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Skills developed: ... Skills developed: ... Skills developed: 28/02/2017

99% - smart phone remote data extraction

(C) Oxygen Software, 2000-2008 Smartphones market growth Source: Canalys estimates , J ltd, 200/ (C) Oxygen Software, 2000-2008 http://www.oxygen­ Cell phones evolution 8 years ago Nowadays Phonebook Phonebook Calendar Tasks Speed dials Notes Caller groups Speed dials Event log Calls history Personal settings  for contacts Gallery files SMS messages Multiple contact  fields of the  same type Monophonic  melodies 3okia 5667 General phone  information  Oava  applications and  games Profiles Message folders Mo8ern smar012one General  phone  information  GPS RCS Oxygen Software, 2000­200/ http://www.oxygen­ Messages LifeBlog Communication protocols evolution AT= 3okia >?@S B?CD SyncML • Contacts  RsimpleS, calls,  SMS, filesU,  settingsU • Very slow • Depends on  implementation • Developed for  synchroniAation • Almost all  information • Undocumented • Not for  smartphones • Depends on  implementation • Developed for  synchroniAation • Contacts,  calendar, files • Depends on  implementation • Developed for  files and objects  exchange • Contacts,  organiAer,  settings,  messagesU • Developed for  synchroniAation 977: 02/07/2013

97% - bielleF1hond

To this end, the diffusion bonding method was optimized, and a process of manufacturing a hollow connecting rod was developed. 31/12/2014

96% - CV VUYLSTEKER leo en

Developed pedagogical skills. 24/12/2018

94% - Nathan Hirsch Explora F

Nathan Hirsch Explora F Nathan Hirsch 71 rue Riquet, 75018 Paris Education 2013-2017 Languages IT Msc Entrepreneurship at EDHEC Business School, Lille French (native speaker), English (fluent), Spanish (Advanced) Skilled in all Office tools, AdWords, Analytics, Jira (Project Management) Work Experience 2016 (6 months) 2015 (6 months) 2014 (3 months) 2014-2015 (1 year) 2013-2015 (2 years) Methys Labs- Cape Town, South Africa Business Developer - PayGenius (Payment gateway)  Grew by 10% the turnover of the start-up  Managed the roll out of the PayGenius App  Developed the back end for PayGenius clients Project Manager- Powertime (Electricity online reseller)  Developed new products on the website  Managed AdWords campaign and drafted monthly Analytics reports  Pitched the company at The Energy Utility week in Cape Town Société Générale - Paris, France Corporate credit analyst  Drafted credit analyses ie focused on financial ratios, clients’ solvability and profitability  Conducted client reviews for the top management of the bank before meeting clients  Managed stress tests on clients’ business plans  Rated client counterparties and renewed the derivative rating strategy Crédit Agricole SA - Paris, France Project developer for retail banking: 08/09/2016

94% - q8s66ga76

Contents mall developed by Guild Design Inc. 31/10/2017

94% - vocseva

SOME USEFUL VOCABULARY Tle French English French English La Triade The tripolar core of the world economy (or the Oligopoly) GNP (Gross National Product) GDP (Gross Domestic Product) NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) (or nonprofit organization) Avantages / inconvénients Benefits (or assets) / drawbacks ONU UN (United Nations Organization) The UN peace keepers PNB PIB ONG Les casques bleus Taux d’analphabétisme/d’illet trisme (pas de différence en anglais) Pays développés Illiteracy rate Service public (Public) utility / utilities Délocalisation / Délocaliser Outsourcing / To outsource Pays en développement Un port Aménager une région A harbour, a port To develop an area La limite Nord / Sud Un PMA Mondialiser Se mondialiser Altermondialisme Un altermondialiste - 2.5 % Taux de mortalité Taux de fécondité Taux de natalité Mortalité infantile Infant mortality Sous-traiter To globalise To become globalised Anti-globalisation An anti-globalist / an anti-globalisation activist Transnational corporation (TNC) / Multinational corporation (MNC) To subcontract Developed countries / MEDCs : 26/09/2015

93% - English1

Although =Even though = Even if =Though -Although Man has developed his mans of learning, we still rely on traditional ways . 13/10/2009

