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100% - FoodTracker

FoodTracker Date Food Dinner 15/01 Gratin de pâtes au jambon et crème Breakfast 16/01 Cereals Lunch Pasta gratin with ham and cream / coffee Dinner Breakfast Semolina wafle and apple sauce 17/01 Lunch green peas and carrots* / Cofee Dinner Breakfast N/A Raclette and Potatoes 18/01 Lunch Cereals / Coffee Tacos Dinner Breakfast 19/01 Lunch Cereals / Muffin Dinner Breakfast Dough / cheese / toast / petit fours / cakes / vodka / Whiskey / Jagermeister / Beer 20/01 Lunch N/A Cereals / Muffin Gratinated Spaetzle Dinner Breakfast N/A 21/01 N/A Date Lunch Maultaschen Dinner Breakfast Food Knacks / Potetoes 22/01 Lunch cereals / clementines / belvita Maultaschen Dinner Breakfast 23/01 Lunch Tortellini Dinner Breakfast Pancakes 24/01 Lunch Salad 25/01 Lunch Lunch Dinner N/A Tortellini Dinner Breakfast N/A Few pancakes Dinner Breakfast N/A Lentils 26/01 N/A black pudding with apples / cheese Chips / Crémant / Variegated / Tomatoes / Beets / Mustard Sprouts / Salmon / Pork Tenderloin / Carrots / Cheeses / Chocolate Date Breakfast 27/01 Lunch Chocolate mousse / Clementine 28/01 Lunch Steak / Potatoes 29/01 Lunch Madeleines Chocolat chaud 30/01 Lunch Knacks, salad, eclair, hot chocolate 31/01 Lunch Lunch Cereals Pasta / Green peas and carottes / Salad Dinner Breakfast Petit pain Ravioli Dinner Breakfast Cereals N/A Dinner Breakfast N/A Tortellini / Green peas and carottes Dinner Breakfast n/a Steak / Potatoes / Cheese / Cakes Dinner Breakfast Food Fondue 01/02 Milk , Nutella Tacos, Fries, FuzeTea Breakfast Date Food 02/02 N/A Lunch Dinner Breakfast N/A 03/02 Lunch Dinner Breakfast 04/02 Lunch N/A Tortellini Dinner Breakfast 05/02 Lunch Cereals maoutzschen Dinner Breakfast 06/02 n/a Lunch tortellini Dinner KFC Breakfast 07/02 Granola biscuit Lunch n/a Dinner n/a Breakfast Lunch 08/02 n/a tacos Date Dinner Breakfast Food croque monsieur 09/02 n/a Lunch Pasta / Ham Dinner Yogourt Breakfast 10/02 n/a Lunch Pancakes with accompaniment Dinner n/a Breakfast 11/02 Lunch N/A tortellini Dinner Breakfast 12/02 cereal Lunch Tortellini Dinner Chicken / Rice Breakfast 13/02 Lunch N/A Maultaschen Dinner Breakfast 14/02 Cereals Lunch N/A Dinner Steack / Potatoes / Green peas and Carrots Breakfast 15/02 Cereals 08/03/2019

92% - INFORMATION echange jeunes CRISES 1

Daily program Travelling day 8.09 Activities Arrival and registration of participants 20.00 Dinner offered packed at the arrival Programme day 1 9.00 Breakfast 10.00 Getting to know each other 9.09 11.00 Introduction to the project themes; 05/09/2012

91% - Valentines Menu 2011

310.784.1075 Valentine's Day Dinner Valentines Dinner To-Go at Lisa's Bon Appetit 2 Minimum on ALL Valentines Dinners - Dinners Priced Individually On Tuesday, February 14th, 2012, Lisa's Bon Appetit will be Featuring an exclusive Valentine's Plated Sit Down Dinner. 02/02/2012

90% - 20160509 LLaqtapata Lodge Salkantay Trekking.en (1)

 Walk up or use horseback to reach the Salkantay pass (10km)  Walk down to have lunch in Huayracpampa and then carry on until we get to Collpapampa for dinner and a nights camping (16km) 2nd day: 25/08/2016

89% - Liste des e liquides à vendre MAJ 18.05.17

2  Mécanique des fluides gamme Robots Paulette  Vincent VDLV les grands Rio Grande  Vincent VDLV les grands Grand Maitre  Vincent VDLV les grands Grand Raid  Vincent VDLV les grands Grande Evasion  Vincent VDLV les grands Grand Jeu  Vincent VDLV Pomme  Vincent VDLV Menthe fraiche  Vincent VDLV cirkus Menthe polaire  Aromanie Kalice  Aromanie Milky pinky  Aromanie Mystik  Aromanie Ruby pop  Kapalina First 2  Dewwy Boba  Mylk Green Tea                 Label by vap Shaker Mangue menthe Mylk Banana Jelly Bubble island Mango Novaliquides Artic red One hit Pierre’s toast Classic wanted reserve (Rhum banane) E-liquide France « Mozart » E-liquide France « Classic kiss » E-liquide France « Chopin » Dinner lady « Cornflake tart » Dinner lady « Strawberry custard » Dinner lady « Rice pudding » / (2 fioles de 10ml dispo) 1111 « Tabac USA vanille, caramel et note de miel » 1111 « Tabac USA Classique assemblage de plusieurs tabacs blond » 1111 « Tabac USA avec des nuances de délicieuses Cerises noires E-LIQUIDE TAUX DE NICOTINE (6MG)                                Tropical guava Mojito Pound it Blood orange Mojito Choops Liquids creamy strawberry Thai boba Bam bam’s Original One hit My man Churros & 19/05/2017


