strategy - Project quotation (~400k€) and planning overall schedule for delivery - Writing of the specifications for the main equipment's call of bids and choice of suppliers Development phase: 09/06/2019

81% - designing successful iphone games

designing successful iphone games Designing Successful iPhone and Android Games with GameMaker Mark Overmars May 18, 2011 1 Introduction If you have been creating games for a considerable period of time as a hobby, or if you are a student in a game development program, or if you are a starting (semi-) professional game developer, there is a big chance that you dream of creating your own successful games for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android platform. 20/02/2012

81% - AE AWA3 lowres

Prix (Austria) 10 Coop Himmelb(l)au  Portrait of Rudy Ricciotti (France) 12 Agence Rudy Ricciotti  Portrait of Sergey Romanov (Russia) 28 Designing Bureau Romanov  Portrait of Francesco Isidori (Italy) 14 Labics  Portrait of Mauro Poponcini (Belgium) 30 POLO Architects  Portrait of Guz Wilkinson (Singapore) 16 Guz Architects 26 32 Portrait of Emilio Ambasz (USA) Emilio Ambasz & 25/02/2016

81% - My Compass Program Presentation Oct19 (1)

designing, developing and marketing a website - Getting a clear understanding of 4 key jobs related to the web: 01/11/2020

80% - Games Workshop How To Make Wargames Terrain (1996)


80% - viewme um004 en e

3-2 Designing an HMI tag database . ... 3-4 Designing displays . 23/09/2012

79% - CV Gabriel Dalmasso 2016 EN

gabidalmass 31 Allées Léon Gambetta  92110 Clichy  France  ( 33 6) 17 55 46 38 Portfolio  SoundCloud  Linkedin Work Experience_________________________________________________________________ July 2016  Sound Editor at Xilam Animation – Paris (internship) Responsible for editing and designing sound for « Zig & 21/10/2016

79% - Robart Galvo Lazer

Mobilya,tekstil, ayakkabı, çanta, deri konfeksiyon, deri ve kumaş Furniture, textile, shoe, bag, leather confection, leather aksesuarlar, tekstil kesimleri, yıpratma ve desen verme, perde ve accesories, textile cuttings wearing and designing, patterning on aksesuarlarında desen verme kesme, denim (Jeans) ürünlerde curtains and accessories cutting, denim (Jeans) destroy products, destroy, rodeo desen, iğne kırığı, desen baskı vb. 14/09/2018

78% - Anglais

p.74 Read Designing an educational prospectus instead of Designing an educational prospesctus. 24/07/2016

77% - PORTFOLIO Aude de la BARRE

Comic Books Le Lavoir, Ivry, France p 29-37 PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS Strelka Hospital, Moscow, Russia Haderslev Hospital, Denmark p 39-47 ANALOG PHOTOGRAPHIES From travels Cover photography New-York, USA - April 2015 - Personnal photography RESUME Aude de la BARRE 17 rue Lemercier 75017 Paris, France 336. 05 - 09 - 1992 French 4th year Architecture Student - INTERNSHIPS - - EDUCATION PATH - Internship at WE ARCHITECTURE, Copenhagen Master 1 ENSA Paris Val de Seine, Paris - From August 2014 to March 2015 - Internship at AEC (Archi Euro Conseil), Lyon - July 2013 - Internship at Bouygues construction, Paris - January 2013 - Internship at AIA (Architectes Ingénieurs Associés), Lyon - July 2011 - - From September 2015 to June 2016 - Architecture Bachelor ENSA Paris Val de Seine, Paris - From September 2011 to June 2014 - Baccalaurate Scientifist section, Lyon - June 2011 - - WORKSHOPS - - SKILLS - Europan 13 Competition, city of Leeuwarden, Netherland - September 2015 to January 2016 - Le Lavoir, Designing of a co-working space, Ivry - July 2015 - Bellastock, Architecture festival, topic: 24/02/2016

75% - flyer elliptika v12.03 GC AM

CUSTOM ANTENNAS Let our antenna design engineers help you obtain the best performance for your product With a full complement of both tools and experience, Elliptika can help you make the most of your design by matching and optimizing an off the shelf solution, or designing a custom antenna to fit your application and environment. 15/03/2018

68% - OECD Skills Outlook 2015

Designing a comprehensive strategy to foster young people’s skills and employability Chapter 2. 08/11/2015