93% - GRR17 Report web

see Appendix A for the full name and description Failed and failing states Oil and gas price spike Chronic disease, developed world Oil price shock China economic hard landing Asset price collapse 2nd Retrenchment from globalization (developed) Slowing Chinese economy (<6%) Oil and gas price spike Pandemics Asset price collapse Retrenchment from globalization Interstate and civil wars Pandemics Oil price shock 1st 2nd Asset price collapse 2010 Global governance gaps infrastructure Fiscal crises Breakdown of critical information Chronic disease Slowing Chinese economy (<6%) Fiscal crises Chronic disease Oil and gas price spike Retrenchment from globalization (developed) Economic Fiscal crises infrastructure Chronic disease Breakdown of critical information Oil price spikes Retrenchment from globalization (developed) Breakdown of critical information infrastructure Asset price collapse 2009 Retrenchment from globalization (emerging) Global governance gaps Chronic disease Slowing Chinese economy (<6%) 2011 Environmental Extreme energy price volatility Asset price collapse Geopolitical conflict Climate change Fiscal crises 2011 Climate change Biodiversity loss Corruption Flooding Storms and cyclones 2012 Geopolitical Extreme volatility in energy and agriculture prices imbalances Food shortage crises Water supply crises Major systemic financial failure 2012 Water supply crises Cyber attacks Rising greenhouse gas emissions Chronic fiscal imbalances Severe income disparity 2013 Societal Failure of climatechange mitigation and adaptation Diffusion of weapons of mass destruction Chronic fiscal imbalances Water supply crises Major systemic financial failure 2013 Mismanagement of population ageing Water supply crises Rising greenhouse gas emissions Chronic fiscal imbalances Severe income disparity 2014 Technological Critical information infrastructure breakdown Unemployment and underemployment Water crises Climate change Fiscal crises 2014 Cyber attacks Climate change Unemployment and underemployment Extreme weather events Income disparity 2015 Failure of climatechange mitigation and adaptation Interstate conflict with regional consequences Weapons of mass destruction Rapid and massive spread of infectious diseases Water crises 2015 High structural unemployment or underemployment State collapse or crisis Failure of national governance Extreme weather events Interstate conflict with regional consequences 2016 Severe energy price shock Large-scale involuntary migration Water crises Weapons of mass destruction Failure of climatechange mitigation and adaptation 2016 Major natural catastrophes Interstate conflict with regional consequences Failure of climatechange mitigation and adaptation Extreme weather events Large-scale involuntary migration 2017 Failure of climatechange mitigation and adaptation Major natural disasters Water crises Extreme weather events Weapons of mass destruction 2017 Massive incident of data fraud/theft Large-scale terrorist attacks Major natural disasters Large-scale involuntary migration Extreme weather events Source: 03/08/2017

92% - 5RegWorld

India and Thailand have allowed candidate commercial products to be developed to an advanced stage where their technical viability can be judged before any registration procedure is involved. 21/11/2014

92% - Non Spark Chain Hoist

Industrial Base, which is an important economic and industrial zone in Western Germany, being developed since the 19th century. 12/08/2019

91% - 2012 04 25 PeoplePlanetSummary

Earth’s city lights shows how human-made lights highlight particularly developed or populated areas of the Earth’s surface. 28/04/2012

91% - Garda Flejay (Développeur .NET)

« Foursquare » Silverlight application for Windows Phone 7 - This was a major application developed for Microsoft. 20/04/2012

