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We focus on tetrafluoromethane (CF4 ) and trichlorofluoromethane (CCl3 F), which are the easiest to detect chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) produced by anthropogenic activity.


Dynamic Frequency Selection and the 5GHz Unlicensed Band 93%

The concept of DFS is to have the unlicensed device detect the presence of a radar system on the channel they are using and, if the level of the radar is above a certain threshold, vacate that channel and select an alternate channel.


cocas papier 92%

Quality control reports include (A) density plots of immunoprecipitated (IP) DNA, in red, and Input DNA, in green, so as to detect any dye bias;


Rapport Projet 2A Giraud Rémi 92%

Airborne and satellite surveillance missions are carried out in order to detect events such as the apparition of oil spills.


Bed bug detecting canines-1 90%

Dogs were trained to detect the bed bug (as few as one adult male or female) and viable bed bug eggs (Þve, collected 5Ð6 d after feeding) by using a modiÞed food and verbal reward system.


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eosinophil granula is red Suitable to detect agents, e.g., Helicobacter pylori Mostly selective detection of neutrophil granulocytes in purulent inflammation of all kinds (phlegmons, abscesses) 2.1  Conventional Histological Staining 19 Table 2.1  (continued) Staining Nissl stain Orcein stain Papanicolaou stain PAS (periodic acidSchiff’s reagent) Periodic acid – silver PTAH Presented structures Detects cell nuclei and tigroid bodies in nerve cells;


Leak Detection Albuquerque 90%

In short, just as a train carries people, the pipes will carry our specifically chosen gas mixtures but, at the leak, an embedded “signature” will “jump off” and when it does, we electronically detect the leak’s exact location.


Esophageal pH Monitoring and Impedance.9[1] 90%

pH monitoring does not detect all reflux in the esophagus but is useful for detecting acidity in the esophagus and determining the duration of its presence.


201700000910 Gilquin B 90%

Proteomics 17, 1–2, 2017, 1600357 (1 of 5) 1600357 DOI 10.1002/pmic.201600357 TECHNICAL BRIEF A proteomics assay to detect eight CBRN-relevant toxins in food Benoit Gilquin1,2,3,4 , Michel Jaquinod1,2,3 , Mathilde Louwagie1,2,3 , Sylvie Kieffer-Jaquinod1,2,3 , Alexandra Kraut1,2,3 , Myriam Ferro1,2,3 , Franc¸ois Becher5 and Virginie Brun1,2,3 1 Universite´ Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble, France CEA, BIG, Biologie a` Grande Echelle, Grenoble, France 3 INSERM, U1038, Grenoble, France 4 CEA, LETI, Clinatec, Grenoble, France 5 ´ ´ CEA, iBiTec-S, Laboratoire d’Etude du Metabolisme des Medicaments, Gif-sur-Yvette, France 2 A proteomics assay was set up to analyze food substrates for eight toxins of the CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) threat, namely ricin, Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin (ETX), Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins (SEA, SEB and SED), shigatoxins from Shigella dysenteriae and entero-hemorragic Escherichia coli strains (STX1 and STX2) and Campylobacter jejuni cytolethal distending toxin (CDT).


DOSSIER PRESSE FR Detective Ross V6 89%

présente Avec « Detective Ross - Episode 1:


humanBreathDetection 88%

Many techniques are developed in order to detect the breathing pattern.