8th ANNUAL POSITIVE GALA DINNER V2 8th ANNUAL POSITIVE GALA DINNER SAVE THE DATE The Positive Planet Foundation is happy to invite you to its Annual Gala dinner to be held on May 14, during the Cannes International Film Festival. 14/03/2018

89% - Programme Pro Am d'Hammamet ANG

Programme Pro Am d'Hammamet ANG Program THURSDAY, 1st NOVEMBER o o o o Arrival at airport Tunis-Carthage with Tunisair Installation in hotel Sentido Aziza Beach Thalasso Golf **** Cocktail reception for all participants at the hotel Dinner at the hotel FRIDAY, 2 NOVEMBER o o o o Breakfast at the hotel Sentido Aziza 1st round of the Pro Am (Citrus golf course – Les Oliviers) Buffet lunch at the clubhouse of the Citrus golf course Dinner at the hotel SATURDAY, 3 NOVEMBER o o o o Breakfast at the hotel 2nd round of the Pro Am (Citrus golf course – La Forêt) Buffet lunch at the clubhouse of the Citrus golf course Dinner at the hotel SUNDAY, 4 NOVEMBER o o o o Breakfast at the hotel 3rd round of the Pro Am (Yasmine Valley golf course) Buffet lunch at the clubhouse of the Yasmine Valley golf course Gala dinner & 06/09/2012

89% - Double D Menus

Avocado served with Teriyaki Sauce Dinner Seared Eel Fillet on a Bed of Spinach, Filled Courgette with Grilled Pepper Salsa served with Hollandaise Sauce Dessert Meringue Roulade With Seasonal Fruits Lunch Grilled Duck Breast with New Potatoes, Poached Quails Eggs, Warm Red Wine Shallot Dressing Dinner Stuffed Avocado Crab Stuffed Plaice Fillet on a bed of Spinach Cured Tuna Carpaccio and Bottarga with coriander & 29/12/2015

88% - OCG 2013 Resto offers

33(0)3 21 06 04 87 A glass of champagne will be offered to women for the booking of lunch or dinner. 18/10/2013

87% - 2014 Orchid Expeditions (3)

We sleep in single-sex dorms and have dinner in a restaurant (optional upgrade to resort accommodation possible). 09/02/2014

85% - GB Présentation séjours 2014

 The price includes lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday for all types of accommodation. 11/04/2014

84% - documentation groupe anglais 2013

singer Georges Brassens’ grave Return to the hotel Dinner and overnight at the hotel DAY: 17/02/2013

84% - WineTravelinFrance itinerary sp

First Winery tour First Winery tour of Smith Haut Lafitte, ranked among the Grands Crus Classés for red wine Dinner Welcome Diner at one of Les Sources de Caudalie’s restaurants that serves creative bistro-style food with fine seasonal homegrown organic products. 08/10/2014

83% - CE fiche eleve Breakfast Lunch (or dinner) Tea (or dinner) British people have ……………. 13/11/2012

83% - Agenda for Wilderness Training of Giant Panda

Meet and pick up volunteers by Operation Earth field team 14:00-17:00 1.5 hour drive from Chengdu Airport, stop over in Yingxiu Township, visit Monument of Great Earthquake of May 12, 2008 2 hours from Yingxiu to Wolong, the World Natural Heritage Site – Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary 18:00-19:00 Check in at Mountain Fungus Inn and dinner 19:30-21:00 Evening Session: 28/08/2013

82% - CDS depliant

CDS depliant • World class artistic Show and Dinner: 23/03/2015

82% - INVIT 20 juin

Réponse souhaitée 11 20 , 27 ay M ail before Desired response by e-m ha sc ble no vig @ amandine.bidault Château Haut-Chaigneau Lalande de Pomerol NÉAC e s n o p é R n o Coup Reply Coupon Inscription au Dîner du lundi 20 juin 2011 Register to Dinner Monday, June 20, 2011 (réponse à retourner au Vignobles Chatonnet avant le vendredi 27 mai 2011 par e-mail à Amandine BIDAULT : 23/03/2011

82% - Repas de Janvier

Repas de Janvier Cozi Meals • Dinner Plan 1 sur 3 Thursday 9 Pâté chinois végé Sandwich et potage poireaux TO DAY Friday 10 Dîner: 09/01/2014

82% - CVchildcare

Sometimes making them dinner. 22/03/2014

82% - Preliminary programme

practice (1) Peer job interviews (ABG and FGU) Lunch Lunch Lunch Values (ABG and FGU) Panel discussion (2) (Doctorate holders from the three countries with a position outside academic research) Meet and greet Storytelling with posters (1) Network and career (Networking expert) Break Break Storytelling with posters (2) Panel discussion (1), then dinner with the speakers (Doctorate holders from the three countries with a position outside academic research) Career, job search strategy and communication: 27/04/2016

82% - Déroulement du dimanche

Entourage enters (bridesmaids, groomsmen, the newlyweds) Background music by faze 3, MC introduces the bridal party, announcements by RP 4:00pm First course of dinner is served; 31/08/2016

82% - Travel Diner Invitation web

Travel Diner Invitation web JEUDI 9 NOVEMBRE 2017 À L’HÔTEL LE MAROIS - PARIS Aude Guesnon, Rédactrice en chef et toute l’équipe de Décision Achats ont le plaisir de vous convier à la 2e édition du Travel Dinner Déroulement de la soirée 19h00 Accueil Et Keynote d’ouverture 20h00 Travel Dinner 21h45 Cocktail de clôture Networking N’OUBLIEZ PAS DE VOUS INSCRIRE HÔTEL LE MAROIS, 9-11 avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt 75008 Paris CONTACT ORGANISATION Marie Gardinier — 28/09/2017