90% - Abstract Cédric Guignard Reef Ranching

Abstract Cédric Guignard Reef Ranching Reef Ranching, supplying  the marine ornamental  trade by stimulating the  ecosystem rather than  stressing it    A high percentage of tropical fishes and invertebrates traded on the marine ornamental market have  a life cycle linked to Scleratinians. The rich and complex habitat created by Scleratinians offers diverse  micro and macro habitat acting initially as nurseries for drifting postlarvae (PL). Current Post‐Larvae  Collection (PLC) techniques rely on capture of PL just prior to settlement and then require sophisticated  protocols to ensure their highly diverse needs during metamorphosis. This makes PLC difficult to use  in developing countries. To respond to global concerns about this trade, all environmental and socio‐ economic impacts need to be considered, including coastal populations that are currently depending  on wild animal collection and the coral reefs themselves.  The availability of low tech, large scale, and  efficient  coral  culture  techniques  now  offers  the  possibility  to  adopt  a  new  approach,  named  Reef  Ranching that is better adapted to use in remote areas. The technique relies on large scale coral culture  using  “Coral  Nursery  Devices”  CND  and  relies  on  Scleratinians  capacity  to  attract  and  sustain  PL  development  and  metamorphosis  into  juveniles.  Large  parks  of  “Coral  Nursery  Devices”  CND  are  developed on degraded reefs and/or in low productivity (sandy) areas. As the CNDs are mobile they  can be easily harvested using a net free collection method minimising damage and stress to the fish  whilst  offering  the  highest  level  of  animal  traceability.  Adult  individuals  and  unwanted  species  can  either be kept on site or moved onto degraded reefs. Only low tech equipment is required and this  technique does not require heavy husbandry protocols as the animals are harvested as juveniles and  can be easily weaned onto to artificial food. As it is adapted to use in remote areas, the process can  also be used to encourage fishermen to convert to in‐situ fish production. Reef Ranching is not limited  to fish and invertebrates production as it is only one of the components of a more global conservation  effort whose extent depends a lot on the local environment in which it is developed. Our pilot project  is developed on the reef surrounding the uninhabited island of Innafushi located in the north west of  the Maldives. In this project CND will be also be deployed in response to coastal protection goals to  limit  the  high  level  of  erosion  observed  on  the  island.  The  initiative  will  also  integrate  ecotourism  activities where aquarium and reef enthusiasts can participate in the diverse activities associated with  the  project  (Transplantation,  monitoring,  maintenance,  animal  collection).  Future  plans  include  construction of a laboratory on a floating station containing guest rooms and the fish stock, in order  to offer the possibility to any research institute or public aquarium to do in situ research. All in all, Reef  Ranching is more than a new fish production method, it is an innovative method of coastal and coral  reef  management  where  economically  viable  activities  can  be  generated  by  stimulating  the  local  ecosystem rather than stressing it.    First author: Cédric Guignard  Second author: Thomas Le Berre 26/11/2014

90% - Manual

The Consultant shall collect prescribed data from the project area based on the tools already developed for collection. 25/10/2017

90% - 330 Quartzite Brazil Athenes2005.paper PDF

Localisation of the studied areas Introduction Many areas of the Minas Gerais State (Brazil) exhibit a lot of caves developed into sandstones and quartzites. 30/07/2013

89% - Final Societal curriculum

The underfunding of education is not being helped by the fact that rates of economic growth are slowing in developed countries, while economic adjustment and social changes are taking place in developing ones. 04/09/2017

89% - Master's Thesis Alison Ludwig Guillaume Gobin

When hosting a major sporting event, developed countries or cities generally have a branding strategy that will enable them to benefit from the event in terms of legacy and images. 23/11/2015

88% - SoW5 PULLMAN

Resorts Sense of WELLNESS Magazine #5 Hiver 2018 Sleep, food, sport and Spa are the 4 pillars of the new wellness programme developed in collaboration with Sarah Hoey, Pullman’s Wellness Coach, and spearheaded by Aldina Duarte Ramos, Wellbeing Director Pullman Hotels & 13/01/2018

88% - European Union presentation, Mr Borchard Head of Cooperation

This will allow pilot projects to be developed in different parts of the country based on published guidelines. 06/11/2020

88% - ch2

The tools and methods used by plant breeders have been developed and advanced through the years. 09/05/2014

88% - MOCK EXAM COMPILATION 2010 AitKebout[1] 2

New subtests and tests, with predictable characteristics, can be developed by drawing items from the bank. 01/12/2013

87% - Plan de fabrication d'une presse CETA RAM Block Press

INTRODUCTION The CETA-RAM is a manually operated block press, developed by the author just after the February 1976 Guatemalan Earthquake, specifically for the production of hollow soil-cement building blocks. 10/11/2016

87% - Plan de fabrication d'une presse CETA RAM Block Press

INTRODUCTION The CETA-RAM is a manually operated block press, developed by the author just after the February 1976 Guatemalan Earthquake, specifically for the production of hollow soil-cement building blocks. 23/05/2018