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0000 100%

Upstream rate = 1002 Kbps, Downstream rate = 10720 Kbps Path:


Tutorial6 97%

(MYO 05.08) A hydraulic jump (see Video V10.5) is in place downstream from a spillway as indicated in the figure (Fig.


PublicEye2016 DirtyDiesel A-Public-Eye-Investigation 74%



GFS4cycle 2015 67%

Do the 06Z and 18Z cycles provide any extra value for forecasters and downstream jobs?


Credit Technology Integration Plans Day 2 - Nov 7 64%

 Approach is to migrate trading and sales to legacy Lehman cash trading platforms and integrating them into the BarCap infrastructure  CATS for Trading, with Cash SalesStation for sales and middle office functions such as booking, allocations, etc  Connectivity from BarCap systems and ECNs into CATS and STP connectivity through TradeWeb, Bloomberg, etc  Feeds from CATS to all BarCap downstream systems, including TRACE feeds for regulatory reporting and ICE for EOD and intraday risk  Desk coverage for Day 2:


Maintenance Requirements 2 60%

Maintenance Requirements 2 Maintenance Requirements SN 1 Department WAS Maintenance Downstream Position 2 Engineer I, Mechanical Job Position Summary:


201700000987 Gilquin B 59%

Importantly, we demonstrate that Mmi1 binding to this lncRNA not only triggers its degradation but also mediates its transcription termination, thus preventing lncRNA transcription from invading and repressing the downstream gene encoding a mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase (MAPKKK) essential to sexual differentiation.


Lamprologus sp. Kanganga 56%

The male shown in the photographs, which is the only specimen of this species collected thus far, was caught in the Lower Zaïre (Congo River) near Kinganga about 200 km downstream from the Zaïrean capital, Kinshasa.


fear 56%

By combining cell- and tissue-specific pharmacogenetic inhibition with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), we identified circuits downstream of CeA that control fear expression in mice.


chep seq 55%

the direct downstream targets of any transcription factor can be determined;


postdoctoral position 49%

The project will involve further studies of the role of DORN1 in reception of extracellular ATP and downstream signaling, as well as characterization of various Arabidopsis mutants defective in purinergic signaling.


Soto-Zen-on-the-Climate-Crisis 45%

Disappearing glaciers around the world promise drought and starvation for many millions living downstream.


180517 ALLRAIL Press Release - Locomore 44%

In a recent interview, Locomore’s CEO cited the incumbent’s control of a downstream component of the value chain – distribution - as being anti-competitive.


How to properly integrate your new recruits 43%

The success of a recruitment is played both upstream and downstream, at the time of the arrival of the employee in the company.


Winchester 1876 39%

As two companies approached from downstream, and two more from upstream, each man holding his military issue Springfield 45-70 carbine at ready, Chaffee’s men opened fire on the Apaches below.


reconnaissance des ressources en eau du bassin d'ouarzazate 37%

The hydrogeological repercussions of climate aridity, the geographical and geological factors are the main causes of the upstream to downstream increase of water salinity of this aquifer.