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97% - MA critical learning disability 2012

MA critical learning disability 2012 contact details course structure If you would like more information about the MA in Critical Learning Disability Studies course, please contact: 10/05/2012

95% - CRPD CSP 2016 June

The present paper addresses the rights of persons with mental and intellectual disabilities and the interconnections between disability and mental well-being, including mental health. 16/05/2016

95% - Oslo Ed Summit DisabilityInclusive Ed

Oslo Ed Summit DisabilityInclusive Ed #EduSummitOslo 6 -7 JULY2015 EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT TOWARDS A DISABILITY INCLUSIVE EDUCATION Background paper for the Oslo Summit on Education for Development Prepared by an expert group on disability led by Ann-Marit Sæbønes Ann-Marit Sæbønes Rosangela Berman Bieler, UNICEF Nafisa Baboo, Light for the World Louise Banham, Global Partnership for Education Nidhi Singal, University of Cambridge Catherine Howgego, Dfid Charlotte Vuyiswa McClain-Nhlapo, World Bank Trine Cecilie Riis-Hansen, Atlas-Alliance Grant Angus Dansie (Secretary) Towards disability-inclusive education As preparation for the Oslo Summit on Education for Development, Addressing the Unfinished Agenda – Delivering Quality Education for All, to be held on 7 July 2015, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed an expert group in March 2015 to prepare a paper on mainstreaming disability in education. 14/09/2018

94% - GPE Disability and Inclusive Education A Stocktake of Education Sector Plans and GPE Funded Grants

GPE Disability and Inclusive Education A Stocktake of Education Sector Plans and GPE Funded Grants Working paper #3 February 2018 Disability and Inclusive Education A Stocktake of Education Sector Plans and GPE-Funded Grants 26032_GPE_Disability_Working_Paper.indd 1 3/13/18 8:02 AM For more information, please contact Louise Banham at 12/09/2018


It includes a 5 per cent enrolment target for persons with disabilities, the training of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) staff in disability inclusion, developing pilot training, and engaging potential employers. 02/02/2017

93% - Consting Equity

Consting Equity #CostingEquity The case for disability-responsive education financing 2 #CostingEquity #CostingEquity is an advocacy research project on equitable financing for disability -inclusive education. 14/09/2018

92% - WG HO disability report chapter 7 education

WG HO disability report chapter 7 education Chapter 7 Education “I joined a mainstream school near my house for easy access. 14/09/2018

92% - VLH 2013 BEFR 15

VLH 2013 BEFR 15 Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs asbl (2013-BEFR-15) EVS Project “Volunteering, leisure time and disability” The hosting Organisation: 12/03/2015

84% - Ordinances in the PH promoting children welfare   Disabilities   Office  of     persons  with   Ordinance  number  2  series  of  2010  (barangay  179,  zone  16,  district   disability  affairs   i,  city  of  caloocan)  : 21/03/2016

84% - Inclusive Good Practices English

Practical tips for adapting curriculum for students with disability 2- Practical applications of inclusive and adapted teaching approaches Description of the good practice: 14/09/2018

84% - Education Champions Handbook FINAL EN Cameroon version 150218

11 What to do if you believe a child has a disability that has not yet been identified ......... 18/09/2018

83% - avc brochure etape 1 eng

With 30,000 cases of severe disability and 40,000 deaths every year, stroke is the most frequent cause of non-traumatic acquired disability, 2nd for dementia, and 3rd in mortality. 12/07/2011

82% - De la recherche a lamelioration des pratiques en

S19–S28 DOI 10.1007/s11724-009-0171-2 ARTICLE ORIGINAL / ORIGINAL ARTICLE De la recherche à l’amélioration des pratiques en prévention d’incapacité au travail From research to practice in work disability prevention J.-B. 11/01/2018

82% - Polio physical activity & nutrition, reseach


80% - 19 02 2014 Communiqué de presse D déf

Februar 2014 wird das Belgian Disability Forum VoG (BDF) seinen Alternativbericht an den Sachverständigenausschuss des VN-Übereinkommens über die Rechte von Menschen mit Behinderungen offiziell übergeben. 20/02/2014

78% - 17 02 2014 Communiqué de presse FR déf

Ce 20 février 2014, le Belgian Disability Forum asbl (BDF) transmettra officiellement son rapport alternatif au Comité des experts de la Convention ONU sur les droits des personnes handicapées. 20/02/2014

78% - 17 02 2014 Perscommuniqué NL déf

Op 20 februari 2014 aanstaande zal het Belgian Disability Forum vzw (BDF) officieel zijn alternatief verslag overhandigen aan het Expertencomité van het VN-verdrag inzake de rechten van de personen met een handicap. 20/02/2014

76% - SCF9

CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research, McMaster University ADAPTATION EN FRANÇAIS : 29/06/2018

75% - EVS in BIELLA (Italy) 2016

Is mainly specialized in disability, but has developed skills in house assistance for older people, child care, youth policies and refugees. 08/01/2016

74% - charpentier

Helping clinicians in Work Disability Prevention: 11/01/2018

71% - Arg Préprog juillet12

Disability Concepts and Inclusive Policies: 27/09/2012

70% - MediaKit

CROSIF AREA CREDAVIS LOVE LIFE AREA THREE OBJECTIVES ROLL TOGETHER Bring together all faces of our society Warn and raise awareness in relation to disability via universal vehicles as strong as sports, art and culture. 07/09/2014