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New whole numbers classification 100%

In addition to its non-triviality, the fact of specifying the numerically lower nature of a divisor to any envisaged number effectively allows that there is no difference in status between the ultimate numbers zero (0) and one (1) and any other number described as ultimate.


The ultimate numbers 91%

An ultimate number not admits any non-trivial divisor (whole number) being less than it.


IBHM 086-107 84%

For example, in the calculation 603 ⫼ 40 ⫽ 15 R 3, 603 is the dividend, 40 is the divisor, 15 is the quotient and 3 is the remainder.


steve sample writing 67%

For the calculation of the index, it is weighted by value, the Dow Jones price is calculated by adding the value of the shares that make it up and dividing the result by a number called the "Dow divisor":


Algorithmic Number-Theory 60%

127 26 Ashish Rastogi 129 26.1 Greatest Common Divisor .


Pi and Phi, not random occurrence of the ten digits 52%

This number 9 is the greatest divisor of 45, the sum of the ten digits of the decimal system.


ESgiga 51%


2014LIMO0061 43%

This attack relies on folded codes and may greatly lower the security of the cryptosystem, however it works only when the polynomial X k−1 + X k −2 + ··· + 1 has a divisor with big degree.


Report32 2003 35%

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach Report No.