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100% - Use of Ab Dx of Scl

test INTRODUCTION Disease-Specific Autoantibodies Systemic autoimmune diseases are generally characterized by the production of autoantibodies that recognize a diverse array of cytoplasmic and nuclear antigens. 18/05/2012

99% - celiac disease and autoinmmunity

As is true of all complex, immune-mediated diseases, dozens of genes have been implicated as potential contributors to celiac disease.2 As is also true for most immune-mediated diseases, variant HLA genes are the most important. 07/11/2017

99% - article prediction covid

Keywords: Mathematic model COVID-19 epimedic prediction 1 Introduction A number of unexplained pneumonia cases have successively been discovered in China since December 2019, which have been confirmed to be acute respiratory infectious diseases caused by a novel coronavirus. 23/04/2020

97% - Ransohoff2016Science

Ransohoff Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and frontotemporal lobar dementia are among the most pressing problems of developed societies with aging populations. 23/11/2016

96% - calabresi 2009

calabresi 2009 doi:10.1093/brain/awn340 Brain 2009: 04/10/2011

96% - JW Guideline Watch 2017

JW Guideline Watch 2017 GUIDELINE WATCH 2017 New Guideline Summaries to Inform Your Practice August 2017 nejm journal watch Cardiology Emergency Medicine Gastroenterology General Medicine Hospital Medicine Infectious Diseases Neurology Oncology and Hematology Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Psychiatry Women’s Health Dear Reader, Clinical guidelines are increasingly important in setting practice standards and meeting quality measures, and NEJM Journal Watch wants to help you keep up with the guidelines most important to your practice. 13/08/2017

96% - Screening and management

As this uncommon but severe disorder is characterized by a high level of clinical heterogeneity, an unpredictable course, high mortality and resistance to therapy [1], it has long represented one of the greatest challenges in the management of autoimmune rheumatic diseases. 03/04/2012

96% - CBP . Lancet 2011

Most autoimmune diseases are predominant in female patients, and in primary biliary cirrhosis, this preponderance is especially striking—the ratio of affected females to males is as high as 10:1.16 The observation that, in the general population, detection of AMAs in serum is not skewed to females16 suggests either that the diagnosis of primary biliary cirrhosis might be suspected more frequently in women than men or that progression from loss of tolerance to the autoantigen to clinical liver disease is more common in female patients. 21/10/2011

96% - اليوم العالمي للداء الزلاقي الأولوية هي التشخيص AMIAG News

Auto-immune diseases are a broad range of related diseases in which a person’s immune system produces an inappropriate response against its own cells, tissues and/or organs, resulting in inflammation and damage. 17/05/2019

95% - Health hazard assessment of water hardness

Health hazard assessment of water hardness Health hazard assessment of water hardness and cardiovascular diseases. 21/10/2013

94% - الذئبة الحمراء AMMAIS Info

‫االتصال‬ ‫اختصاصٌة فً الطب الباطنً و رئٌسة الجمعٌة المغربٌة ألمراض المناعة الذاتٌة و الجهازٌة‬ ABOUT LUPUS AND AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects more than 20 000 people in Morocco. 05/04/2019

94% - noncirrhotic portal hypertension[1]

noncirrhotic portal hypertension[1] Clin Liver Dis 10 (2006) 627–651 Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension Shiv Kumar Sarin, MD, DM*, Ashish Kumar, MD, DM Department of Gastroenterology, G B Pant Hospital, Room 201, Academic Block, New Delhi 110 002, India Portal hypertension is characterized by an increase in portal pressure (O10 mm Hg), and could be a result of cirrhosis of the liver or noncirrhotic diseases. 13/12/2011

94% - GBD2017Deathcollaborators

To meet this need, the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD) 2016 estimated global, regional, national, and, for selected locations, subnational cause-specific mortality beginning in the year 1980. 18/07/2019

94% - Symptome ML

Reviews of Infectious Diseases, Vol 11, Suppl. 23/06/2014