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The ecological condition opposed immediate options presented as pictures (hence directly observable) to delayed options presented as texts (hence requiring mental stimulation).


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ієрархія процесів Shafeek Faiq Abdul Razak Alhajiji Master student IEE NTUU «KPI» EFFICIENCY AVERAGE GEOMETRIC TECHNOLOGICAL OF IRAQ ENERGY Annotation Iraq is accelerating today, for energy, through the use of a number of alternatives technological priorities proposed by the researcher, which is appropriate to the circumstances of Iraq from a range of renewable energy sources and a production of traditional energy with ecological building technologies group, taking into account the unification of purpose or goal of the availability of such energy cheap and cost in order to get high reliability and security of energy efficiency performance of a technician, it meets the need of demand, and point peak in the summer in Iraq .


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c o m / l o c a t e / e c o l e c o n A research agenda for improving national Ecological Footprint accounts Justin Kitzes a,⁎, Alessandro Galli b , Marco Bagliani c , John Barrett d , Gorm Dige e , Sharon Ede f , Karlheinz Erb g , Stefan Giljum h , Helmut Haberl g , Chris Hails i , Laurent Jolia-Ferrier j , Sally Jungwirth k , Manfred Lenzen l , Kevin Lewis m , Jonathan Loh n , Nadia Marchettini b , Hans Messinger o , Krista Milne k , Richard Moles p , Chad Monfreda q , Dan Moran r , Katsura Nakano s , Aili Pyhälä t , William Rees u , Craig Simmons m , Mathis Wackernagel a , Yoshihiko Wada v , Connor Walsh q , Thomas Wiedmann d a Global Footprint Network, 312 Clay Street, Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94607, USA Deptartment of Chemical and Biosystems Sciences, University of Siena, via della Diana 2A, Siena, 53100, Italy c IRES:


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The RAMOGE area is part of a very large part of a very large area of the Mediterranean recognized as ecologically and biologically important by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and classified as “EBSA” (Ecological and Biological Interest Zone).


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A CROSS-BORDER EXPERIENCE OF DEEP OCEANOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONS Abstract In the framework of the international agreement RAMOGE, as follow up of the work done in 2014 in identifying areas of ecological interest (EBSAs) in the RAMOGE area, a first oceanographic exploration campaign was carried out in 2015 by mean of the ISPRA research vessel (Italy).


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Non-sewered, ecological and design public toilets non-sewered - transportable, modular - positive carbon footprint WéCo conceives and produces ecological flushing toilets not connected to a sewer system.


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They develop waterproof and ecological coatings for paper and cardboard used in industrial and food industries.


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To this purpose, six areas of ecological interest have been selected, two per member country.


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Human health and ecological risk assessment - health &


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Habitat impact is assessed by using an “ecological footprint” index, which measures the intersection of viticultural suitability with remaining natural habitat (27).


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Additional Information on status of Threatened Ecological characteristics relevant to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive The Mediterranean, historically at the crossroads of people, biota and maritime routes, a recognized global biodiversity hotspot, a world tourist destination and key shipping highway, remains both a coveted asset and a heterogeneous mosaic of pressures.


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 Wood construction of platforms, screens and  Automatic sprinkler system installation  Selection of the most appropriate vegetal sheds  Shredding of garden waste species for each garden  Building of stairs with ecological wood, Maintenance and conservation railway, sleepers or acacia.


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Our campsite commits to ecological actions to obtain an environmental label.



From a building disagreement to one of the biggest ecological debate in France ..



The aim of the project is to create an adapted structure allowing the research, the development and the production of a wide range of enzyme-based products and microorganisms, providing the ecological and economical responses to the challenges to control and prevent the risks of pests and pathogens.


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Safe but Effective = Ecological!


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Safe but Effective = Ecological!


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11 2.2 Chemical status and ecological status/potential assessment �����������������������������������������12 2.3 Evidence for chemical pollution causing ecological effects ���������������������������������������������15 2.4 Mixtures of chemicals............................................................................................................17 2.5 Examples combining chemical and biological monitoring �����������������������������������������������20 2.6 Towards monitoring and assessment of chemical mixtures �������������������������������������������21 2.7 Challenges...............................................................................................................................


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The research concludes that health and ecological welfare benefits have a positive affect on consumer attitudes to healthy and environmentally friendly spreadables and going further, these attitudes leads to loyal behaviors’.


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Ecological Applications, 21, 1926-1931 Jähnig SC et al (2011), River restoration success:


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Researcher shafeek.Faiq.abd ul razak al hajiji 309-3th,floor,10 o'clock Ecological technology Renewable technology Traditional energy Analysis hierarchy process Objective efficient alternative energy technologies 17july 2015 regression models Analysis of the potential of alternative energy sources Predicting energy indicators Formation and evaluation criteria and alternatives to the use of alternative energy sources Prioritization of energy generation technologies using alternative energy sources autoregressive model exponential smoothing models neural network process модели model of energy planning models Markov chains expert evaluation analytic hierarchy process Delphi technique method of brainstorming Formation and evaluation criteria and alternatives to the risk of technical energy system using alternative energy sources Selection of effective reception of risk management method of writing the script method Foresight expert evaluation method analytical networks Choose three technological groups producing electric and heat and calculate the average geometric technological, taking into consideration the standards compared to competitive standards doubles for the purpose of unification toward the goal and extract the priority energy technology group Abstract;


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Ecology and spirituality explains, from a materialist point of view, the link between environmentalism and religious belief, suspecting that ecological principles are difficult to put into action without personal benefits to the individual.


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I begin by summarizing previous research at Tres Zapotes and discussing the significance of the site's regional ecological setting, then descrihe the physical organization of architecture and artifact distributions as revealed Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, is a logical place in by our recent investigations.


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Construction codes require better and higher performance from building components in terms of structural, energetic and ecological capacity.