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Earthquake I ) INSTALLATION Pour jouer, sur le serveur privé Earthquake de World of Warcraft :


Nepal Quake - 97%

Nepal's devastating magnitude-7.8 earthquake on Saturday was primed over 80 years ago by its last massive earthquake in 1934, which razed around a quarter of Kathmandu to the ground and killed over 17,000 people.!


Letter to volunteers and visitors 88%

Letter to volunteers and visitors Post-Earthquake Update from Río Muchacho Greetings friends, volunteers and visitors, As many of you know, on April 16, a 7.8 Richter earthquake ravished Ecuador’s beautiful north coast.


AfficheGLOBALWARMING-Milan&Marion5 86%



Natural Disaster Risks Event Schedule 11th June 81%

Casualty, Willis Limited 10:00 – 10:15 Coffee break 10:15 – 11:00 Minimizing earthquake impact – Measures to be taken Marc Lehmann, EQ Risk Engineer, Catastrophe Risk Management, Willis Strategic Risk Consulting 11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break 11:15 – 12:30 Panel – Insurance of Natural Disaster Risks The effects of earthquake risk as globally and specifically in Turkey &


1050 shelters en FINAL 72%

Handicap International wishes to thank everyone involved in this project, intended to house 4,799 of the most vulnerable people who lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake.


Earthquake 71%

Earthquake ‫زلزال في المحيط الهندي (‪)4002‬‬ ‫هل ارتفعت نسبة الزالزل في القرن العشرين؟‬ ‫علماء الزالزل ال ترى أي فرق في عدد الزالزل قبل أو بعد القرن العشرين‪ ،‬إذا نظرنا إلى قوائم أنواع‬ ‫الزالزل يمكننا أن نرى ما يبدو زيادة كبيرة في الزالزل في القرن ‪ 02‬مقارنة مع القرون السابقة‪ ،‬ولكن‬ ‫هذه الشعور بالزيادة مبني على ثالثة أمور‪:‬‬ ‫(‪ )1‬أرشيف الفترات القديمة غير مكتملة ومنعدم تمما في بعض الفترات‪.‬‬ ‫(‪ )0‬بدأ استعمال أجهزة رصد الزالزل الحديثة بشكل منتظم في جميع أنحاء العالم في عام ‪ ،1981‬وبذل‬ ‫جهدا كبيرا في الستينات (‪ )02‬لتحسين المحطات ‪ sismographes‬في جميع أنحاء العالم بأحدث أجهزة‬ ‫الرصد‪.‬‬ ‫(‪ )3‬كل ما يبدو زيادة واضحة في النشاط الزلزالي هو رجع إلى عدم وجود سجالت كاملة واجهزة رصد‬ ‫الزلزال قبل عام ‪ .1981‬واألرشيف الحديثة تدكر زالزل وقعة في ابعد البحار‪ ،‬وتكون غير مالحظة‬ ‫تماما في القرون السبقة‪.‬‬ ‫الزالزل تحدث إلى حد كبير عن طريق الصدفة‪ ،‬مما يعني تغييرا في وتيرة وقوتها‪ .‬على سبيل المثال‪،‬‬ ‫في ‪ 02‬سنة من الزمن‪ ،)1981-1981( ،‬شهد ‪ 30‬زلزل من قوته ‪ 9‬درجات‪ ،‬في حين سجلت في ‪13‬‬ ‫سنة (‪ 89 )1822-1813‬هزات بنفس الحجم ‪ .9‬ونلحظ ان عدد الزالزل في الفتر ما بين ‪1981‬‬ ‫و‪ 1981‬يتفوت نسبة الزالزل الكبرى التي حصلة بعد ‪.1822‬‬ ‫في عام ‪ ،1890‬كتب عالم الزالزل‪« ،‬هناك دالئل تشير إلى أن النشاط الزلزالي العالمي ‪ -‬فيما يتعلق‬ ‫بالزالزل بقوة ‪ 1‬أو أكثر ‪ -‬قد انخفض بشكل ملحوظ في الفترة من أوائل القرن ‪ 02‬حتى الوقت الراهن‪.‬‬ ‫?


Hardcore 68%

Hardcore hardcore Artistes 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Earthquake DJ Alex Laurent Hô Laurent Hô Glurff XTC PHASE ONE


Plan de fabrication d'une presse - CETA-RAM-Block-Press 67%

INTRODUCTION The CETA-RAM is a manually operated block press, developed by the author just after the February 1976 Guatemalan Earthquake, specifically for the production of hollow soil-cement building blocks.


