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But the differences between the 7S family are so small.


Article Futures et forward 99% Abstract The paper analyses the differences between forward and futures prices for the UK commercial property market, using both time series and panel data.


النمو النفس 99%

No significant differences were found between males and females from different majors and different levels in the mean scores of psychosocial development.


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So the Total Harmonic Distortions (THD) of threephase stator currents are low and phase differences of stator currents are all about 120°.


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Darwin’s sexual selection theory [1] suggests that competition for mates and discriminative mate choices have shaped the evolution of sex differences [2].


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Results There were significant differences between PA and CBCT assessment for the mean number of Introduction Intraoral periapical radiographs have been used for many years as the only means to evaluate the outcome (bony healing) of root canal treatment (Tyndall &



However, Allan and his colleagues wanted to see not only how the human brain reacts to humour, but also whether there were differences in the responses of men and women.


kinnish et al 2005 96%

10.1007/s10508-005-1795-9 Sex Differences in the Flexibility of Sexual Orientation:


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Results Crop yields Potatoes showed no significant differences in yield in 2003.


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When translating/comparing we must presume that an equivocation will always exist, that we communicate by differences.


Séralini 2006 96%

The whole approval was based on the statement that all the significant differences were not biologically meaningful.


HDR-VDP Article Original 2005 94%

Predicting Visible Differences in High Dynamic Range Images - Model and its Calibration Rafal Mantiuka , Scott Dalyb , Karol Myszkowskia , and Hans-Peter Seidela a MPI b Sharp Informatik, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 85, 66123 Saarbr¨ ucken, Germany;


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Consequently, cross-cultural differences in advertising expression is a growing and important area of research, primarily because an understanding of these differences is needed in order to take on the creative challenge of communicating to people of diverse cultviral backgrounds.



There are small differences in time and intensity between a sound arriving at one ear versus the other, as well as between a smell arriving at one nostril versus the other [4].


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The protein content of Champagne base wines produced from different press fractions exhibit quantitative differences [3].


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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CATALOGUE 2014 ! ! Candle Jar ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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