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fartouk 131 100%

In most of the practical situations described in the above section, mixing between the diluting species and the oxidizer takes place before any significant chemical reactions occurs in such a manner that combustion proceeds between fuel and diluted oxidizer.


1402029N enthalpy 97%

The samples are then diluted with 2-propanol and a known amount of n-heptadecane is added to each sample.


worn plant-water 96%

The only active ingredient of a system racinaire is - to aspire liquid which contains or can contain, of the diluted components.



they are black or brown if the pigment is not diluted, blue or beige if it is diluted.


Sulfuric Acid Treatment 84%

Pretreatment of seeds with concentrated (98 %) or diluted (50 %) sulfuric acid (H2SO4) for various time periods (1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 min) and subsequent sowing in the soil (under polyhouse conditions) resulted in considerable improvement in germination as a result of some treatments.


quantitative assessment of 2 methods of tiludronate adm for navicular syndrome 84%

PROCEDURES Horses were randomly assigned to receive tiludronate (1 mg/kg), diluted in 5 L of isotonic electrolyte solution and delivered through a jugular vein catheter (systemic treatment group;


SEC-GEOY-1140361-11-51243 82%

Direct costs of revenue (exclusive of depreciation and amortization) Depreciation and amortization Selling, general and administrative Total operating expenses Income (loss) from operations Interest expense, net Other non-operating expense Gain from investments Loss from early extinguishment of debt Write-off of prepaid financing costs Income before provision for income taxes Provision for income taxes Net income (loss) Preferred stock dividends Income allocated to participating securities Net income (loss) available to common stockholders $ Earnings (loss) per share Basic Diluted Shares used to compute basic earnings per share Shares used to compute diluted earnings per share $ $ For the Three Months For the Nine Months Ended September 30, Ended September 30, 2011 2010 2011 2010 (In thousands, except per share amounts) 85,769 $ 86,452 $ 259,601 $ 247,802 28,508 17,986 15,516 62,010 23,759 (1,122) 22,637 (8,549) 14,088 (1,008) 13,080 (1,416) 11,664 $ 0.53 0.51 22,147 22,789 $ $ 26,722 16,363 14,219 57,304 29,148 (5,719) (16,047) 700 (6,412) 1,670 (8,046) (6,376) (99) (6,475) (6,475) $ (0.30) $ (0.30) $ 21,792 21,792 See Notes to Unaudited Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements.


Oil test 80%

Sample tubes after 12 h 180 °C + 3 h 200 °C + 4 h 250 °C heat treatment To make differences of almost black tubes visible, samples were diluted 1:10 with turpentine.


SANTIAGO DE CUBA - Cocktails with Yohan Saillard - e-mail 76%

1 W INTER S OUR BY Y OHAN S AILLARD • • • • 5cl of Santiago de Cuba Anejo 3cl of honey water (1.5cl of honey diluted with 1.5cl of water) 3.5cl of orange juice 2.5cl of lemon juice Shake all the ingredients with ice .


Bleu de Prusse [EN] 75%

A little diluted Prussian Blue metamorphoses, its matter and light oscillate between a deep abyss and a summer sky.


Rancillac-J Neurosci Res 2010 72%

Sections were incubated in 10% goat serum diluted in 0.1 M saline PB (PBS) for 1 hr and then incubated at 48C overnight with primary antibodies diluted in 0.1 M PBS with 0.25% Triton X-100.


Mek et al.2013 71%

Indeed, even diluted 24 times, a significant BI of 96% was obtained by UOMW.


14-2009-annex 69%

This is the reason for the following attempt to clarify again the breeds that can carry the diluted blue colour and the brown colour.


Soitec-Company-Independent-Report-WSL 66%

6m daily volume ('000 shares) 2,525 Free Float 79.0% 3y EPS CAGR NM Gearing (03/14) 96% Dividend yields (03/15e) YE March NM 03/14 03/15e 03/16e 03/17e 247.14 263.67 538.30 566.65 -219.64 -111.82 41.12 50.44 Basic EPS (EUR) -1.45 -0.63 0.10 0.15 Diluted EPS (EUR) -1.26 -0.61 0.10 0.15 Revenue (EURm) EBIT(EURm) EV/Sales 2.7x 2.2x 1.0x 0.9x EV/EBITDA NS NS 5.1x 3.9x EV/EBIT NS NS 13.5x 9.8x P/E NS NS 19.4x 13.3x -31.7 -36.0 15.3 20.6 ROCE Price and data as at close of 7th 10/11/14 178 We are initiating coverage of Soitec with a Buy recommendation and a FV of EUR2.6.


How to detoxify your body in 3 days 64%

Carrots, Beetroot, Cucumber, Cabbage, which can be diluted with boiled water or mineral water, or fruit juices, and then add one tablespoon of honey + A teaspoon of fresh bee pollen beans for each glass.


NUMERICABLE EXANE 13112013 35 62%

17e No of shares year end, basic, (m) Avg no of shares, diluted, excl.


Residual Intestinal Disease After Milk Allergy 60%

Flow Laboratories, McLean, VA, USA) were coated with either diluted, defatted (1:500), and adapted liquid cow’s milk formula (Tutteli;



« Extent and implications of agricultural reuse of untreated, partly treated, and diluted wastewater in developing countries », CAB Reviews:


nprot.2011.396 56%

containing 2× quick ligation reaction buffer and quick T4 DNA ligase) • Adaptor oligonucleotides 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, HPLC purified, diluted to 1 mM working solution;


Platelet production and destruction in liver cirrhosis 54%

The plasma samples were then diluted 4fold and 8-fold in PBS-T and 100 ll of each added to individual wells.


Fakhim TiMoO2 53%

Diluted magnetic semiconductors based on TiO2 have the potential to enable room temperature spintronics [8].


lyseconcept in short 52%

It is the water which by its erosion surbeds the MO which is transformed then into diffuse pollution diluted in the liquid.


Mostal (Procyanidin B2 2nd study) 51%

The membranes were incubated with diluted polyclonal antibodies (´ 500 dilution by the blocking solution) against PKC isozymes (-a, -bI, -bII and -g;


Kenya Airways Returns to Profitability 51%

Turnover The Group‟s turnover reduced by 8.5 %due to reduction in capacity (ASKs) by 4 percent, and the mix effect of a 5.4 % increase in passenger numbers, which was however diluted by the combination of the drop in Yield per Revenue Passenger Kilometre (Yield/RPK), the negative exchange rate impact and market pressure from increased capacity by competitors.


Pathophysiologie nitrite 51%

Aliquots for inoculation were sonicated for 3 min with a W140D Sonifier (Ultrasonics-Heat Systems, Inc., Plainview, N.Y.) and then diluted in normal saline to achieve the desired concentration.