The Big Tool Box 66%

The Big Tool Box The Big Tool Box (Thanks to our Press Review!!!) Keynesian Liberal = free marketer A poll = a survey The growth = increase of Keynésien Libéral Un sondage La croissance the GIP (Gross interior product) NATO OTAN A warship = a military boat A storming = an attack, an offensive Harsh = hard Ties = links Un navire de guerre To shape = to influence The lineup of events = series of events A panel of authors = a multitude of authors An earthquake = a seism To flee = to run away A landslide A rubble Influencer Une série d’évènement


Jucker.César 63%

VOLUNTARY WORK Planned Volunteer rebuilding after 2015 earthquake, Kathmandu, Nepal 09-12 2016 Internship at DVK, Geneva, Switzerland 06-08 2015 Internship at Groupe8 Asia, Hanoi, Vietnam 07-08 2014 Internship at FSZ Architeketen, Berlin, Germany 09-10 2013 Internship at Atelier Jean Nouvel, Barcelona, Spain 07-08 2011 Internship in a masonry trade company, Grignan, France SKILLS LANGUAGES Adobe Creative Suite French - mother tongue Autocad 2D English - IELTS level 7 Microsoft Office German - fluent 3


concert 24.11.2011 62%

Shuntaro SATO Orchestre bénévole de musiciens professionnels Les recettes du concert seront intégralement reversées à Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Miyagi Kodomo Ikuei Bokin (The Donation Account for the Benefit of Children Orphaned by the Great East Japan Earthquake) Billets :


Agenda for Wilderness Training of Giant Panda 62%

Meet and pick up volunteers by Operation Earth field team 14:00-17:00 1.5 hour drive from Chengdu Airport, stop over in Yingxiu Township, visit Monument of Great Earthquake of May 12, 2008 2 hours from Yingxiu to Wolong, the World Natural Heritage Site – Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary 18:00-19:00 Check in at Mountain Fungus Inn and dinner 19:30-21:00 Evening Session:


Télédétection électromagnétique 58%

A Case of Unrealised Potential Robert Wright Production of topographical maps of low- and high-mountain terrain by means of high-resolution In-SAR-data Thomas Damoiseaux Road Extraction from Stereo RADARSAT Data Thierry Toutin Focal photomaps for urban use Chryssoula Boutoura, Evangelos Livieratos, and Petros Patias An Application Joined DTM and SAR for the realisation of a Cartography of the damages caused from an earthquake (Example of Irpinia/South Italy) A.


ines 58%


e00157-11.full 57%

This was the case following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.


Access of the local residents of Carrefour-feuilles (Port-au-Prince) to water and sanitation services 57%

She holds a Master 2 in Urban and Regional of the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Lyon and a DPEA in Earthquake-resistant Constructions of the graduate school of Architecture (ENSA) of Marseille.


Civilian Commando 55%

Your Emergency Stockpile, Grow It, Find It, Catch It, Kill It Chapter 7 -How to Survive a Plane Crash Chapter 8 - How to Survive a Shipwreck Chapter 9 – Survival On the Road  How to Escape from a Submerged Vehicle  How to survive being snowbound in your car  What to Do In a Carjacking Chapter 10 - Surviving Natural Disasters  Earthquake  Hurricanes, and Tornados  Fires  Flood  Plague or Pandemic Outbreak


v6 PDF 52%

Indeed, January 12th 2010, Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, was hit by a powerful earthquake.


BROCHURE A4 portrait ENG 52%

An earthquake of a magnitude of 6,8 on the Richter scale shook on September 18th, 2011 the northeast of India, a part of the Tibet and Nepal.


Uzul bio 2017 52%

+ EP “Under pressure 1” / Dub technic / France / 2009 / Skream (Tempa) Remixe inclus + EP “Under pressure 2” / Dub technic /France / 2009 + EP “Ruffneg”/ Dub technic / France / 2010 / N-Type (Wheel and deal records) Remixe inclus + EP ”Colors” / I.O.T records / France / 2012 / Avec Ben Sharpa (Pioneer Unit Records) + EP “Deep” / Elastica records / Italie / 2013 + EP “Subwayz” / Future Followers / Angleterre / 2015 + EP “Earthquake” / Future Followers / Angleterre / 2015 + EP “Afrobits” / MalLabel Recordings / Etats-unis / 2017 Liens:


The issue of water in slum 51%

The consequences of the earthquake of January 12th, 2010 included the displacement of the population, the dislocation of the general drinking water supply system, the setting up of several make shift camps in the MAPP and the creation of new slum districts, the largest of which is Canaan, where more than 200 000 inhabitants now live.


Suggestions EQ 50%

J'ai faire un compte dans le forum et je me suis connecté et j vois pas les messages c'est normal ou bug ?!!