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100% - Beyond 2015 Interlinkages paper Final

It is therefore important to prioritise indicators proposed which are structured and disaggregated sufficiently to simultaneously a) monitor the core targets and b) contribute to the monitoring of overlapping targets. 13/10/2015

76% - FINAL B2015 Key Messages for 3rd IGN March 2015

Beyond 2015 - Goals, Targets and Indicators – Critical elements of the post-2015 agenda - 1 Indicators ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Indicators will need to be broadly disaggregated across all relevant goals and targets to ensure that disparities and inequities in progress are visible, and that the impact (or lack of it) of the SDGs on of the poorest and most marginalized people are not obscured by medians or national averages as was the case with the MDGs. 18/03/2015

70% - climate change

Issues, policy and Economics Climate change Week ten Objectives • To develop an understanding of the economics of climate change • Recognise that climate change is an externality and the “greatest market failure in the world” • To understand the potential impact of climate change and the need for economic policies to stabilise the problem • To examine the disaggregated impact of climate change on developed and developing countries • Recognise and discuss the possible polices which can be used to control climate change Introduction • Scientific evidence is overwhelming • Climate change presents very serious global risks and demands an urgent global response • Lecture material is based primarily on “The Stern Review”, (2006) and his speech at the RES Annual Conference, Manchester, October 2006 – Commissioned by the then Chancellor Gordon Brown – Reporting to Gordon Brown and Tony Blair – Aim was to contribute to understanding of the economics of climate change Introduction • Effects of our actions now – Little effect on climate change in the next 40 – 50 years • What we do in the next 10 – 20 years – Can have a profound effect in second half of this century and the next Introduction • Cannot predict climate change with complete certainty but we know the risks – Need mitigation – strong action to reduce emissions – This is an investment • Incur costs now and in coming decades to avoid the risk of severe future consequences • If done wisely, cost will be manageable and will be a wide range of opportunity for growth and development 07/06/2011

69% - Oslo Ed Summit DisabilityInclusive Ed

Action at national and international levels to address exclusion has been hampered by the absence of disability-disaggregated data needed to assess, monitor and advance the inclusion of children with disabilities into regular schools. 14/09/2018

68% - Supression liquide FMI 2017

The framework is disaggregated into the real, fiscal, monetary, and external sectors and potential implications of de-cashing are then identified in each sector. 14/04/2017

58% - Statement 1 June 2017 Children’s Day

(d) provide specific information on disaggregated data and services related to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children in families, schools, institutions and communities to international and regional monitoring mechanisms, including the United Nations Universal Periodic Review mechanism and the treaty bodies, including the Committee on the Rights of the Child, and the Council of Europe Lanzarote Committee, when relevant. 02/06/2017

54% - Beyond 2015 Reaction to the SG Synthesis Report FINAL

We concur that indicators will need to be broadly disaggregated across all goals and targets (Para 83). 13/01/2015

50% - Beyond 2015 red flags final Oct 2014 final

No one must be left behind by virtue of their gender, age, disability, income, geography, ethnicity or others, and data should be disaggregated to reflect this. 27/10/2014

49% - Pourquoi les femmes résistent mieux que les hommes au coronavirus

- COVID-19 sex-disaggregated data tracker –Globalhealth 5050 April 30 2020 - Jian –Min jin and Al- Gender Differences in Patients With COVID-19: 05/05/2020

47% - Violent extremism and the role of women

Make it a priority to collect gender disaggregated data and empirical research in order to better inform policy analysis and tailor action approaches more efficiently. 10/02/2016

29% - GBD2017Deathcollaborators

Where data are sufficiently available or specific policy relevance has been sought, selected causes are further disaggregated at Level 4, such as drug-susceptible tuberculosis, multidrug-resistant tubercu­ losis without extensive drug resistance, and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. 18/07/2019